Friday, May 18, 2007

a note to my blog friends and some knitting eye candy

Just a note to all my friends in the blogosphere:
I've been gone and involved with family stuff for awhile -as evidenced by the sporadic posts here. I'm trying to catch up with reading blog posts by my friends, although I've missed a lot - so when I get to your blog, expect the ridiculous event of comments on posts you've entered as far back as a month.

Now, I need to figure out how to get my hands on the most recent Anny Blatt knitting book


Anonymous said...

I love the coral top with the scalloped hem. I haven't seen Anny Blatt books for ages. I wish they were still easily available here in Australia. They had great yarns too, lovely textures and grown up colours.

Marina said...

I like the last two but there's no way I can carry the red sleeveless.

Tany said...

Hi Marji!
I don't know how to get the English version of the Anny Blatt's most recent book, I buy it online but it's the French version:

PS: I answered to your questions back in my blog ;). Glad to have you back!

Carrie K said...

Are those in the new Anny Blatt? Because then I want it too.

And ooh, such gorgeous fabrics you posted below! I can't believe I got behind on you - you hadn't posted in ages and now look at all I missed! Sorry!