Wednesday, January 09, 2008

so much inspiration/so little time

Idea/ project # 210aka: no sleep for me

I start getting a little sewing done, and the ideas start flowing. The stash is all in front of me as I work, the patterns are stacked up.
And face it, I've been doing some work that lets the mind wander. Yesterday I finally finally sent off a box to D, with 16 completed projects in it - and I'm sending dsd L back to school tomorrow with a new dress and yet another pair of pjs.
Time to sew for ME...
Yes, the blue you saw yesterday is all for ME!

So, I really want to make the floral jacket I posted about Jan 3, this Spring.

And..I really want to make a blue capsule - but not a SWAP.
I posted that I'd been racking my brain for months on what to do with that blue plaid. It's been on my to-make list for this winter since last summer. And so I have been giving it thought.
So yesterday I got into the archives of the runway shows at
Looking to see what the designers were showing in plaids last fall. They were showing plaids. Alas, I saw a lot of plaid. Most of it nothing I would really wear. As Tim Gunn would say "it's a lot of Look!"
Then, Eureka! Chanel is sporting this:Wool plaid as lining, Wool plaid as trim.
I'm not enamoured of this outfit - really Not. But the concept.
oh my.


Go teach my knitting class that started yesterday - and OH My it went well. I'm really pleased that everyone enjoyed it so much and left bubbling about what they're doing...I digress.

Get stuck in traffic on the way home - accidents everywhere - did you know they CLOSED the expressway I64 that connects West County with the City of St Louis? For at least 2 years? Crazy I tell you, just Crazy. It closed last week and they're knocking down all the bridges and overpasses right now. It's going to take them 2 yrs +/- to rebuild it all. again, I digress...

percolate more ideas: Burda WOF introduced a capelet/jacket garment in their August issue. I have that issue - I'm sure I do. I could use the blue tafetta (came from FFC, labelled as silk but I gotta tell you, I really don't think so - so I can use it for outerwear). Anyway, I could use the blue tafetta for the body of the cape and do the contrast lining with the plaid. Oh Yeah!
So I go looking at reviews today for the Burda Cape - not an original idea - Tany lined hers last Sept with plaid, and in fact they show it that way in the magazine as View 2 - I don't care, not an original idea, and I'm late to the party - but I'm inspired.
So now I can make up this item along with a pair of pants from the silk/wool blend, 2 blouses from the blouse weights, and a dress from the crepe and have a capsule to take with me next time I get to Chicago. In April.
oh but wait, I already have on the agenda, to make up for Chicago,something, anything, out of this Anna Sui fabric I bought last spring.
Ideas are percolating for that one too. Runway photo from Anna Sui runway show
And then there's SWAP
Acronym for Sewing With A Plan
My sisters SWAP is well under way. It's Fuschia, and black and pink.
based on a wardrobe pattern and this fabricAnd while I'm working on finishing up projects that are in my UFO piles, which is what I've been doing - and finishing up stuff to send out, I've been percolating more on an idea I had several months ago. After D's SWAP plans were final and the Waiting for the start date began. Dangerous time, that.
You may recall that a couple of months ago Toya had a little contest and the prize was Tim Gunns' book on Style. I was thrilled to rec'v it, and mentioned at the time, I had an idea for it and you'd be seeing more of it.
Well, folks, I'm going public with this idea now, although I may or may not be able to find the time to carry it all off.
how about:
Tim Gunn's Top Ten Essentials Meet SWAP
And as the cornerstone piece of this wardrobe for me would be a trenchcoat made from this incredible piece of YSL fabric I picked up at Britex in July '05.


Jennifer said...

I really like the idea of using plaid as lining and trim. The colors you've picked are gorgeous too!

Carrie K said...

Glad your class went so well!

That outfit is.....different. I do like the jacket.

Vicki said...

Marji, I am exhausted just reading your post!! No wonder you can't sleep. All the plans/ideas are fab. I hope you get the time to execute them all.

toya said...

wow, I love your ideas, you have some great vision, and your swap idea is FABULOUS, it will be a great way to get the basics or revamp the basics in the wardrobe, I need a trenchcoat its the only think I don't own

Mardel said...

No wonder you can't sleep. All your ideas are inspiring!

Cennetta said...

Oh my goodness! The plans you have. I love them. Now you have ideas percolating in my head. Can't wait to see your ideas come to life. Happy Creative Sewing! C

Nancy K said...

You are going to be a very busy girl this winter/spring! What kind of fabric is the red moire? I love the idea of a red trenchcoat. Is it water proof/resistant?
I love that Anna Sui, but I resisted
purchasing it.

Nancy K said...

All your ideas are wonderful. I always have more ideas than time to execute them. What are Tim's 10 essentials, by the way? And if you don't want to post them, can you post a link?

Elle said...

You've certainly hit the nail on the head. Too bad we need sleep, at least some of it. I love the vintage patterns, especially the Advance pattern. ~ Elle

Karen said...

I love that fuchsia and black fabric combination!

Summerset said...

How exciting! I love all your ideas. You will love your red trench! Once we get to spring, I know the one I finished this fall will be worn a lot.

a little sewing on the side said...

YES! I love the idea of "Ten Essential Items meets SWAP"

In fact, I added a white shirt to my SWAP based on a similar line of thinking.

And the idea of the burda cape with plaid lining is genius!
I love it all-