Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Copyright, Intellectual Property, and the Law

I realize I haven't posted here in a week or more. Computer issues, a lightning strike, and my own inertia have all contributed to the malaise.

So today, all you get is a link.
If you don't read Kathleen Fasanella, you should go read this entry on Fashion Incubator

Edit to add: There is an interesting discussion on this topic over at Stitchers Guild.

and I'm going to copy and re-print the contact info for the bill sponsors here. This is really something we all, knitters, sewists, consumers, people who wear clothes, create clothes, and read/buy patterns, this is something we all have a stake in.


Rep. William Delahunt [D, MA-10] Email


Rep. Mary Bono [R, CA-45] Contact

Rep. Robert Goodlatte [R, VA-6] Contact (use zip code 22801)

Rep. Carolyn Maloney [D, NY-14] Contact

EDIT: Re Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill
a note on the dress. I finished it, then I put it on and realized that my smocked block on the front shoulders was over so far it was off the edge of my shoulder, onto my arm. How do you spell Fugly? So, I ripped out my oh-so-carefully sewn french seam on the shoulders, ripped out the smocking blocks, re-smocked a block much closer to the neck edge, and cut off some of the capped sleeve area. I now need to re-hem the sleeve edge, and hand finish the insides of the shoulder seams - can't re-stitch trimmed shoulder seams - no can do. But last night I made the trek into the mall, and picked up, on sale for 1/2 off of 1/2 off, a narrow red belt - perfect, and the perfect little slide sandal for this dress. I intend to wear it this weekend at Stitches, and will get pictures, to post when I return.


Linda said...

Thanks for posting this. I should do the same. And don't forget to add the Senator Charles Schumer from NY (MY congressman) just introduced this bill to the senate just before recess. - Linda

beth said...

My real question would be, where does this leave me with my "knockoff" of a cheap-o sweater I purchased for the design but plan to copy using better quality yarn, only for my own pleasure and use, of course.

It's sort of hard to define where one person's idea ends and another's begins sometimes. I think it's great when one person makes something beautiful and someone else takes the idea further to make it more beautiful. Hate to see that all end...

I mean, I don't see the BV smocked dress in a beautiful shade of blue anywhere but here!! By the way, how's it coming along?

Carrie K said...

Awesome! Have fun!

Jamie said...

Those are great shoes! I can't wait to see how the dress turned out!

Nancy said...

I have been checking in frequently to see the progress on your dress. I can't wait to see the finished product! I am glad that you managed to salvage the dress as all your handwork is just gorgeous.

Nancy W. said...

I've been following your progress and can hardly wait to see it on you. You always do such nice work.