Sunday, May 20, 2007

oh my oh my

I've been enamoured of the Missoni knits for quite some time.

May knit a fabulous skirt last year based on the Missoni stripes (I must go find the link and put it in here)

anyway, I've been looking at this pic - not much for detail - is it knit or crocheted?
So, I've been looking at the pattern info on the Anny Blatt site. (BTW, Anny Blatt is pretty darn scarce to find here in the USA too. Thank you's to Mardel for emailing me re sources.)

it calls for 4 yarns!
Mango et Surya de Bouton d'Or
Jade et Victoria d'Anny Blatt
Surya is a bamboo and soy blend
Mango is a cotton/ acrylic blend
Jade is a 96% silk 4% poly with scattered sequins (and we all know what those sequins do to the price of yarn!)
and Victoria is a polyamide (aka nylon) ribbon.

This gets more and more intriguing. The mango is sized to knit on a 3.5 needle (my guess is that is the largest needle it would work well on and I'd be happier with it on 3mm.)

Thing is, this is one of those numbers that looks best on stick skinny 20somethings.

Although, EricaB crocheted a dress last year and she looks smashing in it.


Mardel said...

"Oh my oh my" I love that dress too but decided that it will probably not look good on me. If I am going to crochet a dress I needs a higher liklihood of success. But then I probably have more of that pear-thing going on that you.

It sure is pretty to contemplate though isn't it. And I love those Missoni stripes.

Jennifer said...

That dress is so cute! It looks to be crochet I think.

Mary, Mary... said...

I'll be in France during June. I can pick up the bouton d'or and anny blatt yarns if you can't get it here. Just leave a msg. on my blog and we can swap e-mail addys.