Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You guys are funny!

For all those who want to know - No, I did not knit a stitch while in Vail.
I did, however, knit in the car (we Drove).
Working on that DB ruffle cardi. The whole is knit, the shoulder seams sewn, and the ruffle is on the first set of increases. I had to stop knitting on the way home because I needed a 4th size 3 needle to distribute all the stitches properly and continue. Cant take any pics now b'cause it is all bunched up on the 2 needles I've been using to knit the ruffle to this point.
And, on the Tuesday when we did not ski, dh and I drove around looking at condos for future investment. We also stopped in Minturn, to visit the Yarn shop there. Dh found an ad, noted that they were having a SALE, and suggested we stop there. Who was I going to be to question that logic? Cathy owns the shop, and is delightful. She also has a really nice stock of Dale yarns, and....drumroll please....I found the 400 gm of Tiur in the dk grey I wanted to go with the berry red I have to knit a Dale Of Norway sweater. On Sale! ;)
dh whipped out the credit card, and it was mine.
She also had a copy of the Fall04 VK that I seem to have permanently lost in this house - so I bought that.
She also had, on sale, the kits for the lovely sweaters from Poetry In Stitches - did I mention they were on Sale? I restrained myself. I've got too much yarn as it is. It's weighing on me.
OK, must get back to sewing.
the final final revision of the SWAP plan is this:
And I'm working furiously to finish it.
Knitting later.


Lorraine said...

Marji- What a great DH, rooting out a yarn sale. I'm glad it was successful.

Linda said...

OK! DH is definitely a keeper. Congrats on scoring so well on a sale. And welcome back too!

toya said...

YARN, love yarn
btw, the photos on my blog is of me burning Mccall 5337... did not enjoy sewing that

Carrie K said...

Can't wait to see it finished! Sounds like it's going to be go'jus.

Brigitte said...

Ooooo, you passed up on some Poetry in Stitches kits?! And they were on sale?!

*thump* (that's me as I pass out)

But, good find on the Dale yarn! This store sounds fantastic!