Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Curtains and some progress

Photos loaded last first, so read this bottom right to top left. Sorry.
Daniel and Ashlee's curtains, started and finished Sunday.
Lined Curtains are really something best done with industrial machines. I got rid of the last of my industrial machines last fall, so I had to do this all on my home machine, which is really less than optimal. First, sewing long straight seams is just slow on a home machine. Second, properly done, the lining is inserted under the side hem of the curtain then hemmed in place using a blind hemmer. I improvised by folding and using the blind hem stitch on the home machine - all I can say is "less than ideal". It worked though.

1. 9. stitch casing and heading., 2. 8. fold top casing down 6 inches, then fold under 3 inches, 3. 7. lining ends at fold line at top, 4. 6. pin, 5. 5. slide hemmed lining under curtain panel at side seams, 6. 4. press under double side hems,, 7. 3. hem lining, 8. 2. cut lining, 9. 1.bottom hem
Fabric - a rather heavy dk tan home dec cotton that's been sitting in stash for years. Dont' have any idea why I had this.
Lining - the RocLon "budget black out" lining - this stuff is yucky, but it's very cost effective and it works. The objective is to keep out the headlights from coming into an apartment window. Picked up Sunday AM at Joanns using the 40% off coupon that comes on their mailers. All the 'home dec" fabrics were on 50% off sale, but evidently Joanns doesn't consider drapery lining to be home dec fabric. Still scratching my head on that one.
Needle: size 100 jeans needle by Schmetz
Machine: my Bernina 165.
Time: approx 6 hours start to finish

In other sewing news:
Ive gotten lots of pics back from my sister re the fitting adventure. Very discouraging really. Why, when she was here in August, I didn't just drape a fitting shell, the basic bodice and skirt, on her, then draft all my own patterns, I just don't know. That is what I should have done. Maybe next time we manage to get together I can do that. Anyway, there are significant changes to be made to some of the garments (the blouse in particular), minor changes to some others (the sleeveless shells, both princess seam and the gathered front one) minor changes to one skirt and another skirt is just plain not going to work - the pink one with the yoke, and just a couple of the garments were ok as-is.
On it's way to her now is a box with the muslins for 2 jackets, the pants and rendition #3 of the gathered front shell from Vogue 2898.

Caribbean sewing is going well. Sorry, I asked input on 2 different patterns for the EOS jersey, then used a 3rd. Figured out I didn't have enough fabric for either. Yesterday I finished a dress from the one EOS grey yellow print and a top from the other yellow/grey print. Today I'm working on the paisley buttermilk top and then I'm going to cut a pair of shorts. Gotta LOVE knits for some instant gratification. Pics later this week on the whole adventure.

Q&A time:
Cidell asked how I'm handling seams for the cotton shirt for my sister. Side Seams and shoulder seams are flat fell seams. Sleeve seam and armscye are both serged after stitching normally. This is enough of a blouse that the sleeve must be set in in the round. If it were more of a shirt with a flatter sleeve cap I would also have considered a flat fell seam for the armscye.

NancyK has asked several questions. We are using a camera and email pics for fitting - I've found the camera is an invaluable tool. And Nancy, when I get the garments back and am working with them again I'll go over the princess seam alterations. I prefer a princess seam top for a FBA over regular darted tops - they look cleaner. Although the best way to get one to fit properly is to start from a darted bodice and draft the princess seams.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow! I read your last post just before I went to lunch. Was coming back to answer it and you have another one up! I guess your full time job is sewing because you are going gangbusters! And here I was worried that you were going to be nakkid on the sailboat - guess not!

I can't wait to see pics!

Nancy K said...

I look forward to your info on princess seamed jackets. I too agree that the princess seam gives a better look, and I have seen instructions for making a princess seam out of a darted bodice, I didn't realize that there are advantages to this.

Vicki said...

Shame all the garments for your sister were not near perfect.

You must be sewing non stop, day and night to be getting so much done.

gaylen said...

You are going gangbusters. I'm currently working on the long stalled drapes for my living/dining rooms. Any tips for putting in the pleats myself? I don't like the header tapes available.

Can't wait to see your finished sailboat wardrobe. Are you using a serger to construct the knit dresses? g