Wednesday, November 14, 2007

literary bits

Lately, I've discovered something that's been around a Long Time. It all started with the mail.
The mastercard bill to be precise.
The bill came. On it were several hundred dollars worth of purchases from Borders, Barnes and Noble, and my favorite,
Something had to be done. Something drastic. dh (dear husband...) has suggested just cutting up the MasterCard. hmmm, don't think so.

Richmond County Library 002
so on the trip to Columbia SC to see youngest dsd (dear step-daughter),instead of all of us attending the football game on Saturday afternoon, I went to this building...see what a nice cost-saving person I am, those football game tickets are pricey indeed.
Richland County Library 001
What an incredibly beautiful library.
And their selection of knitting books - amazing. I had to be called to go back and meet dsd and dh at the dorm when the game was over.
Since we've been home I've learned to use the InterLibrary Loan function, to use the online reserve function to have books and CD's I'm interested in delivered directly to the library branch that is a mile down the road, and I've figured out how to download a book from CD to my computer and then upload it to my Ipod. It's a hassle, for sure, easier by far to click on Buy-It-Now and have Ipod compatible books download from, and the books I'm interested in show up at the door from Amazon....however, it's much more pleasant in this household when the mastercard bill shows up and all those charges aren't there.

List of recommended 'reads' to listen to:
Christine Falls by Benjamin Black
Drop City by TC Boyle
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier
Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson
Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Bonesetters Daughter by Amy Tan
The Shifting Fog by Kate Morton
World without End by Ken Follett

and a preview from the new E Lavold book
out Book 13 Out of the Woods


Marina said...

I need to quit buying knitting books too! I was thinking that for every 5 to 10 I bought and didn't use, I could have bought an overpriced Starmore and had months of enjoyment. So don't go tempting me ;-)

Jennifer said...

I love Rebecca and The Bone-setter's Daughter! I'll have to check out some other books on your list.

Mardel said...

I've been reading more fiction and popular books from the library, and getting books on CD. My library has free downloads of audiobooks, but they don't support Ipods. Bummer. So I have to do the CD download instead. Still it does save the mastercard.

I should check out the knitting books.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Marji - those are called L-I-B-R-A-R-I-E-S and they have one in every to the residents! *LOL* Well I guess since the DH is happy and you still have something to listen to while you knit we should be seeing some new stuff soon, right?

Mary, Mary said...

I'm always surprised by the knitting/craft books at our library, plus the great 70s patterns in the sale room, but you've tempted me sorely to buy E Lavold #13. 'A Suitable Boy' is another good audio book.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

What a wonderful idea! Then, just use the card for all of those wonderful finnish mitten kits you've been wanting to buy. Remember, the mastercard bill at least gives you something to talk about over dinner.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I liked the Bonesetter's Daughter and have Middlesex on hold. I was number 46 on the list. I find the list of craft books follows the interests of the librarian.

Brigitte said...

I have an insane amount of books as well, and not just knitting!

Thanks for the link - what a lovely design.

Carrie K said...

Our library system doesn't have the greatest selection of knitting books but they have a fabulous selection otherwise. Thank heaven or I'd really be broke.

Those mittens are so cute!!!

And Simone thoroughly deserved to be aufed on PR. That outfit was badly made and horrid looking. But poor thing. First.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on discovering the library! As a librarian myself I love the concept of borrowing books and even swapping them with friends but sometimes, when it comes to sewing books I just can't get past the allure of a fresh, new book that no-one else has read.
Love your blog.
Rubydarling (Australia)

Lorraine said...

Marji- He wanted you to cut up the MasterCard? And you want to share a boat with this guy?

Seriously, I have to cut back too- good for you.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca and The Bonesetters Daughter are two favs of mine. I love my iPod, and I know my library has eBooks also. I just haven't figured it out. You've inspired me to spend the time to figure out how to download, those audible purchases do add up! karent

DeeAnn said...

I'm totally addicted to the library and interloan - cd books are great to knit/spin by and I love checking out knitting books to see if they have enough in them to justify purchase. Hope you do better than me though, I seem to rack up a late charge or two on the knitting books :)

I love your collection of mittens! I should be knitting up a few of those myself.......

knitabulous said...

You! I absolutely must knit that gorgeous fair isle immediately. Must buy book. Must obtain yarn. Now MY husband will want to cut up the credit card too.