Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LInk Tuesday

two great links:
For those who knit, I've just been made aware of this site, Visiknit, which will create an easily readable chart for you when you type in your written directions. I LOVE it! These are symbols that I"m used to working with, in a format that my eyes can read even while knitting. If you click on the link and type in some directions and pull up your own chart you'll see just how much more readable it is, than this example that I've saved as jpg then uploaded here - it lost a LOT in the translation.

recognize this?

for those who read this blog for sewing news, the rules are up for SWAP 2008 at Timmel Fabrics.

I am planning on participating in this SWAP. However, I've been planning on sewing for my sister Denise. And making work appropriate clothing, which means jackets, skirts, tops. I had been planning on 2 jackets, based on the rules from last year SWAP. Well, guess what, the rules only allow for one jacket this year.
1 jacket
6 tops or 5 tops/one dress
4 bottoms or 3 bottoms/one dress

so Robin, bless her energetic heart, suggests last night that in order to "make it work" I could sew each jacket as a top, then make a COAT to go over all, which then qualifies the rules.

A coat
2 jackets
1 blouse
2 tops
1 dress
1 pant
3 skirts

are you reading this Denise?

and the TWIST, easy peasy since we've already been working with patterns which qualify, is use a wardrobe pattern and 3 distinct garment types must come from the one pattern.
My own Twist, all fabric, excepting the qualifying purchase from Julie, must come from MY Own Stash. oh, and I've got another twist as well, but I'm keeping that under my belt for awhile.
The Pattern we'll be working with (the we is We as in the Royal We, hehe), Denise choosing (with input from me, Me working with)


Judi said...

I've lurked long enough....

Love that wardrobe pattern - can't wait to see what comes from it!

LauraLo said...

I'm happy you're going to be in this year's SWAP and I'm sure it's going to be at least as wonderful as what you made last year. Lucky sister to have a personal tailor :)

Brigitte said...

Oooo, good choices! I LOVE the dress.

Thanks for the chart link!

Sharon said...

I am seriously thinking about trying it this year. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the SWAP this year. That is a great wardrobe pattern (one that I also have in my pattern collection, LOL!)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the Visiknit link! I have a much easier time with charts over written directions.

Anonymous said...

Yes - lauralo said it. I am one very lucky sister. Not only is the workmanship exceptional, but the clothes actually fit!

Robin said...

I love, LOVE that Vogue pattern. SO curvy! Lucky sister !!!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

So, how many wardrobe combinations will the SWAP items create?

Nancy W. said...

I'm anxious to see what you do with this pattern. I bought it when it first came out because I just love it . Have I made it yet?? of course not.