Saturday, February 10, 2007

Computer down

Thought I got lost?
Nope, but we came home from Chicago to a black-screen on the computer. Computer is still down, and I'm writing this entry on the laptop.
In Chicago we celebrated our 6th anniversary, and attended the Strictly Sail boat show. It was frigid cold, but we still walked pretty much everywhere, and had a great time.
People have asked what do you do at a Boat Show in Chicago when the temps are sub-freezing. Well, you get your boat fix.
They bring in at least 50 boats. probably closer to 100, from dinghies up to 47 feet, and set them up on cradles. Then they set up ladders platforms, and you get to climb up and walk onto the decks of these boats, and down into the cabins, and dream and spend $ if you are in the mood to put a deposit on a boat. There are also booths for every type of peripheral item you could possibly need when you hit the water. They also have seminars running morning to night for 4 days, on everything from racing tactics to lving aboard a blue-water cruising boat.

January Wrap-Up
I know it's a little late for this, but, here goes anyway.
Finished up 8 sewing projects
4 of which were made from the Butterick Pattern 4386, which is my go-to pattern for a sheath dress. I wrote a pattern review here

butterick 4386
Carolyn issued a challenge on her blog awhile ago to come up with a list of TNT patterns (tried and true), and I thought that I didn't really have any. So I thought I'd take her up on her challenge. and I'm finding I have several.
January was my month for finishing the dresses. I think February will be my month for finishing several jackets that are on the table, and come to think of it, there is a basic TNT pattern there too. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, on the knitting front. I quietly signed on for the UFinishingO Resurrection challenge issued by Kat with a K, and I managed that too.
I resurrected the Debbie Bliss ruffled cardi that I had to stop knitting when I realized I needed to go on a nationwide yarn hunt when I realized I was going to be at least 2 sleeves short a year ago. By the time I found the yarn, I'd moved on to other projects.

I'm here to say, I've finished the back and both fronts now, and am moving on to the sleeves.
I also did manage to finish the scarf stole for my friend Helen in January, and lest you all think I'm a bad mom and wife, on the train on the way to and from Chicago I knit a hat (watch-cap) for son#1.
Alas, no pics avail until the other computer is back on-board or I've loaded the camera software onto this laptop.

For some eyecandy, take a look at what Linda just finished - another one of those Vittadini challenges.

And Marina has gone to town and finished the foxes, for the Dale KAL which I'm not so graciously sitting out. I'm still pouting.

Michellers, thanks loads for your concern. I'm here and well. Wish we lived closer so that I could come see that lovely baby-girl of yours.

That's it.
Next post I've got 2 dresses to detail that are TDF.


Jennifer said...

I love the dresses! Glad you had a good time on your trip. I hope your computer woes are on their way out.

Crystal said...

Ooooh, I love the dresses! I love sheath dresses, but have never found one that fits just right. I will have to look up this pattern.

That Debbie Bliss cardi is super cute. I can't wait to see yours finished. Would you mind sharing the name of the book it's in?

Becky said...

Glad to see you back online. Hope that computer is up and running soon.
That dress looks great on you. I see why you keep going back to that pattern.
Good for you for finishing things up. :)

Brigitte said...

The dresses are lovely Marji, I especially love the white floral one. I'm trying to stick to my UFO's as well, but I'm sorely tempted to start something new! Did join Fair Isle February to soothe myself for not being able to join the Dale.

Glad you enjoyed the Boat Show! We went to it when it stopped in Toronto in January.

Kim said...

Good lord, woman, is there nothing you can't do?

Very impressed with the Chicago-survival tale. . .

Glad you're back.

Elizabeth said...

I love the dresses. You look stunning in red! I love that basic sheath style and the same concept as a top over a straight skirt.

I'm always leary of standard American pattern company sleeveless patterns, particularly when they show a sleeve option, because all too often, I've ended up with an armhole you could drive a truck through.

Over the years I've noticed that pattern instuctions have simplified at the expense of a professional finished look. Drives me nuts.

Interesting about moving the darts. I've seen photos in catalogs and such in which it appears the bust was supposed to be sitting an inch or two higher than it really was. Don't the pattern drafters understand gravity?

Lorraine said...

Hey Marji- We were worried SICK about you!
I want to lead your life, where you get to wear all those cool clothes.

I like the color of your ruffled cardi.

Anonymous said...

Cute dresses! I love sheathe dresses.

UFO challenge #1 is so pretty! Glad you resurrected it.

Wow. I didn't realize it'd been so long since you posted! But a black screen computer is a decent excuse. The Boat Show sounds like fun.

Happy Anniversary!

Carrie K said...

Well, phht. I'm not anonymous. I'm inept.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Glad to hear you're alive and well.

The red dress looks great. It sounds like you've been really busy. But I've never known you to be otherwise.

Marina said...

They're gorgeous! I love simple, clean lines. If you find the same thing but with short sleeves, please give me a holler!

Don't scare everybody! I still have the sleeves which I'll begin in March.

DeeAnn said...

The dresses a fabulous, such beautiful fits and fabric! I second Elizabeth, red looks wonderful on you. Oh you make me wish I could sew :)

The boat show sounds dreamy.
Congrats on the UFO's!

Laura said...

The dresses are simply gorgeous and the red one looks great on you. Makes me think of Jackie Kennedy.
Laura Lo

sewphie said...

Hi, your dresses of Butterick 4386 are wonderful! I have made 3 myself, and am considering doing one out of a thickish knit, not quite a ponte, has a little stretch to it. Do you think it would work?