Monday, April 23, 2007

The Unveiling

Finally, the Timmel SWAP wardrobe is done, and Julie is putting up the collections today for voting. so now I'll upload my entry here. Click on the highlighted words Timmel SWAP above to go to the link to see everyones collections.
Re my collection:
More info on each garment will be forthcoming. Today you just get the collages.
Date started: January 2007, date completed April 8.

Truth: I've been gaining weight - and it shows the very worst in the purple lace dress. I will retake pics next month on this dress - I love the dress, hate how tight it is.
The silk check dress is really purple, turquoise and green in the checks, however the light bouncing off the silk does weird things to the color in the photos. I'm now in the market for a belt for the check dress. I'm thinking 1" wide leather, hopefully lavender.

To vote you must be a registered member of Stitchers Guild, which I think is fine, because this is as much about the sewing as it is anything, and that is the sewing site.


Marina said...

They're gorgeous, Marji. I especially like the "reversible top".

You'll be the best-dressed wherever you go ;-)

Good luck!

toya said...

wow,, such hard work, all your pieces look magnificent, truly an inspiration on a monday morning, and you are complaining about gaining weight? At least you gain it in the right places,,, what if you gained it only in the stomach instead of the hips, hmmm,, you still look great

Lorraine said...

Marji- What strikes me first is your colors, pretty and vibrant.

But I think you look great in anything, and have the panache to pull it off.

michellers said...

Fabulous clothes, Marji! I'm in the same boat weight-wise, but I honestly think that the pic of the purple lace dress is more unflattering than the dress is on you. It looks like you set up the camera too low so it's at a less flattering height and that you are doing something a little weird with your arms. I love the purple jacket--it looks fabulous on you. And the dragonfly print skirt is to die for!

Becky said...

Amazing planning and finishing of all these garments. You have a great sense of style. Good luck in the voting!

Elizabeth said...

I'm not a member of Stitcher's Guild, but I went and looked and anyone who doesn't choose you for one of their three is just plain of playing favorites with their buddies. In quality and volume of output you've sewn circles around the other entrants. Amazing.

I hope you have season tickets for opera and symphony and all sorts of other stuff, because you have some serious dress-up clothes to put to use there!

Mardel said...

Fabulous! You have really done a spectacular job and have a wonderful collection of truly lovely, well made clothes.

And you know, I love the colors too, if you ever get tired of anything just let me know. That also applies to shoes!

Romi said...

Wow! Wonderful! Go get 'em! :)

Carrie K said...

Wow, gorgeous!!!

Brigitte said...

Marji, what a beautiful collection! Good luck, I wish I could vote.

As always...lovely shoes!

Summerset said...

Gorgeous - the colors are just wonderful!

Leora Louise said...

It is wonderful to see all the garments complete! What an accomplishment, your work is detailed and so well done.

Donyale said...

Hey Marji - I've had this one bookmarked so it pops up on bloglines over and over are so clever and I love the colour combinations.

Personally, girl, you got the whole thing goin' on, wish I had as much.

You look great.