Thursday, May 17, 2007

my Rant and Rave

1st: I promise an update on knitting tomorrow. I promise, there has been knitting happening, and I am finally ready to take some pics!


Older, Better, but Harder to Dress

Geeze Louise, someone with a Voice has been reading my mind.
Take a moment to go read her article - won't take long, and I'll wait.
Thanks to TerriK over at Stitchers Guild for bringing this article to my attention.

Carolyn wrote a rant this week about the offerings in Plus Sizing from McCalls...I contend that it isn't just Plus sizes that are being given the shaft right now, it's anyone over the age of 17...or maybe 23.

I'm just grateful that I learned to sew at an early age, and that I'm not limited to what's offered in RTW - both in terms of style and fit.

So what's news on the Positive side of things? I found an ebay source for buying the Spanish Patrones Pattern Magazine - for just about 1/2 of the subscription price in the US. I just picked up the Summer Issue - probably will see it in about 3 weeks. There are a couple of things in there for me, and some for the college age set around here.
I've also been hanging out a little too often at ebay lately, and have picked up some awesome vintage patterns. I have ideas, they're percolating, but don't expect to see any results or input on that now til probably late September.

Contests at Pattern Review
Don't know, maybe it's the competitive gene in me, maybe it's the attraction of deadlines and what that means to actually finishing projects, but the contests do interest me.
There is a SWAP contest going on there. I have ideas but don't think I'm actually going to enter that one. It takes so much time and energy to finish, photograph, and write up the entry, and I'm still a little burnt out from the last SWAP contest.
However, the contest for One Pattern/ Multiple Looks - that has me really dreaming overtime.
I'm thinking about a suit again - using stash fabrics.
The pattern: Vogue 2950
Version 1: using a brown woven silk I have and making it exactly as the pattern is drawn (well, maybe the bow on the belt has to go)
fabric 004

Version 2 using a woven silk in cream and an overlay of a Venise Lace on the jacket, using this Dior jacket as inspiration.
fabric 002
as always, click on the photo for large pic and more detail.

I open to opinion and discussion at this time - once it's started - too late.


Crystal said...

Wow, I covet that floral fabric. That is going to make a beautiful jacket, and I love the inspiration. You can't go wrong there! I think both ideas are lovely and I can't wait to see them!

That Patrones magazine looks great! I really like some of the styles in there, but there aren't English translations, are there? And I have a ton of stuff that I need to make now. And I want to get the June issue of Burda... so I have to avoid this temptation! hehe.

Pinky said...

AAArgh, you're killing me. Where DO you find that fabric? I agree that both are going to look wonderful, runway-worthy in fact! p.s. the Dior model on the bed looks like she's trying to zip up that skirt..;-)

Carrie K said...

Oh, pretty! I think maybe the bow would be overkill in that fabric.

Becky said...

What a great magazine. And I think the Dior pattern would look awesome in the cream with lace. Awesome!

I totally agree with the rant. I was walking through a store recently and thinking -- when did they start catering only to 20-somethings? I wear pretty much what I like, but there are limits to what I can get away with nowadays in public. ;)

julia said...

Marji, after seeing your Chanel jacket these jackets seem perfect for you. I can't wait to see them!

Summerset said...

Totally agree with the rant, too. I do dress young, but what's come out recently isn't my tastes at all. I do have that Patones, although I haven't made anything from it yet - I'm thinking of making some things later in the summer.