Tuesday, September 11, 2007

knit knit knit... actually starting on Holiday gift knitting.

First, in remembrance, lest we be tempted to forget 9/11
A Moment of Silence

I've been knitting, among other activities.
First, I want to show you Daniels hat, although I'm sure you want to see the mittens. Ok, scroll down, look at the mitten, then come back. I'll wait.

This hat is the second of these that I've made. I made one for ds#1, however I made it shorter than the pattern said, and ds was always tugging at it and complaining that it was too short, so I told him, (in front of her, bad idea mom) to give it to his girlfriend (now ex) and I'd make him another. So, as soon as this one is done for ds#2, another goes on the needles for ds#1.
What's so great about this hat? It's double knit.
The pattern is From The Blue Blog
It's ingenious really. Knit with two balls of yarn, and slipping every other stitch, one round is done with color A and knit, then the next round is done with color B and purled, to end up with a double knit cap with stockinette on each side, and two layers for the ultimate warm hat.
BTW, those of you who may remember, this is also the hat that I need to make for dh - that da*n hat!.
I'm using Cascade 220, this is supposed to be snow camo, for hunting in the great white north, so one side is 'dirty white' and the other the same yarn in tan. Needles size 6, 16" Addi Turbo

The Selbu mittens - need thumbs. These have been so much fun to make. This pair is for ds#2 fiance - (ha!, no longer gf, but 'fiance'). Needs thumbs, needs blocking. I know that the ripples will even out with blocking.

I expect the thumbs to be fussy little things to knit, and I was anxious to do something more fun than fussy, so last week, as soon as the second purple Selbu mitten was off the needle, I started this next one from the book Latvian Mittens. I figure I'll get several made, then spend a weekend knitting thumbs.
This next pair has really interesting knitted cuffs, knit in the style for mitten from District of Latgale.
There are four districts, each with distinct styles. I'm going to knit a sample from each District, then have a go at some more of the Selbu mittens.
This pair: knit on size 1 needles, using one sk Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid lustre (the black), a sk of Koigu solid (the orange) and a sk of SRK Collection Truffles, a cashmere blend (the garnet)

This pair really is a learning pair - there are all sorts of anamolies (mistakes) in the cuff that I really should have just ripped them out and started over, but I didn't.

And, let's not be tempted to call them "design elements".
Interesting quote from the third chapter in Latvian Mittens: "Correct your mistakes. If you discover an error in your knitting, rip it out and knit again. ... It is a soul purifying experience which never takes as much time or trouble as you've imagined it will.
Last note: Lisa wrote to mention that knitting two colors with one or two hands isn't nearly as important as being consistent with which yarn is carried under, and which is carried over. Thanks Lisa. You bring up a very good point, which is Yarn dominance. The tension across my tiny finger on my left hand isn't very good yet, but it's getting better...but I have been very very careful to be consistent with the way I'm carrying the yarns across the back.

Coming up next: Anatomy of a muslin.


Marina said...

Woohoo! Now you can teach me how to knit stranded mittens! They're gorgeous.

Carrie K said...

Yarn dominance really surprised me. It actually IS. Who knew?

The mittens are fabulous but then, that hat is pretty cool in its own right.

And a moment of silence observed.

LauraLo said...

Those are soo cute, Marji, they will make some great gifts!
Regarding 9/11, I was an external affairs journalist when that happened and I still get shivers down my spine when I remember seeing those unbelievable images and hoping and hoping that it was only a nightmare...

Lorraine said...

Marji- You've been busy. The mittens are absolute works of art, but then I expect nothing less from you.

You show that wool who's boss- that's yarn dominance!

Brigitte said...

Wow, you have been busy!

You know, if people saw me knit, they'd think I was nuts. I don't wrap the yarn around ANY finger. But the most important thing I did learn was keeping the primary colour over, and the secondary under. You can't go wrong!

Learning pair, huh?! Wow, they're beautiful. I love stranded knitting in 2-tones of the same colour.

toya said...

I love those mittens, they are beautiful, neat, I haven't tried colorwork as yet and that hat looks like will be so warm.

Marlene said...

The hat looks great. Nice and warm too. Hunting hats here in the North are usually bright orange though --- to prevent the wearer from becoming another hunter's mistaken target. You don't want to be too well camoflaged in the bush during hunting season. ;-)