Saturday, July 07, 2007

More Sewing Ideas

I'm starting to plan the sewing for the remainder of the month.
This fabric is right at the top of the priority list. It goes with the silk tweed jacket I made as part of my SWAP this year, and it's just calling me.
But I'm still torn on the silhouette I want for this dress. It will be a dress.
Below is the fabric, what Anna Sui did with it when she showed it as part of her Fall collection last year, and the three patterns I'm considering right now.
I'll be able to finish up the black dress on the machine now, and will be able to cut this fabric out Monday.
I'm open to opinions.
(if you click on the pic it'll get large enough to see the details)

Photo credits: Fabric,
Pattern sketches: Vogue
Runway Anna Sui Dress:


touran said...

Although v8353 isn't a design I particularly like, it'd be cool to see how the triangles shape up in the pleats. Same for the skirt on v2942. I know you'll make it work!

Mardel said...

Well V8353 is a design I like, I was supposedly going to make it this summer, but it is not on my current "must finish before the season ends" plan. I have plans for V2942 as well.

I think this could be really interesting in all three patterns, but V8353 is probably 3rd on my list. I think V8180 could be really interesting. Oh what the h*** they could all be really interesting. You see I am not help at all.

Mardel said...

Actually (its me again) I think the V8353 would look stunning with that fabric, but I don't see it with the jacket you showed in your photo. If you use the middle pattern V8180, how would you do the top?

Summerset said...

I like 2942 the best - the bodice will work nicely with the jacket (whereas the collar of 8353 might not), it also has more pleats than 8180 which will produce a really neat effect with this fabric when finished.

In my order of preference it would be 2942, 8180 and then 8353.

Nancy said...

Since you want to wear it with the jacket, I'd pick either 2942 or the 8180, probably the 8180, which seems more current, as the baby doll seems to be on the outs. I agree with summerset in that that the collar and particularly the extended shoulder/sleeve would probably be uncomfortable with the jacket and would even if not uncomfortable, probably won't lay right with the high armscye. I also think that 8180 can go into the fall better.

Nancy said...

I am also sorry that I did not pick up this fabric when FM had it on sale! the green in it is one of my favorite colors. Enjoy!

Vicki said...

I like 2942 best too! It looks fresh and modern and would go well with the jacket. 8180 is good too - more traditional.

Anonymous said...

V8180 gets my vote. The skirt would be cooler with the stripes in 2942, but there isn't enough top there for me - and the top for 8180 is such a flattering style. BTW - folks at work always know when I'm wearing something you made - because it fits :) d.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Before I read everyone's comments, I am going to vote for 8353. I think the stripes will make the waist treatment an awesome effect. You will let us know what you decide, right?