Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am currently in Denver CO at the conference for PACC, the Professional Assoc of Custom Clothiers.
I'm here, not as a member (I'm not) but as a sherpa and all around helper for my friend who has an exclusive fabric business and is a resource member to PACC. We brought a selection of Italian and French fabrics, including a number of Chanel boucles, to sell during the market sessions, to those who make it their business to sew.
The perks: attending the fashion show, seeing the entries from the pro's answering the Threads challenges for a garment inspired by an artwork. There were some amazing pieces (and some that I personally found appalling, but hey...).
I don't have pics, don't think it would be ethical to post them anyway, but I can tell you,
Peacock themes were prevalent. There were two dresses, amazingly different, that both played on the peacock theme, that I have no doubt will be appearing in a future issue of Threads. The skill and the work that went into the construction of those garments were amazing. It's early Sunday AM and I'm a little out of adjectives.
There was an entry inspired by the Gates exhibit in Central Park, which I HOPE makes it to a future issue of Threads, as the interpretation and execution were both stellar.
There was an entry inspired by (I think it's one of Monet's) Iris paintings, which was a Very Literal interpretation, but was amazing for it's embroidery and embellishment.
I'm not much for over-literal interpretations, and not much for "art-to-wear", that's just me, but if I were the inspiration here would be overwhelming.

I will post some pics of what I have permission to when I return to St Louis, Tuesday.


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

It sounds like you are having fun. Interesting to hear of peacock inspired dresses, I designed a doll yesterday based on that theme.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

So, do you get to shop and pick yourself up some new fun stash items. Those Chanel Boucle's sound like up your alley.