Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Passing along the good stuff

Thanks to Lisette for this one:

Maya Singer's column. Great stuff. I can't figure out how to get to just her column, although this may be it

Also, did everyone catch Erin's (Dress a Day, link on the sidebar here), column yesterday on when to buy fabric? For those yarnaholics among us, substitute yarn, and it is The Same Da** thing. For those of us who are -aholic to both- it's perilous. Just too funny.

Then DeniseM wrote this today over at Stitchers Guild

"There will Always be more fabric. It's been around for 8,000+ years, at least (not counting animal skins and those ugly plaid pants golfers wore, which probably pre-date caveman) and despite fears of disappearing cotton supplies and Mayor Bloomberg's supposed plans for the garment district, there will be fabric to purchase. So I've put together some tips to help you all stay sober:

1. Stay off the fabric threads. They will tempt you. If you want to lose weight you don't hang out in the Godiva factory. slap
2. If you see something you think you can't live without in the store, take a swatch home instead (no this doesn't contradict rule #5). After you've had it hanging around a while it will lose some of its charm, honest.
3. Ask yourself why you are compelled to purchase fabric. Maybe you're really just hungry. rotfl Go have an ice cream.
4. What have you done with the fabric in your stash? Think about those lonely, sad cuts piled up in your closet, suffering the pain of rejection because you don't love them anymore. blinky Go use them.
5. Stay away from the swatch services, at least for now. That means Michael's Sawyer Brook, EOS. If you succumb, don't order right away. See rule #2 (yes, yes, I know, it's fun to cruise the sites, but then you will fall off the wagon. Go have an ice cream).
6. Make a deal with yourself - you'll go fabric shopping in Paris if you make it six months without a purchase. Well, o.k, you may never get there, but it's fun to deceive yourself sometimes. Instead, go have an ice cream.
7. If you do get to Paris, call me. I've got a list of fabrics I need you to pick up for me. Pink Pom-Pom
8. Remember that if you don't use your fabric someone else will get it when you die. Do you really like anybody that much?
9. Joann's coupons are worthless. They never have anything in stock. And they charge tax and shipping when you order on the Internet, cancelling out any potential savings for an alleged sale. Save the gas and cut into something you already have.
10. Patterns are not the enemy. Get one you really like out of the bin and make it up in three different fabrics from your stash. Know the joy of instant gratification. Then go have an ice cream. confettitoss"

I don't know if there's enough ice cream in the world - but I do know that if I ate it like that - I'd have to sew two new wardrobes as I tipped the scales first around 250, then 300.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, the fabric thing. My original vice. It's bad.

jae said...

Good advice - for yarn as well. And for some reason, I really want some mint chocolate chip ice cream. ;)

tatjana said...

That was *hilarious* thank you! I too, am a great believer in solving problems with ice cream :) The tip on taking a swatch home and waiting to see if it loses its appeal is a great one - it really works!

cmarie12 said...

Well at least you provided a balanced argument...however, I need ice cream much less than I need more fabric! And I think Erin's justifications are a much better & easier sell than Denise's.

Becky said...

Too funny! Better for me to buy fabric and yarn than eat ice cream, but eventually I guess I'll need a bigger house!

Carrie K said...

That's perfect! But for some reason, I now have a craving for fabric, ice cream and a trip to Paris....

Carrie said...

I too have been knitting lately. It seems I've rediscovered an old love. I'm so glad! However, I have a hard time having two crafts at once. *sigh* Just not enough time... I take your point on the fabric, though. Surely I can sew for a couple of years without going to a store.