Monday, July 23, 2007

A Vintage walk down memory lane

The Vintage Sewing contest is getting set to start over at Pattern Review, and this has prompted me to take a look through my vintage pattern collection.
By the standards the contest is using, a portion of my pattern collection, that I purchased new, qualifies as Vintage. Ouch! Either I keep patterns too long, or else I'm just getting old- or both!

Every time I've done a pattern purge though, one pattern has remained in my collection, for it's sentimental value. This is the very first Vogue Pattern I ever made. I was so proud of myself, and felt so grown up, and so 'advanced'. There was no Very Easy Vogue then, and stepping up into sewing Vogue was considered Advanced.
Notice the price on the pattern! And the 'new sizing' tag. We're still using that 'new sizing'.
I was 13 or 14 when I made this outfit. I used a burgundy wool flannel and made the tunic, pants and skirt, fully lined. I also made the blouse, but the memory of that is hazier.
The fabric came from Fabers Fabrics in Somerset Mall, the high end mall in the Detroit area that was anchored by Saks and Bonwit Teller. Those were the days when fabric stores still existed in high end malls, and all the major dept stores had fabric departments.
Here I am, wearing the tunic and pants, at age 14, with my mom and my sister. My mom made her dress too. I remember the fabric scraps hanging around, years later.
Come to think of it, when this pic was taken, at a mother daughter banquet at our church, in 1971, my baby brother was cooking already. He was born the following September.
(and is it any wonder I'm not a fan of the "jumper"?, This tunic is a jumper silhouette, and I swear looking at it in retrospect, it adds a minimum of 20 lbs visually. I wasn't in any way overweight at age 14)

I'm thinking about entering the contest. Depends on my time constraints.
I'm also planning, in the August / Sept time frame to visit my son at his new house in Rockford IL, to go to Stitches Midwest and spend some time with Jae and meet Lorraine and Jewel, and hopefully get to see Kim again. (Kim. what's up?)
Then I've got a trip scheduled again to Columbia SC to move dsd into her dorm, then back in time to meet my sis at the airport here to spend 3 intensive days fitting muslins for some sewing I'll be doing for her. Just found out too that dh will be traveling to Germany in that time frame.
Then we're into Labor Day, then Sept looks just as crowded, with 2 trips to the East Coast.

Oh, And for those of you who've known for awhile that I need it - I'm finally getting my head examined ;)
Had a CATscan or MRI on Friday (don't know which it was?), and am seeing an ENT to figure out what is going on in my head that causes such pressure that I can't fly without some serious pain. I need to be able to fly by mid-Sept.

So D, it might be up to you to choose a vintage design if I'm going to get anything made for the Vintage sewing contest. The Big4 pattern company retro re-issues don't count. Needs to be an actual vintage pattern, circa 1982 or earlier. I know something from the 40's works with your design aesthetic. EvaDress Patterns do count, as do Decades of Style.
Rule change ok, rules have changed and now you can pick a Vintage Pattern from Vogue, Butterick or Simplicity. Opens up a lot of possibilities.
Part of my personal vintage pattern collection may also be viewed here. I have more, I just have to pull them together and take some pics.

It also seems to be a day for posting nostalgia. I checked Carolyns blog a little bit ago, and she'd posted some 'art-to-wear' pieces she made 15 to 20 years ago. Since this post was already partly written I'd decided to go with it.
So I'm going to challenge you, what do you still have hanging around that you created years ago - pics, actual patterns, actual garments? Do you have a fabulous collection of knitwear designs from decades ago? Show us.


Anonymous said...

Oh, like that's fair. Tell me to pick a vintage pattern. You know I go all drooley - I was born far too late! I think the 40s sundress is great - but I even like the 50s housedress. I believe the one that has the criss-crossed bodice and no directions is the one I own - that I'll never be able to make. The mermaid formal is fab! Oh - poopie, now I can't even find it to tell you which one - it was the mermaid dress with the floor length "cape" (looked like a jacket to me)

Anonymous said...

I remember that day very well. I was even thinking of it recently while driving to one of my daily appts. Honest!!! I remember that fabric. I saw a woman recently who was wearing a dress with a similar pattern and I remembered. (I wouldn't choose it now though)

Vintage sounds like fun!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ohmygosh! I did not realize that they issued patterns based on the Bishop Method! I have two of the Bishop books and love them! I am sooooo jealous! And what size is that Bishop pattern?

Mardel said...

Gee, I didn't realize they issued Bishop method patterns either.

And that jumper over pants reminds me of the first outfit I ever made for myself. It was a very similar style of jumper over pants. I made it out of black corduroy in 1972 and I remember it fondly. It wasn't Vogue and sewing didn't "take" with me until I needed clothes for work after I graduated from college.

Sharon said...

Ooooo, love your vintage pattern collection. I've been posting old sewing project photos on my Flashback Friday posts for a while now.

I like the photo of you and your mom and sister.

It's a bit sobering to realize that the vintage sewing contest will be based on patterns 1982 or earlier - meaning I could resew a pattern I sewed the first time around and call it vintage. Hmmm, maybe I'll pull out an old Vogue designer disco era dress :-)

Linda said...

I saw your Vintage photo collections on Flickr last night ( Ihave you listed as a favorite), now after reading your post I know about the Vintage contest at PR. Somehow I missed that.

Enjoyed reading and seeing your pant suit. Brought back some memories.

I will have to be a copy cat and post some things from the past as well.

Summerset said...

Thanks for sharing. It's interesting how sewing has been a part of our lives for such a long time.

My son came up behind me when I was viewing the slide show, and it happened to be on the pattern you focused on in your post. He asked me which view I liked, and I said not many of them. Then he said that they all looked like waitresses. The things children say!

BTW, I was also born in Sept. of 1971.

cidell said...

I love the look the of the jumper pattern and how cool you have a photo in it. I don't have any pics of me in clothes that I sewed in high school or college. I hope you figure out why you aren't able to fly pain free.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Bonwit Teller; what a great store...I miss it to this very day. Phyllis

Vicki said...

I have taken up the challenge and done a post of a very early project. Must now go and look at your vintage patterns.

Hope your tests are all fine!

jae said...

Is it that close to Stitches already?!? I'm looking forward to it!

I'll have to dig through my knitting patterns. I recall I ended up with a few vintage patterns from the early '50s when I raided my mother's stash (She of course had raided it from her mom).

Summerset said...

Are you going to post about the 70's wedding gown? You've got me curious, and imagining all sorts of 70's style wedding gowns!

Carrie K said...

Vintage is 1982 or older? I am so old.

I hope the CAT scan shows what's wrong and they can fix it! Scary.