Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! Wrapping up 2007

First, I'd like to wish all who visit my blog a
Very Happy New Year! May 2008 be a good year for you.

Today, January 1st, often finds many of us making resolutions to eat less, buy less, conserve more, exercise more, and in the area of sewing and knitting, vowing this will be the year to Knit from the Stash* and Sew from the Stash! We've all seen it. It's also a great time to set goals and join groups to sew-along and knit-along.
oh, and I almost forgot, the contests.

SWAP officially starts today

And just in time, I finished up my pre-SWAP sewing for my sister Denise. I'll be making this years SWAP wardrobe for my sister - and you'll hear more than you probably want to about it in the coming weeks. ;)
Jacket Vogue 2898 - this was the 'wearable' muslin. Remind me about this jacket next time I think I'm going to make a Wearable Muslin. I also added welt pockets on the jacket. D needs pockets.
Shell, an old Butterick pattern. This one we've got down pat. Fit is fantastic, she loves it. She said she could have a whole closet full of just this top and be happy. So this go-round she gets 3.
Straight Skirt - same Vogue DKNY pattern I made for myself last year. She really liked the godet insets, so she got this one in the raspberry tweed. This is not a skirt we'll be using for SWAP though.
8 Gore Skirt - this is another old Butterick pattern - didn't have enough of the fuschia micro-fiber I was using to make the skirt in the wardrobe pattern 2898, but I'll use this as the fitting guide when I cut the wardrobe pattern skirt.
As may or may not be obvious from the garments hanging on the hanger stand in my sewing room, the fuschia skirt and shell DO NOT go with the raspberry garments - but, they Do go with the checked jacket that I"ll be making for the SWAP - which will give her another 2pc dress look to go with the jacket, and give her a shell to wear with the black pants and the black skirt that are a part of the SWAP

In addition, Pattern Review has several contests starting today, and ALL of them appeal to me. Argh, why am I such a joiner?
Contest #1 - the UFO contest - finish up those unfinished objects all over the place - the appeal of this is self evident!
Contest #2 - Designer Knock-off challenge. This is one that I monitored last year, so wasn't able to enter. This one is highest on my list of all the contests PR sponsors.
I have sooo many ideas for this one. Where to start?
how about with a stash piece of fabric, and a jacket pic I've been carrying around for quite some time. It's a Gaultier for Dior design, and a Sawyer Brook fabric:
The fabric is a matellase. I would replace the bow on the waistline, likely with a buckle.
What do you think? Have I been carrying around this jacket design too long?

Contest #3 Make it with Wool, this one is a no-brainer. Again, I have grandiose ideas, and a wool stash to support the ideas - it's a time issue, of course.

And first and foremost, I need to finish up the herringbone jacket that I started before I got waylaid by Christmas Sewing.
Christmas sewing included 10 pair of pajama pants, PJ's finished,Katies, Mark's, Laurens, Daniels, Ashlees

and 4 of those patchwork flannel rag quilts - includes a total of 930 6" flannel squares. If I NEVER see another one of those blankets it will be too soon. on top is Katie's, the UGA student. I've been collecting the flannels for her blanket for 2 years. Who knew it would be so challenging to find red/black/white flannels? The pic of Katies was taken before the trip to the Laundromat to fluff out the seam allowances.
The other 3 are made strictly from leftover flannels from pj's from the last couple of years.

Rag Quilt.boys2

On the Knitting front:
Finished: Jacquies stole - I can't believe I don't have pictures. This is what it looked like in process: Jacquie scarf 10.07

Also finished: Mittens
Don't you just love the wire hanger blocking forms my eldest son formed for me?

Re knitting goals:

Last I looked, Ravelry had 2 groups already formed to Knit-along claiming to knit only from stash. The group I clicked on has already issued a challenge to each member to knit a mile of yarn in the first 6 weeks of '08. That works out to a little over 38 yds/day. To put that in perspective, I knit Lady E in less than 2 weeks for the knitting Olympics 2 years ago, knitting 1 sk a day - and those sk were 122 yds each. I knit at least 6 hours/day that time. So, I'm thinking that 38 yds might require around 2 hours of knitting a day - doable.
Then there's the Knit a Pair of Mittens a month KAL. And the sweater a month KAL - that would only work for me if I were able to finish UFO sweaters and call it good. Maybe I Should do that. :)

I think, that if I set myself up for all of these lofty goals and contests and ambitions, I'm setting myself up for a great big SPLAT.
I think that the best and most sane way to proceed with Fiberly Pursuits in 2008, and be able to continue to enjoy the Pursuits, is to work on what appeals at the moment, ... and Finish some things.

