Thursday, April 26, 2007

color and texture

Maybe it's just that I'm over-saturated with Carrib Blue from sewing with it for so long - but ... I'm sorry, this just holds No appeal as cookware. And I LOVE Le Creuset.

New Caribbean Le Creuset 9-Piece Set

One More Piece
ya ya, that's what they all say.
well, one more piece, then I"m going on fabric moratorium for a long while.
and it's between 2.
I'm thinking a jacket piece - for the fall.
And it's between the wool denim in indigo blue available at Gorgeous Things
(click on highlighted phrase to get to her website to see fabric)

or a piece of brown/black cashmere from Michaels Fabrics, a piece not on the website, therefore Not on Sale - of course.
What do you think? And DO NOT SAY BOTH!


Jennifer said...

I like the wool denim. I think that will make a very nice jacket.

Anonymous said...

And just to make your decision harder, I think the brown/black cashmere looks wonderful. So deep and rich.


Carole said...

What goes around...I had almost the same color cookware at my wedding shower in our house we have a double oven I insisted on keeping since it is 50's Thunderbird turquoise, still works, and is a real conversation piece!

Lisa Laree said...

Ok, since I can't say 'both'...which one will go with the most items already in your closet or stash?

(I almost said...'Then get the other, so you'll have a reason to get more later', but decided that was too onery... ;) )

Sharon said...

Get the brown/black cashmere so that the beautiful wool denim isn't sold out before I can get some purchased! (just kidding) I like them both, but I'd choose the wool denim.

Oh, and I love the color of that cookware! That would be so fun to use when cooking.

Becky said...

I'd go for the brown cashmere, just to mix it up a bit.

I'm still trying to replace the avocado green stove top and oven in our house. At least the green floor is gone. It was great in the 70s, when my parents put it in, but it has outlasted its appeal.

julia said...

I vote for the wool denim. And I'm lovin' the image of you wearing Vogue 2441, stirring the bouillabaisse in one of those pots!

Mardel said...

Well I love the wool denim, but it is kind of stiff. And I have never gotten a piece of fabric from Michael I have been disappointed in, AND his cashmeres are fabulous quality. I vote for the cashmere.

I need to go on a mini moratorium too -- I have been overindulging lately.

Carrie K said...

Oh, the non sale material, of course.

Besides, pretty.

I like the color of those pots, I'm just not fond of eating/cooking out of anything that isn't neutral toned.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I am going to be ornery...if you are going on a fabric moratorium - both! The reason you told us not to say both is 'cause you want just go ahead and get them! It's your last hurrah since you will now only sew from your collection.

Marina said...

Hey, what's wrong with a bit of colour in the kitchen ;-) If I still used Le Cruset, I might have been tempted!

Both! Because you know you want them and you shouldn't be made to choose.

Linda said...

I hate to tell you that Capri Blue color scheme is my favorite color. I can't get enough. It is better than the burnt orange Creuset dish I own. At least the food might look better in the blue color.

I bought the wool denim and it is stiff. I am pondering a wash or to leave it for dry cleaning. I'm not too sure. But if you are going to stop buying fabric until something like November (?) I would agree with Carolyn and say get both.

Gigi said...

Both, of course! I bought the wool denim and just love it - I'm going to make a skirt and a jean-style jacket from it.