Tuesday, June 26, 2007

UFO Resurrection

I really wanted to start a new project. At least, that's what I thought I wanted.

But it wasn't coming together. The patterns that are immediately accessible I don't have yarn for, don't want to buy new yarn.
The yarn I have, the patterns/books need to be purchased and then I'd need to wait for shipping, since the one place in town I drove to didn't have stock.
Maybe too some of the reluctance to continue this process of starting and leaving unfinished countless projects has me uneasy.
And, while my knitting isn't nearly as out-of-hand as my sewing, I do have 4 projects OTN's (the Drops Cardi, the red cotton cable cardi, the baby Sockotta cardi, and the Calla Cami), as well as another 4 projects that need seams and finishing. Oh, I almost forgot: my car knitting, which is a scarf for my dear friend Jacquie, which I worked on all the way to Rockford IL last weekend, and my plane knitting, which is that Noni bag that I knit in airports but never knit the ends and felted.

That's about 8 too many.
Wouldn't it just be awesome if I could start the Fall with a clean slate?

To that end, I picked up and resurrected another UFO yesterday.

Tada: I present, the Drops Cardi.
That pic was taken May 12, 2006.
This pic was taken 5 minutes ago: I'm past the change from cables to stockinette, past the armscye split, and into the neck and armscye shaping.

progress Drops Cardi June 07

As a reminder, the pattern is the Drops Cardi 44-8 (that is avail as a free download)
Now I just need an attention span that is longer than that of a 4 year old.

Real vintage style girdles for the retro style dresses. Can you believe it? Can you imagine Wearing it?


Beth said...

hey Marji,

I'm in sort of the same place you are, knitting-wise. Most of my unfinished stuff is wool and yuck! no thanks in this weather.
I can't wait to see the drops cardi finished!

Linda said...

Oh my God! Nooo. I can't see myself wearing that. If that is what they wore back then to get the shaping, I think I will just adjust the pattern for today instead. In fact I know I would rather do that. There is just so much more one could say about this get up, but I'll leave it here.

I love the cardi. Now that I can see myself wearing. I'm going to have to go hunt for the pattern.

Mardel said...

Darn, you remind me that I have a couple of UFO's sitting around too. I really should not let last summer's cotton cardigan miss another season.

The drops cardi is going to be really nice though, and how smug you will feel when Autumn rolls around and you have new things at the ready.

Carrie K said...

It's a UFO Resurrection! Yay! Pretty too.

I can imagine wearing it but I probably wouldn't. Not for long. I can barely stand panty hose.

The J said...

I'm starting to like that cardi...

I'm glad I didn't read this last night, as I started in on new project #6... It is only a headband/scarf, but I'm thinking the designing process may make up for the shorter time knitting!

As for the girdle - can you say sweltering?? My skin needs to breathe, baby!

Brigitte said...

OK, phew! I don't feel so bad about my WIP's... That Drops Cardigan is one I have printed and in my pile of "to do's"...

Lorraine said...

Marji- That is the plan around here as well- I have a major UFO to finish, and then something new for fall.

I will if you will!

Romi said...

My attention span is stuck somewhere pre-4 year old these days. It's pathetic! So I envy you yours. ;)

Jenni said...

Well...at least we know there is some underwear out there that will put everything in the right place!!

I understand about have tons of unfinished projects! I have the same problem! I've been trying to stick to one or two, but I am not doing as much knitting that way. I think I get bored.

Nice blog! This is my first visit.

Summerset said...

Hmm . . . eating lettuce leafs and doing cardio is looking more tempting than that girdle contraption. As much as I like vintage clothes, the vintage underwear isn't terribly appealing!