Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!

We have snow in St Louis.
This is a rare enough occurance that everything in town has closed down - including the Fortune 500 co my husband works for - they closed both locations of their complexes today.
Where I come from, this amount of snow wouldn't be enough to cause a 2 hr delay for schools, but here, well, it's a different story. It sure is pretty.

Meanwhile, the fates are surely smiling down on me. This is the pant muslin, as sent down to her. I could cry for joy.

Want to hear something funny? Last night, after helping with the ongoing fitting project, my B-in-law looked at my sister and said "wouldn't it just be easier to buy a plane ticket for you to go to her?" That plane ticket was booked before he could turn around. Um, the answer to that question DBIL, is "yes".
She'll be here March 6-10 for a 4 day weekend, and I should be able to get all the final fitting done. Even being gone for 3 weeks in Feb, I should be able to have all the garments cut and basted together for fitting so that when she gets here we can start and finish first fittings, then hopefully assemble at least the challenging garments and get final fittings and hems marked before she has to leave again. Ambitious, but not nearly as frustrating as long distance.


Vicki said...

The snow is so pretty! Lovely photos.

With your sister coming down to visit, that will take some of the pressure off!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

I posted a comment and it never showed up on your blog.

Oh well, the comment was just about saying how nice it will be for you and your sister to get to spend some time together.

Carrie K said...

Snow! Cool.

The visit should go along way for a good fit! Plus, a visit. Good bil!

Mary, Mary... said...

A perfect solution! I look at your muslin and adjustments and think one of these days I'll get to sew at the grown-ups' table.

Nancy K said...

At least you actually had more than an inch. My son and daughter in law live in Asheville, NC and an inch is enough to cancel school (she's a hs math teacher}

Summerset said...

Pretty! With all the snow we get, it is hard to remember that not everyone reacts to it the same way.

The plane ticket, was well, just the ticket. Your sister will look amazing once you're completely done.

Lorraine said...

Marji- I love snow. I don't know how anyone lives without it- but alot of people seem to.

So, ah, how do I get to be your sister? I'd love a new wardrobe.

gaylen said...

How wonderful that your sister will be coming to you for the final fittings. Yahoo! That will make your life so much easier.

How is the vacation sewing going? Can't wait to see the finished dresses.

The snow is beautiful. I know what you mean about it closing a city down tho - Seattle is the same way. g

jae said...

Three cheers for your brother in law!

My brother and I laugh about the same snow reaction he sees in Cinnci. We are both used to much more snow.