Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well, since Bravo has really messed with their schedule this season - what's with that anyway?? - and tonight we are likely to be treated to the worst episode yet - what does designing costumes for lady wrestlers have to do with fashion??? - I thought I'd bring you Victorya's runway show, courtesy of the video imbed icon on

Solid collection, but...take a look at all the pants. I'm thinking that if anyone who reads this blog who sews made a pair of pants with the crotch hanging like that, they'd be on the message boards asking how to fix it.
See post below - I couldn't add comments to the post with the video - technically challenged.

And, if you haven't expressed an opinion yet , scroll down to the end of yesterdays post to take a look-see at my contest options.


Jennifer said...

Designing costumes for wrestlers? Oh no! And so far I've really enjoyed the episodes too.

LurkerMonkey said...

But Lady Wrestlers are AWESOME! Just ask my 12-year-old son. If Bravo wants to reach a new demographic, they just hit one out of the ballpark. The kid was glued to the TV from the first grunt to the last snap of Spandex.