Tuesday, October 16, 2007

goodies from the Mailroom and choices

On my short jaunts home again, I run to the post office and pick up accumulated mail.
In the mail bag: a gift from another Stitchers Guild Member of two lovely coat patterns. I'd mentioned on the boards that I'd been bidding (unsuccessfully) on ebay on the Molyneux coat pattern - pictured below. A wonderful and generous SG member contacted me to say she had the pattern and would be happy to send it to me. Well, not only did she send it, but she also sent another pattern too - and I love it equally as well. I'd really like to thank Fran, and now I ask hers and your opinion on fabric choices.
As I mentioned, I helped my friend all weekend on the PACC trip to Denver, to set up and sell some of her lovely fabrics. She is offering me a piece of my choice. I've narrowed it down to two.
Pictured below are both patterns, and both fabric choices. If you click on the pic you'll be taken to the flickr picture - if you click on "all sizes" at the top of the pic, you'll be taken to a menu where you can really pull down a LARGE photo and see detail.

I'm asking for input - since I just seem to be so undecided lately. Brown/black/gold coating boucle or black/white houndstooth check? Molyneux or Balmain?
I pictured the fabrics on top of patterns, but the choice was arbitrary. I really think the check would work better on the Molyneux (or easier at least - look at the piecing on the sleeve)
While it is true that I'm leaving town again day after tomorrow - I'm also getting a day of help here in the sewing room after I return - so, in the interest of completeing the coat for THIS coming season....I'd like to have my choice made and a muslin made so that my help and I can make some significant progress on the coat.

What do you think?

boucle with gold metallic yarn
fabric with molyneux pattern
black/brown boucle coating
sewing 006
sewing 005
houndstooth close-up


Vicki said...

My preference is for the boucle and the coat with the interesting seeming on the sleeves.

Having said that, I think that pattern would look better in a plain fabric to show off the seams.

Also the black and white might suit you better? I love the boucle as it is so my colour.

Nanci said...

I vote Molyneaux, and not just cos that's my mom's family name!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like the Molyneaux also...but Ann (Gorgeous Things) comment about the boucle snagging really stopped me cold...didn't you hear my heart stop! So are you still determined to use either of these fabrics? Because I think you can get this look with a sturdier fabric...okay I'm running and ducking now!

marty said...

The black, brown & gold boucle speaks to me more than the black & white which seems like a spring fabric. I really like the Molyneux pattern. The other seems like a spring coat. It's too bad that you cannot have both fabrics to go with the patterns.

patsijean said...

The seaming on the Balmain is extraodinary...it must have a solid color. If not, all the seaming gets lost in colors of a print or textures. If I remember correctly, you have a touch of red in your hair, so I would suggest the boucle with the Molyneux pattern.

Elizabeth said...

When you make the Balmain, I think a smoother, simpler fabric is a better choice. Meanwhile, make the Molyneux in either of them. I think the brown bouclé would suit your coloring a bit better.

Jennifer said...

I like the houndstooth combo...

beth said...

I LOVE the houndstooth but think for you the brown combo would work better. Those are colors I look dreadful in and I'm sayin' if you can wear them, go for it!

I see the houndstooth more as a short jacket for some reason.

Both are beautiful and the patterns are very nice as well.

Lorraine said...

Marji- The Houndstooth is really in for this fall- it would make a more dramatic statement.

Pamela said...

I love both, but would definitely do the multi color boucle in the Molyneux pattern, especially if you are a redhead. The houndstooth also apppears to be a boucle and therefore, because of the pattern and weave, more suitable to simple seams. That shoulder-sleeve seaming in the Balmain pattern calls for a more tightly woven fabric and could be horrendous to match in a pattern, especially a loosely woven one!

The great thing about the Molyneux coat is the over the shoulder princess seaming, which should lend itself well to alterations! It's timeless and lovely! Will you make a matching skirt or dress? It's always nice to have an ensemble!

sillyewe said...

Thank you!!! I just registered. And thank you for the tips on the pins. It will be a while before I feel I can do this fabric justice with my sewing skills. It is so gorgeous and I don't feel worthy yet. ;0) Ahhh, I have been looking at that Donna Karan...ooooh ahhh. Sewing has really captured my heart as of late. And unfinished projects? I am right there with ya sista...including the Elizabeth! hahahhaha