Thursday, October 18, 2007


lots of input, here in comments but mostly in email or comments on SG. Thank you all for your opinions.
I have to agree, the design lines in the Balmain coat would be best done in a solid. I have solids that would be perfect.
And, as I put in an email to Mardel, I can afford something really trendy for this coming winter, since it doesn't have to last me 5 years. So I think I'm going to go with the Houndstooth check and this pattern, which was not even under consideration.

and wonder of wonders, I'm going to make it so that it fits me Now. Yes, I plan to lose weight, but it became painfully obvious to me in Denver that I also need clothing that I can wear at This weight.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

goodies from the Mailroom and choices

On my short jaunts home again, I run to the post office and pick up accumulated mail.
In the mail bag: a gift from another Stitchers Guild Member of two lovely coat patterns. I'd mentioned on the boards that I'd been bidding (unsuccessfully) on ebay on the Molyneux coat pattern - pictured below. A wonderful and generous SG member contacted me to say she had the pattern and would be happy to send it to me. Well, not only did she send it, but she also sent another pattern too - and I love it equally as well. I'd really like to thank Fran, and now I ask hers and your opinion on fabric choices.
As I mentioned, I helped my friend all weekend on the PACC trip to Denver, to set up and sell some of her lovely fabrics. She is offering me a piece of my choice. I've narrowed it down to two.
Pictured below are both patterns, and both fabric choices. If you click on the pic you'll be taken to the flickr picture - if you click on "all sizes" at the top of the pic, you'll be taken to a menu where you can really pull down a LARGE photo and see detail.

I'm asking for input - since I just seem to be so undecided lately. Brown/black/gold coating boucle or black/white houndstooth check? Molyneux or Balmain?
I pictured the fabrics on top of patterns, but the choice was arbitrary. I really think the check would work better on the Molyneux (or easier at least - look at the piecing on the sleeve)
While it is true that I'm leaving town again day after tomorrow - I'm also getting a day of help here in the sewing room after I return - so, in the interest of completeing the coat for THIS coming season....I'd like to have my choice made and a muslin made so that my help and I can make some significant progress on the coat.

What do you think?

boucle with gold metallic yarn
fabric with molyneux pattern
black/brown boucle coating
sewing 006
sewing 005
houndstooth close-up

For crying out loud... Finish something!

Short term objectives, long term goal.

coming clean, again.
The Debbie Bliss cardi is finished knitting, was blocked last week, and now needs seams. I sew, so why is it so challenging to sit down and sew together a cardigan?
Maybe I'll finish it this week and take it with me to S Carolina Friday. and I'll get Liz on the blocking board today.

And I'll take Jacquie's scarf with me for plane knitting. You know that ball of yarn that I was trying to ID? It turned out to be Paris Nights by Ironstone. I called all over the country trying to find a ball of this discontinued yarn.
Well folks, I want to let you know that The Knitting Corner in Virginia Beach VA found it for me, and then called me and sent it to me. They were fabulous and I'd recommend them to anyone as a yarn source.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am currently in Denver CO at the conference for PACC, the Professional Assoc of Custom Clothiers.
I'm here, not as a member (I'm not) but as a sherpa and all around helper for my friend who has an exclusive fabric business and is a resource member to PACC. We brought a selection of Italian and French fabrics, including a number of Chanel boucles, to sell during the market sessions, to those who make it their business to sew.
The perks: attending the fashion show, seeing the entries from the pro's answering the Threads challenges for a garment inspired by an artwork. There were some amazing pieces (and some that I personally found appalling, but hey...).
I don't have pics, don't think it would be ethical to post them anyway, but I can tell you,
Peacock themes were prevalent. There were two dresses, amazingly different, that both played on the peacock theme, that I have no doubt will be appearing in a future issue of Threads. The skill and the work that went into the construction of those garments were amazing. It's early Sunday AM and I'm a little out of adjectives.
There was an entry inspired by the Gates exhibit in Central Park, which I HOPE makes it to a future issue of Threads, as the interpretation and execution were both stellar.
There was an entry inspired by (I think it's one of Monet's) Iris paintings, which was a Very Literal interpretation, but was amazing for it's embroidery and embellishment.
I'm not much for over-literal interpretations, and not much for "art-to-wear", that's just me, but if I were the inspiration here would be overwhelming.

I will post some pics of what I have permission to when I return to St Louis, Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Annapolis Boat Show

A Slice of Annapolis during the Boat Show
taken from the deck of Pussers Bar overlooking the harbor.
So, are you interested in seeing what the interior of my potential living space will look like, before I clutter it up with our Stuff? Click on the picture below and it'll take you to the website of Caliber - yachts made here in the USA in Florida. If we commission a new boat to be made for us, this sits up on the short list - there are 2 others on that same short list, but this is representative of each.
Below is another 47' boat - made by Passport, another on the short list. I've blanked out the face of the woman who was on deck, I think she works for Passport Yachts, but she may work for a boat brokerage, I'm not entirely certain,See that red bag up in the cockpit? That's my Skacel knitting bag that I won as doorprize at Stitches. I was using it, as convenient backpack/knitting bag to carry with me.
This pic is of dh sitting at the nav station on either the Hylas or the Passport, at this point in time I'm confused, but I really think it was on the Hylas.

We had a great time, we got the opportunity to spend a little bit of time looking at boats, and then we spent a day with the Seven Seas Cruising Assoc at the annual GAM - a get-together, where we met many others doing exactly what we're planning on doing, or getting ready to.

dh is sliding up the time-table too, I think. At this point, I'm really not sure of much.

I did get some plane knitting done though. a B&W photo of my next stranded mitten, taken from the wrong side/ inside out side of the mitten. It's a gift, so I'm not into revealing too too much here.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LInk Tuesday

two great links:
For those who knit, I've just been made aware of this site, Visiknit, which will create an easily readable chart for you when you type in your written directions. I LOVE it! These are symbols that I"m used to working with, in a format that my eyes can read even while knitting. If you click on the link and type in some directions and pull up your own chart you'll see just how much more readable it is, than this example that I've saved as jpg then uploaded here - it lost a LOT in the translation.

recognize this?

for those who read this blog for sewing news, the rules are up for SWAP 2008 at Timmel Fabrics.

I am planning on participating in this SWAP. However, I've been planning on sewing for my sister Denise. And making work appropriate clothing, which means jackets, skirts, tops. I had been planning on 2 jackets, based on the rules from last year SWAP. Well, guess what, the rules only allow for one jacket this year.
1 jacket
6 tops or 5 tops/one dress
4 bottoms or 3 bottoms/one dress

so Robin, bless her energetic heart, suggests last night that in order to "make it work" I could sew each jacket as a top, then make a COAT to go over all, which then qualifies the rules.

A coat
2 jackets
1 blouse
2 tops
1 dress
1 pant
3 skirts

are you reading this Denise?

and the TWIST, easy peasy since we've already been working with patterns which qualify, is use a wardrobe pattern and 3 distinct garment types must come from the one pattern.
My own Twist, all fabric, excepting the qualifying purchase from Julie, must come from MY Own Stash. oh, and I've got another twist as well, but I'm keeping that under my belt for awhile.
The Pattern we'll be working with (the we is We as in the Royal We, hehe), Denise choosing (with input from me, Me working with)