Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stitches Midwest

Well, it's a darn good thing I've got friends who keep on top of things for me, since, Somehow, I managed to totally space out that reservations needed to be made and classes need to be signed up for for Stitches Midwest. Thank you Jae :)

so, having gotten on the web, and realizing how many classes are Full already ... fully 2/3 of the classes offered, I made some decisions. Last year, Jae, Kim and I went, and while we had the best of times, we all agreed we signed on for Wayyy too many classes and events. This year, Jae has signed up for 2 classes, Kim is cutting back, with decisions to be made this evening, and I'm signed up to take one, albeit a 12 hr class from Beth Brown-Reinsel on Danish knitting.

We're also cutting back on the fashion shows and dinners. Amazingly enough, we hope to have some time to sit and chat and knit...sounds like fun doesn't it?
Carrie, might you really be able to make it? I know there was some thought along those lines awhile ago.
Anyone else signed up already? Anyone else contemplating it that needs to be convinced one way or the other?
Lorraine and Brigitte? Marina?
Imagine the bowled-over audience if we could convince Marina to come and bring 12 months worth of sweaters for the Student show. Wouldn't that be something?!? Marina, could you even consider it?

mom brag

While I slave away working on finishing up a whole collection of garments to ready for photographs, I thought I'd sing the praises of several of those I'm related to:
My kids: I'm so proud of both of my boys, I could burst.

My son Mark, the one who graduated with his degree in Electical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Inst Tech last May, became a homeowner yesterday!!

My son Daniel has just been named Paramedic Student of the Year at LSSU.
He is graduating this May - (an aside, LSSU is the school that puts out the Banished Words list every year.)

My nephew Max, whose b'day is next week, won a national writing competition and I just found his web bio under the Time for kids banner.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You guys are funny!

For all those who want to know - No, I did not knit a stitch while in Vail.
I did, however, knit in the car (we Drove).
Working on that DB ruffle cardi. The whole is knit, the shoulder seams sewn, and the ruffle is on the first set of increases. I had to stop knitting on the way home because I needed a 4th size 3 needle to distribute all the stitches properly and continue. Cant take any pics now b'cause it is all bunched up on the 2 needles I've been using to knit the ruffle to this point.
And, on the Tuesday when we did not ski, dh and I drove around looking at condos for future investment. We also stopped in Minturn, to visit the Yarn shop there. Dh found an ad, noted that they were having a SALE, and suggested we stop there. Who was I going to be to question that logic? Cathy owns the shop, and is delightful. She also has a really nice stock of Dale yarns, and....drumroll please....I found the 400 gm of Tiur in the dk grey I wanted to go with the berry red I have to knit a Dale Of Norway sweater. On Sale! ;)
dh whipped out the credit card, and it was mine.
She also had a copy of the Fall04 VK that I seem to have permanently lost in this house - so I bought that.
She also had, on sale, the kits for the lovely sweaters from Poetry In Stitches - did I mention they were on Sale? I restrained myself. I've got too much yarn as it is. It's weighing on me.
OK, must get back to sewing.
the final final revision of the SWAP plan is this:
And I'm working furiously to finish it.
Knitting later.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Greetings from Vail CO

Weather: sunny and clear. AM temps in 30's-40's. Late afternoon temps in high 50's and 60's.
Conditions: Spring skiing. No new snow for at least a week since before we got here. Softens up late morning up at the top of the mountain, bottom of the mountain is like skiing in mashed potatoes. Back in the back bowls must watch out for rocks.
The Knees: Getting old is He** on the knees. skiing the groomed runs, don't think my knees have any moguls left in them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Planning vs Implementation

ok, I'm waist deep in the implementation and stitching of my Sewing With A Planwardrobe. I'm mostly really happy with it.
But, really, let's be totally candid here - the most Fun part, the planning and working it out part - is Done!

so, what do I think about while working on the garments that I'm working on? For awhile I manage to think only about what I'm doing. This is good. This is what I consciously strive for - you know, the live in the moment thing and all like that.
But the rest of the time? I'm on to dreaming the next great thing.

So what am I dreaming about these days?
The maternity formal (wedding) dress (don't ask) that needs to be finished for April 10?
The prom dress that has a deadline of May 1?


