Wednesday, March 19, 2008

most recent ebay losses

I have this Fabiani pattern in my ebay search and notify file. Everytime one of these babies comes up for auction I'm notified. Usually, they go for over $30. This one, I lost by 50 cents. It ended at 2AM. Who puts up an auction to end at 2AM? The winning bid was 15.50. If I'd been awake, it would have been Mine. Darn!
I guess it's time to add this one to my saved searches, since I managed to lose it too.
Somehow I can't justify paying close to $50 for a pattern.

Todays links:
Have you Seen Laura Bennett's new collection set to go into stores? The Project Rungay guys have some of it up on their site. TDF.
And, where Is that little icon of the guy rolling on the floor kicking and screaming laughing when you need it? Threads magazine recent online article Fabric Shopping with a Pro inspired just such an initial reaction from me. The pro is Sarah Veblen, and there is some good information....but honestly, I'm guessing that almost everyone who reads this blog might be considered a pro when it comes to shopping for fabric or yarn.


Marina said...

Ouch! Been there.

Just as well you were asleep as you really can't tell whether that was as high as the winner would go. I know that the program I use puts in just enough for me to win, not the maximum I'm willing to pay. Isn't that the way Ebay's proxy thingy works too?

Isabelle said...

Beautiful patterns, Marji, shame you couldn't get them.
As for the little guy, do you mean him? :)

phyllis said...

Wow - I love them both! I'd be bummed too; I hope you get another chance. Did you know that has vintage patterns? They might not be as choice as what you see on Ebay, but I've seen some good stuff.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Sorry you didn't get the patterns, I know how much you are longing for the first one! Thanks for the link to Laura's new line...I would have never seen it if you hadn't linked to it! I LOVE her pieces!

Birgitte said...

Sorry for your loss, know what that feels like. But based on your body of work, I would think you can easily knockoff both patterns. Unless, of course, the thrill of holding the vintage paper, studying every detail, is the main draw. I can most definitely understand that :-) Both dresses are just beautiful.

auction software said...

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