Friday, May 18, 2007

Sewing with Knits

ideas are percolating faster than anything is getting done - seems to be one of those High Inspiration periods here.
First off: Sewing with Knits

after all the detailed work that went into the SWAP projects I sat down and stitched this dress in an afternoon - have practically been living in it since. Easy-peasy to sew, and even easier to wear. Pattern is Butterick 4914 - Pattern review here
sewing 166
in fact, Lauren (the 18 yr old, she of the prom dress) Wants one too. And her sister just arrived home from college last night, so she'll probably add herself to the list of wanting one.
and while I have oodles of stashed fabrics, only a couple are knits.
I just haven't stashed knits.
last weekend we got on the internet and Lauren picked out two for dresses for herself, and we added one for Katie, and Dad, being the great guy he is, sprung for the knits and we hit the Buy button.

All from Fabric Mart.
and I hit up Fran for the pink EOS knit she was selling on PR.
So now we have 2 knits each for both girls. Lauren chose the blue/white and the brown paisley - Katie gets those that read pink. Lauren doesn't "do" pink, and Katie doesn't do much else. We're good.

But now dear step-mama has been fabric browsing. and the fingers have been hovering over the buttons to "add to cart". Actually, one of these did make to to the cart last weekend, for moi. dh took pity on me in my self imposed fabric moratorium, seeing as how I'm the seamstress outfitting the girls.

Inspirational Prints
From Lucy's Fabrics
From: It's a secret so far - .
I really really am covetting a piece of this lovely and unless you ask I'm not announcing the source. If you email me or leave a comment with your email addy I'll give you the source, but I'm not about announcing it yet

and Last but not Least
This is brand new at another fabulous internet fabric vendor. Big Print. Big like. Big want.
uncle, I cry uncle. within an hour of posting this picture 4 people contacted me to find out where it is from. Sawyer Brook ladies. click on the pic and it'll take you to the website.
So, what kind of deal am I going to have to make with myself to get those others into the house?

addendum: My Mom just called me to ask me where the dahlias can be purchased! Oy, I'd better get it while the getting is good.
Meanwhile I turned mom on to Lucy's, Georgeous Things, Fabric Mart, and several others.


Donna H said...

That dress looks gorgeous on you! I love it!!

Romi said...

The dress looks fabulous!

Becky said...

That's a perfect dress! What's the pattern brand and number? to get more fabric without the guilt factor? That's a tough one. I'm not even going to the link above. Too dangerous. :)

Lisa Laree said...

Marji!!! That pink dahlia fabric is gorgeous!!! (I guess I'm fortunate that clicking on the picture only yielded a blogger address...idon'twannaknow, idon'twannaknow) The brown/jade is a little too out of my price range anyway, but it is fabulous!

That dress looks super on you...I just added that pattern to my sale watch list ;)

thanks...I think... ;)

Marina said...

How about if you finish Elizabeth before the first year is over, then you can buy it ;-) [just kidding, OK?]

By the way, the dress looks great!

Summerset said...

Great dress - is that one of the Maggy London Buttericks? In fact, I'm wearing mine right now, and love it!

jae said...

Wonderful dress!! How about the justification of every yard you sew for the girls = 1/2 a yard for you? You won't be adding to the stash since you are bringing in less than you sent out. Or you could just use the excuse that it is a Friday. Whatever works. ;)

Jennifer said...

The dress is beautiful!

I love all the fabrics too.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Do tell, what pattern did you use? It looks very similar to a Simplicity I bought this spring.

Pixie said...

great dress. and I agreee those dahlias are great. Now please do tell us what the pattern is for the dress. I guess I've been lurking here for a while, time I said Hi.

rebecca said...

Great dress -- and I loved one of the fabrics you showed and went to Fabric Mart to buy some for a top -- and found that the shipping would double the price! Is it worth it?

KayB said...

yeah... it's a great pattern... and a gorgeous dress you made out of it :)

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh - you are such a cutie! Super dress - now fess up on the pattern number! :)
- mamapicklejuice

Brigitte said...

Oh, that dress is beautiful Marji!

Melody said...

I've seen your dress before, yours was the reason I finished it. I was getting sick of it and I'd put it aside for a long time. Yuor suggestion is BRILLIANT! What you described is exactly what's wrong with my dress and I can totally see how shortening that portion would be the "magic" the dress needs. Thank you so much. I'm totally gonna get unsewing.