Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My mailbox too

Thanks Mom!

I knew as soon as I saw that they were tulips that they were from my mom.
Aren't they pretty?
I'm going to tell you about the delivery, b'cause I think it's hysterical - don't get mad if you don't think it's funny.
The delivery guy comes to the door - and rings the bell then pounds on the door. It takes me a minute to get vertical, then another minute to walk to the door. He can see me through the glass sidelights - so he knows I'm coming and moving slowly.
He tells me he has flowers, that I need to sign for, then asks if I'm ok.
I tell him "no, I'm not ok, which is probably why I'm getting flowers"
So he takes the signed clipboard back to his vehicle, then walks back up the walk with a vase of tulips. "What did you do?"
"I fell while rollerblading"
at which point he looked at me critically, and said
"You're a bit old for that aren't you?"


I didn't then, I just glared at him....really!
But in retrospect, I think it's hysterical.
He was easily in his mid-forties. I wish I'd been quick enough to think of a rejoinder like "bit old to be a flower delivery boy aren't you?"

Anyway, moving on...
Before I so ingloriously fell on my butt, I got this in the mail from my sister.

The full set of the Norwegian stranded knitting accessory patterns with English translations that I've been lusting after for a year now, but have been too cheap to order for myself.
Thank you Thank you Miss D
(and you don't even have either one of your jackets yet...)

Now I've got to find my needle roll.
Several months ago I lost my needle roll - the one that has all my double points and some of my single point needles in it.
The one that has my beloved Susannah ebony 2 1/2" (or is it 3"?) glove needles, my Lantern Moon dpns and single points, my rosewood 1.5's and 2.0's and 2.5's dpn's.
It's going to cost me easily $150 to replace the needles that were in that case. I just keep thinking it's going to turn up somewhere, because I never take it with me when I pack up knitting and go - but I must have taken it somewhere, because it isnt' turning up.

So I'm on this big fabric reduction plan right?
But, I go into Hancocks to pick up patterns for some friends, during their Simplicity sale. And get snagged by the poly ITY knits just inside the door. (This was obviously last week - I havent' moved from the couch since Sunday night)
ITY knit from Hancocks
a dress length with contrast.

enough for a top. Stuff was on sale for $4/yd.
now I need to get some foldover elastic like Cidell just used on her dress

This doesnt' help the stash reduction, you know.
at least they'll make up fast and easy, once I can sit at a machine again.

Truly, it isn't sitting at the machine that I'm so concerned about as the standing on the concrete floor - even with the dense foam pads I have around the cutting table, standing hurts when I'm not injured.

And, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who've written and commented in the last couple of days.
I'm overwhelmed by your concern. Thank you so much.
Toya wanted me to post that I'm getting on - well, this is as much as I could do. I'm still mostly horizontal. Just taking a shower zaps every bit of energy I had this morning.
I am trying today with Tylenol instead of the Vicodin. Yes, Vicodin is good stuff, but I had such a short attention span that I couldn't even make it through the movie I rented - Atonement.
Costumes were gorgeous! Love the costuming. But was that movie the slowest ever, or was it the Vicodin? I couldn't pay attention to it for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Can't read a book either - I've got a wicked headache. Wonder how long it'll be before that goes away?

Anyway, keep creating. And if you need something to do:
Marina is looking for input on matching yarn to sweater patterns. I tried and the concentration just isn't there - although I'm usually pretty on top of that kind of thing.


Melodye said...

Marji, I'm late reading this. Hope you're feeling a little better each day. Melodye

Cennetta said...

Marji, That was funny and sad at the same time. It reminded me of the last time I went roller skating with a group of young people. They had a pile up at one of the turns and I just missed to large group, but ended up on the floor with a second smaller group. It took days before the soreness left. I haven't been skating since.

Very thoughtful gifts from your mom and sister. Take care of yourself.

I've been trying to reduce the stash as well. But keep having the same experience that you mentioned here. lol Love the fabric. Today I'm at home. The plan is to cut out some pieces for spring.

Sayward said...

That is a beautiful assortment of Scandinavian mags!

Marjie said...

When I had 2 root canals in one day, the oral surgeon told me to take 2 tylenol with 1 advil, and it would have the same effect as percoset or vicodin, but without the "idiot" factor. It did work!

Birgitte said...

So happy you're well enough to keep posting. The flowers are gorgeous, and your delayed come-back line was hilarious!!!

Beautiful Norwegian patterns too. You know, I haven't visited Norway since 1992- yikes! Guess it's about time. But it has to be during the summer, not much for the cold, never was. I love all the fun you can do in the snow, just not the cold feet and the runny nose that inevitably ensues after ten minutes or less:-)
Glad you're trying to downgrade to Tylenol, Vicodin is powerful stuff.

Anne said...

Hmm - all I know about Vicodin is how much House 'likes' it - doesn't sound like a long-term option. I hope the Tylenol is working and that you get a lot more comfortable soon.

Mardel said...

Great Norwegian patterns. How sweet! (Tulips too.) And your delayed comeback and the story is such a gas.

Hang in there.

Nancy K said...

Love the fabric. We are both into gray and yellow this year. I want these too. Too bad(or rather good for my wallet) there isn't a Hancocks near me!
Some people don't know when to keep their mouth's closed! Glad you can laugh, of course the Vicodin helps there too.

Alexandra said...

The tulips are gorgeous! The story was funny. Why is it that the best comebacks don't occur to some of us until long after the moment has passed?
Oh, the fabric in the last picture is kinda psychedelic if you scroll up and down staring at it :-)

a little sewing on the side said...

Marji, I am sorry you are in pain! Ack, no fun.
I agree with you about Atonemnent and I was fully alert for it. The costumes got me through it, too.
Hang in there!

Adrienne said...

Hope you feel better soon! And the movie WAS slow! LOL Love your fabrics!

Pajnstl said...

Your flowers are sooo beautiful!

i hope you feel better soon!

Vicki said...

If you were feeling better I am sure you would have had a good remark for that delivery "boy"! Old? For him maybe!!

Anyway, Atonement is a bit slow and I think you need to see it on the big screen to bring it to life. I had no idea what was happening for the first half hour. But loved it in the end.

Mary, Mary... said...

You poor thing! What a nightmare about Chicago, sewing, knitting..all of it. Your delivery guy reminds me of when I bought a CD of The Sex Pistols a couple years ago and the clerk asked me if I had ever heard them before. Please take care and get well fast...oh, and I read Atonement but skipped the movie. "Saturday" is a fast read.

paco peralta said...

Marji .- I am glad that you are better ...... at least until you can go door to meet the dealer of flowers and tell this beautiful story. a hug and see you soon. Paco

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Obviously, your mother and sister share the same generosity and kindness gene that I know you possess.

So, sorry to hear about your "mishap".

Way to go on the Stash Reduction, although I'm not sure that you quite understand the actual concept of Stash Reduction.

As for the needles, go on buy them, then they'll turn up.

When Ladies Dressed said...

Oh my, silly delivery guy... what does he know anyway.

I love the fabrics - yellow and gray look fab together. Once a fabricaholic, always a fabricaholi.

sillyewe said...

I am on the way to raid your house for those books!!! :0) Wow! They look fantastic. Hmmm. So the last time I was on blades (over 10 years ago) I ended up in the road on my back waiting for a car to hit me and end the perfect day of hell. Almost rivals my ski episodes...almost. I am glad you are getting healed. I wish you would have given it the flower guy...heh heh How dare him? ;0) Love the fabric!