Tuesday, February 05, 2008

some links, some thoughts, and a poll (it's election day ya know)

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who's taken the moment to write a comment lately, and to encourage me on this journey to do the long distance fittings and to creatively and optimally use the stash. I really appreciate your input, your thoughts, and your complements.

Next, I'd like to point you to some things going on around the net that you might have seen, might not have.
Jae wrote an incredibly thought-provoking piece on words that we use that define ourselves and to a degree end up limiting our craft/ourselves. Take a minute to go read it, then ponder for awhile.
Cidell wrote a post on pressing tools that is very informative, and well referenced and illustrated. If you think you could use some brush up on your pressing, def take a look
Shannon has begun another sure-fire winner of a SWAP. It's one of those fantasy wardrobes that we all wish we had in the closet, and all had the lifestyle to wear. Take a look at her Jackie Kennedy inspired plan for some pure eye candy.
Liana has written about interfacings here, and linked to a source that is def worth checking out.
And for my last link today, I'm sending you to see Claudines latest creation. Claudine is doing the kind of sewing that I find most rewarding - the kind that is labor intensive, time consuming, and ultimately results in beautiful clothes.

Meanwhile, back here in the production studio:
Yesterday I made a pair of island pants with serious modifications, which I'll write about when I can get photos - it is grey, drizzly, and depressing here right now. Bad light, bad hair, what can I say? I also got the yellow linen shorts made. Today I expect to get two more bottoms done.

This is production sewing. It feels good in that I'm getting some end product that I really really need, and all of it is going into a suitcase at the end of the week. But, it surely isn't the kind of sewing I most enjoy.
I'm going to finish this Caribbean Capsule in the next day or two, and then work some more on my sisters stuff...but I have this hankering, a deep need, to work on something really challenging.

And, the RTW/Designer knockoff challenge is going on on PR right now.
Garments for judging are due Feb 29. I'm thinking that when I get home, in between production sewing for my sister, I'm going to spend some quality time on one thing.
Question is: what? If I do manage to finish something for this contest, I'm finishing it because I want to be in the running. So, I'm looking for a project that will garner votes. I have 4 projects on my radar that have been there a long long time. I have the fabrics for all, I have places to wear each, and eventually each will get made. I was going to make this decision with the input of just a couple of friends, but you know, I'm looking for a garment that will have wide appeal for judging, so I think I'm going to open up the decision process here.
I'd really like your input. You can just vote below, you can leave a comment, or both. - edit, I don't have the fabric for the 4th, so it's eliminated already.

Thanks for considering and thanks for your input
The question:
If you were looking at a project in a Designer Knockoff contest, and the project was well-executed, photographed well and presented well, which would you be most inclined to vote for as your favorite. (that's the criteria for the general vote at PR - what is your favorite?)
I should mention here that this is the first contest they're having where there will actually be a judges panel also. The panel will be judging on more criteria than just "what is your favorite", (thank heavens), and for that, all I can do is put forth the best product I can, and hope for the best.
(as always, click on the photo to enlarge and see detail)
Option 2 below
Option 3 below

which would you vote for?
Dior white suit with Lace
Dior floral jacket
Anna Sui separates
none of the above
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Claudine said...

Marji, Thanks for linking to my blog! I feel famous. And thanks for the kind words about my sewing.

Audrey said...

I voted for the Dior Jacket because I want someone to figure out how to replicate that collar. I haven't been able to. I found an old Burda mag with a collarless version of the jacket and the Pattern Magic book vol 2 has something similar. Love the vacation wardrobe. You will have a great time. We have sailed in the Virgin Islands several times. It is beautiful.

The J said...

I voted floral, but it was a really close call with the lace - I'm thinking that I would have voted lace if I was impulse-voting (it has a finer/more elaborate look lace=fancy), but I wouldn't impulse vote those kinds of contests. I'd probably read through all the techniques that went into it, etc.

The votes so far seem to echo my uncertainties!

Summerset said...

Choices, choices! Wow! My first instinct is the white Dior suit with lace. It is so elegant. My second choice would be the floral jacket - you have the height and shoulders to pull that off beautifully.

Sigrid said...

Option 2 first, then 1. I really like that blouse and the fine details on the shoulder. But the Dior skirt is wonderful too, if you can wear it (I can't), and the lace is beautiful.
(Don't take too many votes away from me though!, Just kidding, the more the merrier)

Vicki said...

Mmmm, I am with Sigrid. I was thinking about entering this comp, but with this level of competition........

Anyway, I love the first one best - absolutely stunning. But maybe the second would suit you more. And that is beautiful too.

So for me, back to the fitting and if I get time I might have a go at a St John jacket.

Shannon said...

Marji - thank you for the kind words - you are too sweet!

I voted for the white suit - the lace is absolutely TDF. It is just exquisite.

Liana said...

Option 1, then 2. I just love the peplum on the lace jacket. For catching voter's eyes, I think this one is your best bet.

Thanks for the link! I feel pretty famous, too! :)

Alexandra said...

I vote for the white suit - it's so elegant and ladylike. Then again, you always do such a beautiful job, any of those three would easily be a winner.

kbenco said...

I vote for the lace suit, it is beautiful, and I think, classic and timeless.

Birgitte said...

Oh Marji, your choices are all exquisite... I love them all, but have to admit to a weakness for the avant-garde. The Anna Sui piece would get my vote, but I can't tell if you have the entire fabric? Even if this is a two-piece and you only made the shirt, the cuffs and the scarf (?) is a big part of the total look. But you can't go wrong with any of the three! Like you said; the presentation is key for the 'favorite' vote, and the jury will look at the execution... yeah "thank heavens"! We all know you got that down cold:-)

cidell said...

i love the Dior. Love.

Isabelle said...

The Dior is exquisite!