Friday, January 18, 2008

Sewing....all day, every day

UFO update:
So far in 2008, I've finished 8 projects that were languishing, and am very close on many others.
I've also started and finished a dress and a top for my sister, and started and will finish today another top and a skirt. None of these things go together. I'll do a composite wrap up at the end of January on all the UFO's.
The dress was a whim and a stash busting project. I needed to work on something new. Something totally unrelated to anything else. And I wanted to work through some of the FBA alterations on other garments.
The two tops are both versions of the same pattern, the wardrobe pattern Vogue 2898 for the SWAP contest.
The pattern is drafted for a woven fabric, on the bias. I want to do 2 things, first, I want to convert it for use with knits, and I need to do an FBA.
For this version, I added all that I needed to into the front gathers, and then changed the grainline, and made it out of a knit. I'm fairly certain it will fit, however, that is a lot of gathering in the center.
V2898 shell on biasThe next one, I removed some of the fullness at the CF and created a horizontal dart. Then, using a woven lace I cut it out on the bias, and lined it with a bias cut georgette. It's hanging right now, waiting for the bias to stretch to it's max so that I can safely hem it. I like this version better in that the gathers at CF are less full. I'm also fairly certain this one will fit.
Edit, for Lynne, who asked about the FBA. For verbage and directions, go to my flickr page here

What Happened Yesterday
Instead of sewing, I was dinking around on the computer. And, I decided to move the picture folder with my sisters garments out of a larger folder, and give it it's own space. Somehow, while moving it, I lost it. It has since been recovered, but for hours, I thought it was gone.
In the meantime - I'm thinking the loss of the file was a gift.
I got off the computer, and went back down to my sewing room and pulled out all the fabrics in my sisters pile (which at this point way exceeds the SWAP confines). And I started playing with all the possible combinations. and at the most critical time, when I was staring at the puzzle on my worktable, my sister called. the conversation went something like this:
Her: you sound depressed
Me: I am, I'm looking at this, and it just feels forced. The Anglo wool crepe is the cornerstone of this whole wardrobe, but the color is just that smidge off, and I can't get 11 garments that All go with that particular color of fuschia, while everything goes with the plaid.
fuschia wool
Her: weellll, maybe we could do that suit in white then, like the picture. (with hope in her voice)
Me: (Big Sigh) I don't Have 5 yds of white wool crepe, or 5 yds of white anything that is suitable, and I'm not going out and buying it. Do you want to spend another $120?
Her: oh.

Then she had to hang up to sign some paper at the daycare, as she was calling me between leaving the office and picking up the kids. "I'll call you later".
"Later", when you have 5 kids who're all going in different directions in the evening, and a husband expects dinner on the table, always means "tomorrow while I'm at work and can at least breathe".
So I'll talk to her today.

Meanwhile, frustrated, I took the fuschia wool off the table (it is a tropical weight wool crepe, and is gorgeous stuff.) And I started pulling at bolts on my stash shelving unit. Many of you have seen the pics of my sewing room. It's a little like riffling down through one of the aisles in a stacked up fabric store. I know there is stuff underneath that I just can't see.
And I found it. Hiding underneath some embroidered cotton batiste that I got from EmmaOneSock last year.

I have a gorgeous gorgeous piece of off-white corded matelasse that is also a rose damask pattern. It's beautiful. I cut the jacket out right then, before I could change my mind. She will love it. Then I did some more rifling in stash. I have 2 pieces of a St John knit, in cream. This jacket fabric is just a tad whiter than the StJohn cream. Now I'm rifling through lining stash.
If I line the Jacket with the champagne silk lining that I have in stash, and back the StJohn knit with white, the colors become compatible.
She's getting her Cream white suit after all, and all of a sudden all the rest of the pieces are falling into the puzzle like dominoes.
I then cut out a dress, a skirt, another shell, and the bias contrast piping for the skirt and shell.

She'll still get her fuschia suit, and it will go with some of the SWAP pieces, but not all.

I'll revise my storyboard to reflect the change, but first I need to have at least 11 garments cut and basted together to go into the mail Tuesday AM.
It's so hard to photograph a white piece of fabric when the light isn't good yet. But D, if you click on this, you'll get as much detail as there is in this pic.


Lynn said...

I have been following your blog for a while. Your work is amazing.
I hope your sister knows how lucky she is. Would you mind telling me exactly how you eliminated some of the CF gathers on your tank. I have the same problem. I didn't understand exactly where you put the hortizontal dart- in the CF seam?

Regards, Lynn

jae said...

You've been very busy! I bet it feels good to get some almost dones to actaully be done.

a little sewing on the side said...

ooohhh, aaahhhhh,

Vicki said...

Wow, can I be your sister too??? Lucky girl! You must have an awesome stash and your sewing mojo is really running full steam ahead!

Alexandra said...

Nice tank tops, Marji. I like the CF gathers. Glad you recovered your pictures, it would be a pain to lose all that work.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

When inspiration strikes you need to go with it. Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment getting so many items finished this month?

Just to remind you - I'm not a "sewer", I'm one of your "knitting crew" and loved your post today on your adventures in sewing.

Becky said...

You've been very productive! That's so great that you found just the right fabric for your sis. I like the dress, too!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

And THAT is why it is good to have a fabric collection that is deep and wide! I loved reading about the stash diving and the finding the pieces to match by using different shades of color! Ohmygosh is your sister one lucky woman! I KNOW this is going to be one awesome wardrobe!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Oh and I like the black lacy tank the best...

LauraLo said...

I love the dress, I love the tank tops. One of my priority projects is a black lace underlined with white satin can you believe this??
I also love the off-white fabric (I was wondering what corded matelasse could mean when you posted over at Artisan's Square). I understand now why you said if you didn't cut it right away, you would have kept it for yourself!