Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stash enhancement!

Yeah, you read that title right. ;)
Like Carolyn and Shannon, I haven't gotten much sewing finished in February. I left only 8 days into the month, and since we came home, I just haven't had any sewing mojo. None. I've stitched exactly one seam since we returned. (This will change in March, fear not.)
So, obviously I didn't come home and whip up that lovely Dior jacket. Fear not friends, I will get it made, and I'll share the process. It just won't get entered into any contest.
Meanwhile, yesterday I succumbed to Ann's sale. I'm definitely feeling the Spring sewing fabric vibe. The big floral batiste is destined to be a dress, as is the Cruzan jersey.

I have to say that the photo of the pink/grey cotton didn't do much for me, until I saw the fabric draped on Gigi's blog (Gigi is posting again - YES!). This stuff looks absolutely Gawgeous, as Ann would say, in that photo, and so, I bought a piece. I'm thinking blouse.

I also have a basket full, but haven't clicked the buy button at Farmhouse Fabrics.
And there is a piece, (just one...yeah right!) that I want at Sawyer Brook.

think I need to spend some time wallowing in my stash again, to curb the buy impulse?

And I have to comment here - who knew that a blog post about cleaning out a closet would stir so much interest and flutter so many feathers? Whew! Thanks for your emails and comments.
My closet is so bereft of clothes to wear at this moment I really really need to just sew something fast, down and dirty-easy to wear right now. While the weather hovers between lows of 30 and highs in the mid 50's. I don't have that wardrobe. Who does?

Have a great weekend everyone, and a productive March.


Adrienne said...

You picked up some beautiful fabrics! I got a box full the other day! I need to start sewing them up!

Shannon said...

Nice new fabrics!! I haven't enhanced my stash much lately, but I certainly have been looking - I'm always looking :)

I hope my mojo returns in March like yours - I need to get my behind in gear and get sewing for SWAP (I am sooo behind right now - yikes!)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ah, more fabric...glad to know that I'm not alone! *LOL* But what did you get from Sawyer Brook?

Nancy W. said...

Yes, as I keep looking at my total yards in and out, I keep wondering,"Why do I keep buying more?" I think I need to lay it all out on the table again and start culling.

Anonymous said...

Marji, I have both the floral batiste and the pink/grey cotton. I am especially interested in what your plans are for the large floral.