Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flowers on the Trees

It's Spring
from my deck

Aprons are Big Deals these days, it seems. Look at the number of sewists who've signed on for the next Apron Swap - signups ended this is just an item of interest. Who Knew aprons - APRONS - would be such a hot thing?
I wear an apron when I cook, unless I'm wearing an old T-shirt - I splatter.
This is one I've had since the 70's. Peace/love/and rock 'n roll
And this is one that a friend gave me for my Birthday last year (or was it the year before?)
The basic apron is one of those twill chefs aprons that they sold to all who were getting into Machine Embroidery in a big way.
Sharron did all vegetable embroidery on this one.

I love it.

Do you wear an apron? If so, what does it look like? Full or half? Functional or fashionable?

Wednesday Sewing Tip for the Day:

When you're handsewing, does your thread sometimes knot up constantly, and other times it's fine?
Start threading your needle with the thread before you clip the thread from the spool. Then, when you clip the thread off the spool, knot that end right away.
Thread, like yarn, is s-twist or z-twist. Actually, unless it's some super weird specialty thread - if it's sewing thread it's likely Z-twist. It has a direction, and is meant to be stitched and pulled through fabric in the direction it comes off the spool. If you pull it 'backwards' through your fabric the thread will untwist as its being sewn with, and it'll cause all sorts of havoc.

Cidell just left a comment about hostess aprons. I'm an apron neophyte, I admit it. But Cidell has just posted about making pretty aprons this past week, and I just went looking to see what a "hostess apron" is. And I came across Jessie Steele

I Love those feminine little hostess aprons. I want one like the Josephine Cafe Toile apron. OMG, my grandmother is sitting up in her grave laughing out loud. This kid from the sixties who would have nothing to do with aprons is wanting something like That!


Lindsay T said...

Love the thread tip! I'm about to sew individual sequins onto a top, so this is incredibly helpful.

cidell said...

All of my aprons are 'pretty'. I like the hostess style and will where those when I am cooking and not hosting. I adore aprons. It's one of the things I kept making back when I wasn't really sewing.

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

This is a really cute apron.
I have a couple of aprons but I don't usually use them.

Gwen said...

Thanks so much for the thread tip! I DO have this problem and am SO happy to know how to avoid / minimize it!
I am currently working on 4 aprons for a friend - I had been looking forward to getting to use one of these beautiful hostess apron patterns - but my friend requested simple and standard.. Oh well, at least the fabric is cute. ;)

Birgitte said...

Thanks for the thread tip- must have used up a spool already on the smocking. I have a few more lines to go so I'll be putting your knowledge to use at this very moment. Beautiful aprons. I use one (chef style, embroidery)- I splatter a lot :-) it's not very beautiful anymore...

Marina said...

I'm boring! Got mine from a restaurant supply store. Back at school - in the equivalent of Grade 7 & 8, you took Cooking for half the year & Sewing for the rest - the teacher used to wear an apron that slipped over the head, (had to be a big opening because of the "big hair") had a front and back and ties at the sides.

Mary, Mary... said...

I have chef's aprons with bats embroidered on them, but those are so stylish and pretty! I should drop the goth cook look for one of those.

Vicki said...

That last apron is absolutely gorgeous!! I am currently using the Christmas apron we made in December - it is pretty with frills, but perhaps the theme is a bit dated :(

kbenco said...

This is so funny, I just made 3 aprons yesterday so that I won't ruin my new SWAP by cooking whilst still wearing my work clothes. They are very boring aprons. Now I want to make some pretty ones like these.

Nancy K said...

If I had a nice apron maybe I'd wear it and not ruin my clothes! I wear a white cooks apron or one in red painted by my dd when she was a little girl at a cooking birthday party we had.

Julie said...

My friend made me an adorable apron for Christmas this year, so I've become an apron convert. Before I would occasionally toss on an old Laura Ashley (!) apron I bought in Tokyo, of all places!

...hoping you'll pop by the fabbos board and say hi-- we need some spring fashion tips :-)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay, I'm contrary tonight...but I don't get the apron thing! Please don't stone me, just send menus! :) I guess you have to first love to cook, right? lol

Second, seriously how do you handle the thread when you are threading two pieces through the needle? So that you end up with 4 lengths of thread...

Now I'm off to trouble some other waters!

theysaywordscanbleed said...

i dont cook, but whoa that black and white apron is truly cute.

Bainbridge Island flowers

Alexandra said...

I have a blue denim Pampered Chef apron from my PC consultant days. It's functional. I don't have any pretty aprons but after seeing the beautiful creations here and elsewhere on the web, I need a pretty apron. Or two!

Cennetta said...

Love the aprons. I wear one 50 percent of the time. Like you I sometimes wear an old t-shirt and some ratty pants when I cook.