I'm thinking about warping the loom.
I made the mistake of visiting a LYS on the way home from Rollerblading for an hour over at Creve Couer trails today - (it was 80 degrees - windy as all get-out, and I am working on whittling down these thighs). Anyway, I digress. The LYS has their novelty ladder yarn ON SALE! Big surprise - you know, those things you couldn't knit with - hated every minute of...lalalala...
But, they are an integral part of a piece of fabric that goes into a Chanel jacket. Those lovely multi-fibre boucles that we spend the beaucoup bucks for.
We all know that I wove 11 yards on my loom for Chanel-style jackets for a gift for my mom and my friend Sharron. Their jackets are both "under construction"... hint mom and friend - Sharron, I'll even rip the bleepin' sleeve for you....
Again, I digress.

I'm thinking about weaving a piece for Me, moi. What do you think?
I've got the yardage figured for the amount of ladder yarn I need. But, I'll need to find a lace weight boucle - any ideas?

so, what do you think about while you're working on your current project? Are you able to "live in the moment"? or, like me, are you dreaming about the next hill?


Word on the Net travels faster than Wildfire, so you probably already know this.
Eunny Jang is the new editor of Interweave Knits

(that link will take you to the press release - this one to her blog
I happen to love her design aesthetic, and her ability to convey information via her blog. I also Participated in a KAL with her over a year ago (the Kate Gilbert cover sweater for Fall 05, that I ended up frogging). Of course she finished it, (so did Marina).

I wish her well, and look forward to seeing if the magazine alters direction at all.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Passing along the good stuff

Thanks to Lisette for this one:

Maya Singer's column. Great stuff. I can't figure out how to get to just her column, although this may be it

Also, did everyone catch Erin's (Dress a Day, link on the sidebar here), column yesterday on when to buy fabric? For those yarnaholics among us, substitute yarn, and it is The Same Da** thing. For those of us who are -aholic to both- it's perilous. Just too funny.

Then DeniseM wrote this today over at Stitchers Guild

"There will Always be more fabric. It's been around for 8,000+ years, at least (not counting animal skins and those ugly plaid pants golfers wore, which probably pre-date caveman) and despite fears of disappearing cotton supplies and Mayor Bloomberg's supposed plans for the garment district, there will be fabric to purchase. So I've put together some tips to help you all stay sober:

1. Stay off the fabric threads. They will tempt you. If you want to lose weight you don't hang out in the Godiva factory. slap
2. If you see something you think you can't live without in the store, take a swatch home instead (no this doesn't contradict rule #5). After you've had it hanging around a while it will lose some of its charm, honest.
3. Ask yourself why you are compelled to purchase fabric. Maybe you're really just hungry. rotfl Go have an ice cream.
4. What have you done with the fabric in your stash? Think about those lonely, sad cuts piled up in your closet, suffering the pain of rejection because you don't love them anymore. blinky Go use them.
5. Stay away from the swatch services, at least for now. That means Michael's Sawyer Brook, EOS. If you succumb, don't order right away. See rule #2 (yes, yes, I know, it's fun to cruise the sites, but then you will fall off the wagon. Go have an ice cream).
6. Make a deal with yourself - you'll go fabric shopping in Paris if you make it six months without a purchase. Well, o.k, you may never get there, but it's fun to deceive yourself sometimes. Instead, go have an ice cream.
7. If you do get to Paris, call me. I've got a list of fabrics I need you to pick up for me. Pink Pom-Pom
8. Remember that if you don't use your fabric someone else will get it when you die. Do you really like anybody that much?
9. Joann's coupons are worthless. They never have anything in stock. And they charge tax and shipping when you order on the Internet, cancelling out any potential savings for an alleged sale. Save the gas and cut into something you already have.
10. Patterns are not the enemy. Get one you really like out of the bin and make it up in three different fabrics from your stash. Know the joy of instant gratification. Then go have an ice cream. confettitoss"

I don't know if there's enough ice cream in the world - but I do know that if I ate it like that - I'd have to sew two new wardrobes as I tipped the scales first around 250, then 300.

Monday, March 05, 2007

no knitting happening

Hi friends.

Hanging my head, I must tell you, I've not been knitting. Not one stitch. Not for a number of weeks.

I've been sewing though !!

if you want to see the sewing - click here