Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not SWAP, Not Couture: Test garments and Those That Didn't Make the Cut

SWAP is as much about editing as it is about anything.

The test pant, after the muslin out of a minicheck houndstooth from FFC (for all of $1.99/yd).

the color of this rayon jersey matches the check in this pant so perfectly that it became the test garment to work the remaining fitting issues out of the wrap top.

Todays entry is about what got made up in preparation for SWAP - and those that got made up and have been edited out.
First, I'd like to say that somehow 11 garments grew to 22 because two of the base fabrics didn't play well together.
Because I've gotten stalled over the last week and a half (mental issues and some unexpected travel), all 22 garments aren't going to make it to the final gallery. More judicious editing is necessary.
During first planning Vogue 2975 had possibilities. But, the jacket presented more issues than I was willing/able to deal with after the first muslin.
However, the skirt, pant and the top continued to intrigue.

the skirt didn't work

The babydoll top - (something we never would have chosen had we not been trying to get a wardrobe pattern to work) - is OK, but not particularly flattering.

Stitch down the pleats:
With pleats stitched down it becomes much more flattering. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it on her. Once the pleats were stitched down it became figure flattering again, not maternity-ish anymore, and actually, she'd even consider another one in another fabric.

The muslin for the pant fit well. So I morphed the fit of the muslin with the styling points of the pant from Vogue 2975.
Ok, we have a pant pattern that is going to work, that fits, that she likes the style of.
On to cut it out of a cream/white poly. That is sheer, and going to need underlining.
see how the grid of the table shows through the white
from stash comes a very dk nude - bordering on cafe au lait color, poly chiffon (the story of where this came from is something I find hysterical, my sister less so - remind me and I'll tell it after SWAP sewing is done)
take a look at how much of the sheerness becomes opaque by layering the two fairly sheer fabrics on top of each other.
Simply amazing.
I'm using the flat lining method with these pants. LauraLo has just written another excellent tutorial on how this is done, so I'll refer you there for directions, and I'm just going to post some pics here.
I will finish these pants just as soon as I can find the yoke facing, which I seem to have misplaced. They're done except for that. Argh!
Final Fitting

Flat Lining the cream poly

Stitching on the pocket bag

Pant Front

Now to go find the yoke facing.

BTW, many thanks to Debbie Cook who gave me the code to paste in a link that opens in a new window.


Lindsay T said...

Yeah, me too, I tried out the HTML code courtesy of Debbie. You'd think Blogger would have some kind of page listing commonly used HTML, but nooooo. BTW, I like seeing what you're doing here.

Carrie K said...

It all looks so darn beautiful! I couldn't edit it out at all.

Liana said...

I love that top now that you've un-babydolled it. Very nice!

Nancy K said...

I tried that top as a dress for my wedding outfit last year and my dh said it was awful, but I am going to pull this out again and try the sewing down the pleats,

Linda said...

Wow, you saved that baby doll top for a lot of us. I too am going to remember that trick. I think I might try some version of this on the latest top that I made that is a similar baby doll top. My shape is the same as your sister, so this SWAP is a great learning experience for me, through you!

Anonymous said...

That top really became quite cute. I like it a lot. D.