Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another top and pant

in the mailbag
Straight black pants with side pockets and another wrap top from Vogue 8390
After removing a horizontal slice from the backwaist area, the fit on this, the third top from this pattern, should be about perfect.
Both of these fabrics were purchased for this wardrobe. The black RPL is some of the nicest RPL I've ever come across, and it was the qualifying purchase from Timmel Fabrics. The Rayon jersey for the top was one of those "too perfect to pass up" opportunities that I found in a local fabric store. (Sew it Seams on Manchester in St Louis MO).
I got another one of my perfect matches on the wrap, of which I'm proud.

Yesterday I packaged up 99 yards of fabric! Ninety Nine yards, and you know what, between those 99 and the sewing that I've done this year, it still hasn't made a Dent in my stash.
I still can't get everything on the shelves or in the cedar chest, and I still have "Stuff" all over the place.
So, if you missed the stash reduction Giveaway because you didn't get on the computer over the weekend, don't despair. Another one will be in the cards come the end of summer. I'm quite sure of it.

Happy April 15!
Yesterday I went to USP with several boxes that were too big for the post office - no problem there. Then I went to the Post office. I forgot that today is April 15. I mailed only those packages that I could mail from the auto-teller machine in the lobby. The line was over an hour long.
The international packages and the media mail packages, and the one going to a military base - those are still in my car. I'll venture out to the post office again Tomorrow - but no way on God's green earth am I going there today. For my international readers, today is the day that all Internal Revenue Tax Returns for 2007 are due in the Mail. They must be postmarked by midnight tonight. Post offices across the USA will stay open until 11PM tonight in order to accept mail from those who waited until the last minute. Serious fines and penalties accrue if your tax return is late.


Adrienne said...

I love that top!!!! 99 yards is a LOT! WOW!

I had some packages to mail and I made SURE to take them YESTERDAY. You won't catch me within three feet of a post office today!

Marjie said...

That's a lot of fabric to give away and not make a dent in it!

We sent our tax payment on Friday. No way I'm going near the post office this week. Besides, we got the depression over last week.

Pajnstl said...

WOW @ 99yrds.. Marjii you should open your own fabric store lol

I'll have to check out the local fabric store... this is my 1st hearing of it.
And your top is too cute.. very spring!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The top and pants look great! I love the print.
Thanks for the info on Julie's RPL, will have to check it out :)

Sewfast said...

Wow Marji...that is a beautiful outfit! I love the geometric print. Good job!!! Mary

Nancy K said...

I am impressed with your matching. It looks fabulous. What did you do on the neckline treatment? It looks like you just turned and stitched, but there seems to be some ease taken in too.

Alexandra said...

Beautiful outfit! I love that print! Great match at the wrap!

Elizabeth said...

99 Yards of Fabric from the stash,
99 yards of cloth.
You take one down,
ship on out,
98 yards of fabric in the stash...

Love the outfit!

Shannon said...

The pattern-matching on that top is outstanding - you should be proud!!
I'm so to say that 99 yards out of my stash wouldn't make much of a dent either - I think we both have acquisition issues! :)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Yeah add me to the 99 yards...you wouldn't notice...oops take that back...it would get the boxes out of the living room! *LOL*

The matching on that top is superb! And even if it doesn't look like it in your stash, you can tell you have been sewing your arse off!

AllisonC said...

As one of your international readers I panicked a bit when you mentioned April 15 and thought I had missed something!!

The matching on the wrap top is amazing, it would not have even occured to me to try. And suddenly my stash is feeling rather meagre, 99 yards would completely clear me out, I need to go shopping!

Linda T said...

Great match on the top. Perfect!

Vicki said...

Perfect match and a very nice outfit!

kbenco said...

Fabulous match. I remember you saying how good the RPL from Julie was on the SWAP thread, and she sold out of it almost straight afterwards. I don't think it was a co-incidence! Unfortunately none of it was to me because I was TOO late. Sigh.

Bonnie D. said...

First of all, the top is great! Love the fabric. Love the style.

But more importantly, how nice of you to go to all that trouble to mail the packages!

LauraLo said...

Great outfit, I absolutely love that print and I think it looks great on a wrap top, even better than on a simple shirt.
99 yds and it didn't make a dent in your stash???? I definitely underestimated your stash!

melissa said...

oh wow that is some serious pattern matching on the wrap!

and thanks for the international note, I was wondering myself. Having taxes taken out of my paycheck is just SO much easier, I swear (I have childhood memories of my dad stressing and cursing before US tax time!)