Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the post on the way to Florida

Vogue 2898, the basis for the Wardrobe pattern for SWAP, made up in a black poly lace and lined with cream colored georgette for the bias top and cream colored tricot knit for the skirt.
This is not part of the SWAP collection but rather extra to it.
Nice way to dress up the pattern.
Changes I made:
I straightened the vertical seam lines a bit between the waist and hip and made it an elastic waist skirt, since it will have a top and possibly a belt over the waistband. Added a FBA to the top. The top calls for a full length zipper, I used a 9" and even that is probably totally unnecessary.
V2898 lining detaildetail of where lining is french tacked to skirt. 16 tacks in all, one at each curve where the godet starts and one at each seamline at hem

cotton shirt

Above: Cotton shirt without collar and cuffs, put together for fitting. McCalls pattern.

Below: Butterick top and Vogue 2898 skirt, ready for fitting and marking of hems.
Changes: Added a CF seam to top in order to insert bias piping to match skirt.
Skirt: shortened to knee length to be appropriate for office wear.

V2975 top and skirt in pink, basted side seams, ready for fitting.

V2975 top in pink
Answer to Vicki, this top is this Vogue Pattern, and what you're seeing is the topstitched top of the pleat, folding over on the hanger.

plus another skirt which has nothing to do with SWAP sewing, and the dress and top made last week.

In tomorrows Mail, in one of the post office's flat rate Priority Mail boxes, The white jacket basted together (Vogue 2898) and the muslins for fitting the other jackets, and hopefully, if I don't sleep at all tonight, a muslin for the pants too.
Sorry D and mom, but I want you to know, even if it is a bit of an inconvenience for you, getting it in pieces, I am working as fast and as diligently as I can.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW,and I mean WOW... you have been b-u-s-y....
How nice are you to do all this for your sister. (I think you'll win the "greatest sister" award :)
All the outfits look beautiful.
I also draw all my lines on my muslin, but I like your idea of then stitching them.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...
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Vicki said...

Some great garments there. I really like the pink top with the matching skirt (is that a trim you made from the fabric?) and the grey check skirt with the lace (in the album).

I hope that your sister is still going to wear that pink jacket. Sure it isn't perfect but the fit is no doubt a lot better than RTW. Very acceptable!

Isabelle said...

Marji, wow!! So much sewing, and so much love! I am amazed at all you are doing for your sister. As much as I love my sisters, I'm not quite there yet (honestly, they would probably not appreciate it that much). ;) I adore the Vogue outfit. And the red piping! Love the pink top, too. You are so efficient! My hat off to you. :)

LauraLo said...

Oh my God, you worked like a slave! I love the black lace outfit to death, it is absolutely exquisite! I love all the basted garments as well - what a great idea with the red bias piping on the black outfit.

Elizabeth said...

Love that lace number. Make sure you show us a picture of it on your sister. I bet it will be stunning.

cidell said...

Talk about making sewing your job! Question on the blouse: How do you finish your insides? Do you do French seams or serge or...?