Wednesday, April 02, 2008

nothing for a week, now two in one day - bonus!

Thank you to Summerset and to Carolyn, for the nomination and affirmation. I offer my humble thanks. Now I need to try and live up to this lovely award that's been bestowed.

To pass along the love, (and yes, I know some of these blogs have already been nominated, but, well, they're deserving.)
For excellence in the category of exquisite construction and wonderful tutorials to let the rest of us know how they do it, I nominate
The Sewing Divas - collectively Els, Georgene, Phyllis and Gigi (and MaryBeth and Ann) have given so much to the sewing community in inspiration and direction.
Tany - Nobody does it better.
LauraLo - who's sense of style and willingness to share inspires many of us
Kathleen Fasanella at Fashion Incubator

For excellence in the category of eye candy and exquisite construction I nominate
Kathryn - who doesn't have a blog but her photo gallery is worth several days of internet browsing
Paco Peralta - his work always takes my breath away
Marina. I want to knit like Marina when I grow up.
Lisa at Blackwater Park - fun, funky, and keeps doing it til she's got it perfect to her standards
Claudine - gorgeous creations.

For excellence in the art of persistence and tenacity at the fitting game I nominate
Nancy Win at Encue Creations and Vicki at Hong Kong Shopper.

and last but definitely not least on my list - for total blog excellence, I nominate
Carolyn and Cidell, for keeping it real, for inspiring many many sewists, new and old, and because I really really like them both!

And there are a host of other excellent blogs - it's hard to name just a few.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
SWAP top and skirt details

Fabric: Rayon crepe that's been in stash seemingly forever. It's lightweight, drapey and flattering to wear, doesn't show every little bump underneath it, and bonus, doesn't require lining. I don't mind lining. But, this wardrobe is to be worn in Florida. Sometimes, even in air conditioned offices, fully lined garments are not the optimal thing to have to wear.
Piping fabric is every little teeny tiny bit of the burgundy rayon fancy twill left after cutting a of pants in this collection.
Pattern: Wardrobe pattern Vogue 2898 for skirt - less 6" of length. I just chopped the length right off the bottom of the pattern piece, otherwise the godets would just be too extreme.
I also straightened out the seamlines a bit from the hip to the waist and added a Hollywood style elastic casing to make it a pull-on skirt.
for the top: TNT Butterick pattern 6908

Construction: as stated, I didn't line the top.
I serged all the edges to leave 1/4" seam allowances, serged the edge of the folded bias piping, then stitched my seams inserting the piping between pieces. At then ends of all seams I had to pull the piping back in, as it would not do well in the hem allowances.

To finish the neck edge, I simply stitched piping all the way around, then turned it up, stitched in the ditch, and it's good.
To finish the armhole, I cut 1" wide bias strips of the black crepe, and using my handy dandy bias tape maker I pressed the strip to create single fold bias tape. Then I opened up one flange, and with right sides together stitched around each armscye. Then I turned it all the way under, and hand stitched the bias tape down. The finish is beautiful. No facings, nice clean edge, no linings.
Easy peasy.

notion of the day:
Bias tape maker.
I have one of the old ones, all metal. I've looked and looked on the internet, and I dont think they make them like mine anymore, unless you want the 2" wide or wider variety. Now they all have these plastic inserts in them. I've tried using the ones with the plastic inserts - and it wasn't pretty. I went back to my old one.


toy said...

love the black dress and great nominations, I definitely agree.
I have been seeing bias tape makers all over, blogs, magazines, but I'm trying to figure out why I would even need it, when was the last time I need bia tape for anything... or maybe I should just get it,, worry about it later

Alexandra said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! I love the piping!

Adrienne said...

That is just GORGEOUS!!!! The piping really sets it off!

phyllis said...

Wow, Marji this is great - I wish designers would go in this direction!

designdreamer said...

And here I thought *I* was the ONLY one that couldn't get professional results using a tape maker with a plastic insert. If you had problems, now I don't feel so inadequate.
Love the piping and color combo!

paco peralta said...

Marji .- First, thanks for the award, I accept it gladly, thank you. I congratulate you for such a beautiful out-fit and with a job as drafted. Greetings and a hug for you. Paco

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is an amazing outfit! I might have to steal this idea! *LOL* I will keep watching to see if there are any other things that you're making that will *inspire* me!

Mary Beth said...

Congratulations on the Excellent Blog Award! I definitely agree with your nominations as well.
This new crepe outfit is fascinating. Congrats on a job well done.

LauraLo said...

Oh Marji, I love it, the red piping gives such a nice contrast. Plus those vertical lines, they are so flattering.
Thank you so much for the award, it really honours me to be nominated by you.
I'm still buried under files in my office but will write you this weekend.

Angelia said...

Wow! You make some beautiful clothes! The red piping on this looks so sharp!
I've enjoyed your blog very much!

cidell said...

Well Marji. Considering how much you have improved my sewing by leaps and bounds, I can't say Thank You enough!

Brigitte said...

Your attention to detail is amazing!

Tany said...

FABULOUS job, Marji! I love the way you finished the neck edge and the armhole! Very good tip on the piping for the hem allowances too!

Congratulations on your very well deserved nomination and THANK YOU for nominating me among the other fabulous ladies and gentleman, I feel very honored! Many hugs to you and the other nominees, all the way from Portugal!

Claudine said...

Thanks so much for the nomination, Marji. I'm flattered beyond belief, esp since there are so many great sewing blogs out there to compete with.