Wednesday, July 11, 2007

winged animals and more

The cleaning gods were not done with me.
How do I know?
They sent two lone little moths down to my basement, to send me into full panic mode for a full 3 days, about my woolens.
I've done quite a bit of web research. *
I now know the difference between an Indian meal moth and a webbing clothes moth. I've read a lot about the various methods to prevent moth infestations, and about how to irradicate them.
I'm confident now that the moth that I found in another section of the basement, in with stored stuff of the girls that has since all been removed and is gone from the house now, (a lone moth flew out of a stuffed animal, and that was enough for all the stuffed animals and pillows to get banished, they've done nothing but reside in the basement for several years), was not a precursor to an infestation in my fabrics and yarns.

Still, I removed every piece of wool fabric to my deck, unrolled every bolt, shook out the fabric per the recommendation of the experts on moth control, inspected and then flat folded my fabrics, inventoried them, and piled them on the dining table. I am now preparing a trunk for storage, and we've obtained fresh cedar shingles which I'll put into the trunk.
Best line of defense: inspect it all and move it around frequently, and Use it.
Inventory shows I have less woolen pieces than I feared. I am also now confident that there won't be any woolens left in my stash when it comes time to move and store. I have a Plan

I found one more moth, just resting, away from the fabrics, but I didn't find any evidence of moths in the fabrics. And none in the yarn either. Back in the 80's I had an infestation of moths, and I know the signs, the detritus they leave in their wake, including the holes. I found no evidence of moths except the 2 moths themselves, so I will continue to be diligent.

Meanwhile, my happy wool, free of holes:

*for anyone who is really concerned and wants an education, here are some links.

Next Up,
Thanks for the input on the dress design. Between the summer cold I've got, my fabric crisis, and my dad and his wife visiting, I didn't get anything cut yet.
But I do believe I've made a decision. In case I change my mind though, I'll keep the decision to myself until it is cut. Look for results later in the week.

in the comments: ;)d left a comment. Hey Denise!! D is my sister, whom I didn't know was even reading my blog. You've heard about Denise before, she is Joey's stepmom**
She's also mom to Dalton and stepmom with full-time custody to Staz, Krystyna, and Samantha (Sammy). She also works full time and last I knew was up for promotion. Her life is crazy-busy.
I didn't know she was wearing some of the clothes I made for her. It's been awhile.
Methinks it's time to make some more clothes for D.

This is Denise and I with our Dad at his 75th b'day party, in our matching 'sister dresses' Vogue 2267

We had each gained a few pounds since the year before, which is when I made those dresses for us to wear to our mom's pre-wedding dinner.
The fabric was an embroidered white pique from Joanns.
Since we live in different states, it really isn't as hokey as it looks, us wearing matching clothes. There was a Purpose in the matching dresses when I made them. ;)

**Latest update from Denise about Joey, he's done really well, has just had his port removed, and is, as of last week, back to full-time activity normal for a boy his age. There is no more indication of any cancer cells. thanks to everyone for their prayers and thoughts over the last year.


Mardel said...

I had moths once, years ago, the thought still gives me the creeps. An occasional moth shows up here, primarily the kitchen kind and I still freak out and become the mad cleaning woman but no more signs of infestation.

The wool collection looks nice all spread out together.

I am glad to hear Joey is doing well.

Carrie K said...

That's so great about Joey!

You two look so cute with your father in your matching sisters dresses.

Good, now I have a link to go to when I fear moths again. Moving everything around is fairly mandatory lately.

Marina said...

Too cute! I think the matching dresses are lovely.

Good to know that Joey is doing well. Hoping that continues.

Are you really going to need woollen clothes where you're going?!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Glad the wools are OK, make sure your yarn is put in the freezer incase the little blighters have taken up residence in there.

Brigitte said...

Oh, yay for Joey! That's great news.

What a fabulous picture of the 3 of you!

Anonymous said...

Methinks I drive my sister nuts when she tries to make me stuff. But she is the only one who can make me stuff that fits and I do wear it all the time. I am not a blogger - and have a heck of time leaving these comments to begin with - but I do stop by fairly frequently. Joey still drags his chemo blanket with him everywhere - even takes it to church on Sundays. He is still cold frequently - but can get in the pool now. I'm sure you've all seen his blanket and, I know it sounds gross, but - when it was necessary, it cleaned up just great, too! Even with chemo done, the blanket is good as new today! Marji does awesome work!