Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fashion report

I have to do this every once in awhile.
Have you seen the HippieChic they're talking about over at

I LOVE the comment about "posing only" re the crochet bikini!

But even more than the humor, I for one am jumping up and down about the pant silhouette. I'm a throw back, a dinosaur, but I LOVED wearing the old bell bottoms and I am going to make myself some ASAP...just as soon as I recover some sewing mojo, which has just Vanished into thin air. Anyone seen my sewing mojo floating around?

lifted directly from the page at

The Knitty Gritty
No summer of love could be complete without a splashy crochet bikini. Our favorite comes from Giuliana Testino, the sister of hotshot photographer Mario Testino and a knitwear designer whose creations are handmade by Peruvian artisans. NB: This is a posing-only two-piece; crochet tends to sag when wet.

Huancavelica bikini, $240, available at

Bell Curve

A sure sign that hippie chic is on the rise? The arrival of the high-waisted, flared jean. Kiwi designer Karen Walker started selling hers two years ago. Now, with labels like Anlo, Deener, and Superfine offering versions, trendsetters are finally trading in their skinnies for the wide-leg style. You can hear Chloë Sevigny, an early adopter, break down the trend on Also new again at the denim bar is that big-in-the-seventies brand, Dittos. Frankie B.'s Daniella Clarke, the L.A. designer famous for her bum-revealing ultra-low-riders, has done an about-face, reintroducing the colorful high-rise bell-bottoms to the Me Generation's offspring.

Deener high-waist wide-leg jean in carbon, $203, available at Blue Bee, Santa Barbara, CA, (805) 897-1137.

Dittos Classic in red, $158, available at

Superfine City jean in black denim, $290, available at Barneys New York, (888) 222-7639.

and last but not least, Big Fat Enabler Alert
This fabric has just been put up for sale over at Fabric Mart. Just 'cause I'm not sewing does not mean I'm not looking, and this one has caught my eye.
So, go buy it will you? Buy it all up so that it isn't there tempting me...

you know the drill, click on the pic for a link to the site. item # 806531


cidell said...

I *do* like those jeans!

Mardel said...

Ooh, I admit to having loved wearing bell bottoms and I love those pants too. If I see your sewing mojo I'll send it over, if you'll do the same for mine.

Elizabeth said...

I wish I had not clicked that link. I did not need to see all those fabrics.

BUT, I bet you would know the best place to find chlorine-resistant swimwear fabrics. I've made two suits from lycra I got at JoAnn's and I haven't been pleased with how they hold up with regular pool use. Any tips?

Lorraine said...

Marji- I'm so on board the bell bottom boat!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Now you know that you are not suppose to be on the fabric sites when you are on a fabric moratorium *wagging finger* And I want you to get down on your knees right now and repent *wagging finger* for tempting others to sin and buy fabric! *laughing and running for cover!*

Nancy W. said...

Well, we used to have a Fabric Mart here, but no longer. Too bad

Thanks for your comments about the BL v Bernina. I appreciate your expertise. I actually have on my to do list today to call the BL dealer about classes. I've also had the notion to look into getting a sew only Bernina as well. So many decisions, so little funds. :-)

Carrie K said...

I wouldn't dream of depriving you!

I loved bell bottoms. Are they really back? Far out.