Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm excited

My sister is coming this week.
Yeah, we're going to spend quite a bit of time sewing, but we are also going to have a girls night at home on Thursday (dh has a business function to attend), and we'll be going out to dinner Saturday night. We may even hit happy hour at one of dh's and my favorite watering holes on Friday.
This will be fun.

In preparation I've been trying to clean up the explosive mess that I left in my sewing room, and I've acquired a new passion for reading old college texts.
I've been reading Draping for Fashion Design by Hilde Jaffe and Nurie Relis. Title page indicates it comes from Fashion Insitute Technology, NYC.
I see it's still in print, and is indeed in its fourth edition. I think mine is the first edition, since no mention is made of 'editions'. ;) oh, and the bookstore stamp on the inside cover indicates I paid a whopping $12.50 for mine.

It is a very good text. I do highly recommend it if you are considering designing by draping.

I intend to drape a fitting shell at the end of this week. I'm doing all the prep work now - cutting off and marking the various different sizes of muslin squares I'll need.
I will document the process and post pics.
You will either find it fascinating, or the biggest yawn imaginable. Either way, stay tuned.


Vicki said...

I for one will find it interesting. Particularly adding the wearing ease and the sleeve!

Liana said...

I can't wait to see this either! I think I have a book with that same picture on the cover, but I didn't think it was draping. I'll have to look.

Nanci said...

Do you think Rami has a copy of that book? ;-)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

First you direct us to an $82 book and then you brag that you paid $12.50 for yours...some friend you are! *LOL* I think I've seen that book before so I will have to look for a less expensive version...not that I'm gonna drape anything any time soon!

Hope you and your sister have a wonderful time together!

LauraLo said...

I think I'm going to find it fascinating. Can't wait.