In fact, if I make ONE resolution, it should be, (and it's a negative, darn!) Don't create any more UFO's. Finish what you start - before moving on.

So what are your goals, ambitions, aspirations?


jae said...

I love that Dior jacket! If you need to do a trial run first, I can give you my size. :)

Hmmm, this year I have two goals - one culminates in a successful business and the second is to put action where my priorities are instead of responding to the daily unimportant urgencies and procrastination tendencies.

Good luck with your UFO resolution!

Marina said...

For next year's SWAP, if you need someone to sew for, I'm available ;-)

Re : Sweater A Month ... everything counts. Even the UFO that only needs to be seemed or that shell/tank top! It's no stress but there are some over-achievers!

Stash Knit Down ... I don't think you need to take part in the challenges.

The mittens are gorgeous and the son is a genius! Love the colours. After I'm done with the Starmores, I would like to do a few "tone on tone" stranded pullovers, something like what you have there.

Before this comment becomes a novel, Happy New Year, Marji! Here's hoping you and yours have a great year.

Carrie K said...

Yes, you've been carrying around that Jacket too long. You need to sew it up. Pretty!

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year! I'm going to try to knit from the stash this year too. I love those mittens!

Mardel said...

What a visual feast!

About joining, well it keeps inspiring you to get a lot done.

I love the Dior jacket, and that particular style has been tweaked and reinterpreted for several seasons so I think you should go for it.

I could probably spend a good portion of the year finishing up UFO's, so I think finishing and not creating more, would be an admirable goal.

Vicki said...

Happy new year! Wow, so many possibilities....where to start?

I loved that Dior jacket and it will look fab on you. Time to make it up.

For me, I am planning to concentrate on jacket making this year, but not until I have finished my summer sewing. And those PR contests are appealing. Maybe..

Lorraine said...

Marji- I'd say you could sew for me too, but the most exciting place I go to is the grocery store.
A Dior jacket might be a little overdressed, n'cest pas?

The usual, knit the stash, blah, blah, blah. I'm such a liar.

Looking forward to another year of inspiration afloat!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The Dior jacket was so fashion forward that I think it will work just fine for the contest...I say go for it!

The one contest on PR that has intrigued me is the wool one also. I am thinking about entering simply because it was in my sewing plans anyway and what can it hurt.

Oh maybe that is a New year's resolution to be more PR Friendly - hahahahaha!

Can't wait to see what you make for your sister's SWAP! Boy is she one lucky sister!

Anonymous said...

Marji - great mittens. Love the red/black flannel quilt! And I'm SO EXCITED about my pink clothes! And, I'm a certified tester now which actually puts me in front of PEOPLE so I need to wear real work clothes! Pushing for my next promotion already, yup. Can't wait to see your jackets! Need to know how you clean out your closets - I am terrible at throwing anything away. Read your book list - you lucky. My last book was The Platinum Rule by Dr. Tony Alessandra. Next on my list, Your Road Map for Success by John Maxwell. Oh well, fun reading will come later in life, eh? Kids gone, must go have quiet time whilst I am able. Love you! Happy New Year! D.

Sewellen said...

Marji, I love your site, and usually lurk, but I have to say that all your gifts are GREAT! And, the next time you need UGA fabric, let me know; it's in abundance here in Atlanta, GA (unfortanately...sorry, I'm not a GA fan, but I live in UGA territory). I'd be happy to send you some! As for UFO's, yess! I'm plowing through them as we speak. Good luck with your goals!!

Brigitte said...

*sigh* I love the Dior jacket as well. And raspberry, I just love that colour.

No KAL's for me this year! Well, that's what I say now. And I'd say "only knit from the stash", but already I have plans for a Bohus, and a few VY purchases.

Oh well.

Happy 2008 to you too Marji!

Tany said...

Happy New Year, Marji!

dawn said...

BEautiful mittens. From Lizbeth Upitis' book right? I have admired these also. The gauge in the mittens in that book is so small though...And I so much prefer to work with bamboo than metal needles that I usually stay to size 2 or 3.

As to New Years' resolutions...yeah, right.

Elle said...

The Gaultier for Dior jacket is incredible, thanks for posting that. It is not on my inspiration list, waiting for me to become proficient enough to actually try and make it. Would you consider sharing your strategy when you do make it up? When, not if, puh-leeeze.


Elle said...

Woops, I meant to say that it is NOW on my inspiration list. High up on my inspiration list. Trying to do too much, too fast. ~ Elle

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I love it! Did you get the matellase fabric at Eunice Farmer in Clayton? I was lusting over that fabric when Vicki was saying what a beautiful jacket it would make! I am a novice so it was beyond my confidnece level. Can't wait to see your finsihed garment. Great blog! Jamie