Thursday, January 03, 2008

OTN (on the needles)

There are two knitting projects that are receiving ALL my attention, until they are finished. These are gifts that would have/could have been finished in Dec if I'd
a. not slept - ever, and
b. not had a life, at all
(as always, if you click on the picture you will get a larger image)
First up, NHM#7
These are a Thank-you gift for my friend Karen who lives in Chicago. She did us a huge favor, and I wanted to knit her something to go with the fabulous red scarf/stole she was wearing when we met in Chicago for dinner last month. I cast these on Dec 11, and finished the hands that week, but then set them aside as kids came home from college and Christmas intervened. They need thumbs. They'll get thumbs this week. I used Dale of Norway Tiur for these, and LOVE that yarn, on a size 2 needle.

Next Up, Mark's Kilkenny
My son is truly excited to have me knitting an aran sweater for him.
I started this in September. It should have been done. But, it was going so swimmingly fast and I decided I had all kinds of time, so I cast on the Dickinson pullover for myself, then started knitting mittens, and I just spread myself too thin. And time crept inexorably forward. So Christmas morning Mark opened a box containing a back, a partial front on the needles, and several skeins of yarn. Way to go mom!

Pattern is by Lorraine Condotta
I'm using a natural undyed single ply yarn that I bought Years ago (early '90s).
Hjerte Nature - 100 meters to a 50 gram ball. Ball band states 4.5 mm needle (a 7, which is what I'm using) and 20 st = 10 cm (4"). So the yarn is the same weight and presumably knits to the same gauge as the Jamiesons Yarn Lorraine designed this project for. However, ahem, I seem to have an entirely different size sweater.
The Schematics call for a 22" back and front. Mine measured 17".
Not to worry. I just decided to knit side panels. The addition of two side panels (complete with fake side seam,) takes me to the exact size I need.

When adding the side panels, I decided to add a gusset at the underarm.
Other alterations: Mark wanted a higher neckline without so much ribbing, so I changed the neckline shaping. And, after the holding-up-to-the-body fitting we do around here (ha!) he decided he wanted the length longer by one 16 row repeat. Now I'm sweating the yarn quantity. I added the length. Took out the bind off on the back and added a repeat, and added it before starting my neckline shaping for the front. I now hope he doesn't get it and decide it's too long.

Yesterday I knit one side panel and started the second. Today I'd like to finish the second.

That is going to leave me with just over 6 sk of yarn left. I used just less than 4 each for the front and back. I'm hoping against hope that I can get a sleeve and saddle out of 3. Opinions? Lorraine?
Anyway, I've promised this to Mark before the end of January. At 100 meters/sk this project will take me some distance along that mile towards knitting from Stash challenge on Ravelry. ;)

And on the topic of Stash - knitting from Stash, and stash enhancement.
I do plan to knit mostly from Stash, but I absolutely refuse to limit myself from buying any more yarn.
So what did I do yesterday? I ordered the Garnstudio yarn kit to make this sweater. I'd been looking at it for quite some time. Dh added his opinion that I really Should have that sweater. See those little guys on the yoke, above all those Norwegian stars? They're Crabs! Don't know if it's 'cause I get crabby, or because it's an oceanic theme, or because my astrological sign is a crab, but I'm really attracted to this pattern. So yesterday I used my gift card from Christmas to order the Garnstudio yarn. I see this sweater over jeans while sailing up in Lake Superior in the Spring, or in the fog off the coast of Maine.

A word about garnstudio yarns. Seems that Garnstudio is cutting out their USA distributor. So until all is sorted out about their distribution chain, if there are some Drops patterns you want to use the called-for yarns for, it might not be a bad idea to stash the yarns. Just a thought.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

When you switch to knitting I read your blog with my mouth is all so fabulous and so amazing! Oh and I'm glad that your back blogging...I have missed your voice!

The J said...

With a good schematic you should be able to guestimate your yarn needs for the sleeves - figure out the surface area of the sleeve (geometry!), then the same thing for the pieces you already know how much yarn is in them. Either use straight ratios, or figure out yarn weight per square centimeter/inch and multiply that by the area of the sleeve to figure out how much you are going to need.

There's going to be some inaccuracies, especially with different cable styles between the sleeves and front/back pieces, but should give you an idea if you have to start slimming down the sleeves...

Good luck!

(and wonderful mittens!!)


Marina said...

The crabby sweater is gorgeous! There you go, enabling again. Hmm, who sells silke-tweed cheaper than what I can get it for, from England?

Psst! I just bought Jamieson's traditional Aran. For the first time ever, it's on sale!

Jennifer said...

I'm loving the mittens, and the aran is very handsome. I hope you can eek out the rest of the sweater with the yarn you have left. I have no ideas, just hopes for you!

Lorraine said...

Marji- I think you'll be okay- the sleeves are not that long- being a drop shoulder, and you have the saddles, but I'm thinking 3 skeins for both sleeves should be good, and then the neckline will be less than a skein.

Cross my fingers- and it is an easy design to alter for size. Great work.

Brigitte said...

Heh, my SIL got 2 balls of Noro for some socks for Christmas - I spread myself too thin as well, and didn't get a chance to knit them in time.

I love the red and white Norwegian mittens, I think I may have to use that next time I make a pair.

I'm also not limiting myself to not buying any yarn, just making smarter purchases. I've already decided on a Bohus, and I'm eyeing more VY, thanks to Ravelry...

dawn said...

That aran sweater is gorgeous and I'm jealous that your son is excited about it! Although, my son did request me knit him something....a space invaders scarf! LOL! he also requested knitted dna once but I haven't been able to make myself do that one.