Friday, May 30, 2008

Birtthdays and chatter

Happy Birthdays to
  • my dear Husband, who yesterday celebrated his 54th year on this planet.

  • My Brother, who is turning the big 5 - 0 today!! whooo hoooo.

  • And to my friend Carolyn, who's old enough to tell how old she is, if she wants you to know it!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Carolyn.

I truly haven't fallen off the face of the planet - I've been busy writing material for The Great Coat SewAlong blog, and have not been getting much else done.

I intended to close it at 75 - however, I evidently have a hard time saying no and it is now max'd out at 100 participants. 100 is all that blogger will allow on a group blog.

If you want to see what the many who are participating are making, plans are up on individual blogs now all over the net. I imagine most of these bloggers will be sharing their process all the way through.
I've decided that after the sewing is done, in late Sept, early Oct, I'll go ahead and let the participants edit what they want, I'll do some editing, and then I'll go ahead and publish the whole blog as "public" view. So you'll be able to see it then.

It's the best I can do my friends.

I noticed yesterday that Gorgeous Fabrics has listed all her coatings on sale in honor of TGCSA -
and you don't need to be a participant to take advantage of her sale - so scoot on over there if you need some coating wool.

Sunday is June 1.
In the real world that means picnics and summer fun (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry Donni, Vicki, KBenco, et al).
However, in the world of sewing blogs and message boards it means
New Contests and Sew alongs to start sewing for.

are you sewing for the June Capsule Contest? 4 garments and an accessory, they must work together in some way, and nothing can be black. if you are, and you're blogging about it, leave a comment, so that I can come see your plans. I still have to figure out my 4th garment! hmmm.

over at Pattern Review 2 contests for sewists at opposite ends of the spectrum are starting.
First, there is the Beginner and Advanced Beginner contest. I'm managing that one. If you Think you're a beginner or adv beginner, then you probably are, ...come on over and join up and get something made. (don't get all hung up on how many techniques you can do and la la la know if you're a beginner or not).
And for the advanced/expert there is the MyPattern contest, managed by Debbie Cook, (who's interviewing today for a new job, send good vibes her way).
I'm participating in that one.
I had thought to make something for myself, but with the coat sewalong to keep ahead of, (I'm starting 3 to use up some of my better stash and to get samples for all the techniques I want to illustrate), and with 2 trips to Michigan planned for the month -
I've got a shower to attend for my future daughter in law - woooo hooo0,

and the 4 pieces I'm planning to make for the capsule, um, I think I'm going to take the "easy" way out and do a design and build for my dsd#2 dress for the August Wedding. Dsd#1 dress is muslined below, dsd #2 wants a dress that requires a little less draping - the bodice will be similar but the skirt is just a straight gathered rectangle of fabric, and she wants hers in chiffon.
I may be jinxing the process by saying this, but I think it's going to be fairly straightforward and easy. (Ha! just watch the fates slap me down for that one)

pictures next time, promise.


Mardel said...

yummy yummy sewing plans and contests. I am in both the JCC and your coat sew-along and will be posting my plans for both this weekend. The JCC isn't finalized yet, and won't be next week. I am wavering between two pieces, and waiting for a piece of fabric to arrive.

a little sewing on the side said...

I am sewing in the JCC and your coat sew-along. I am also making lots of curtains. So I went to see Michael today for swatches of linens and cottons (for curtains). I saw a FABULOUS black and white herringbone that I boought for my coat. Yeah, yeah I already have a piece I bought last weekend, but hey ... it was EXACTLY what I imagined so I bought it. Kind of loose and casual, as opposed to a tight formal looking weave. woo hoo. I love this sew-along.

Rose said...

It'll be fun to see the end results of the coat sew-along! I'll try to follow along in other blogs, but I admit that the anticipation will build over the next few months. :)


Nancy K said...

I am very excited to be part of the coat sew along and you are a goddess for hosting this. I sent for fabric samples for my wool jacket, so hopefully the one I liked I will still like when it comes!

BeeBee said...

I'm in the JCC and in the Advanced beginner. Ready to make my second skirt for JCC starting Sunday. Still working on my new techique for the AB Contest. I want pintucking, but it's not wanting to cooperate. **sigh**
I'll put both of them on my blog as I go.

Carrie K said...

Easy, of course.

Marjie said...

Glad you're going to make the coat sew-along blog public at the end. Those of us who are too (a) chicken or (b) time challenged or (c) both want to see everyone's results!

designdreamer said...

I'm "sew" glad you'll be making TGCSA public at some point. Personally, I don't think I'm up to sewing a coat, not to mention I have VERY LITTLE need for a COAT when the majority of the year's teperatures are in the 3-digit range here. I was really disappointed to learn that I WOULDN'T be able to follow everyone's progress, but happily I'll get to eventually see everything.

Rose said...

I'm doing the JCC. My plan is complete but I still need to finish the storyboard with patterns. I'm a bit Tech Challenged so give me another week! The fabrics are on my blog. Of course, I'm doing the coat with you. The ordered fabric is on its way. Just think, I'll be sewing wool during Florida July and August. I enjoy being different sometimes and I can always jump in the pool to cool off. Gee, I thought I had a lot planned for summer sewing. Then, I read what you are doing and feel like a whimp. Keep smiling!!

anita said...

Marji, thanks for eventually making TGCSA public! I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all progressed. Sounds like you've got yourself a full plate (& more)this summer!

Vicki said...

Well, tomorrow may be the first day of winter here, but not to worry...spring is just around the!

I am in both the coat and capsule contest but have not blogged about it yet.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You will be one busy lady with all these projects!
I'm in the Coat sew along but haven't found my fabric yet, hoping to find some today, so I haven't blogged about it!

Teddylyn said...

I too am glad you are going to make the coat sew along public at the end...I debated about joining in and just never committed, so even though I think I'll make a coat in this time frame, I'll sneak peeks via blogs till it's all over! What a great project!

Thanks for the motivation!


Maja said...

I'm doing the JCC too. I think I'll join the My Pattern contest as well.
I like your fabric choices for the JCC.

Cennetta said...

Marji, Thank you so much for hosting the Great Coat Sew-Along. I'm lagging behind but finialize my sewing plans this week. Today, I'm headed over to Vogue Fabrics to select the fabric. Tonight, I'll force myself to choose a pattern. :-).
Thanks again,

Melissa said...

I'm so bummed the coat sew along is closed. I didn't realize that it was only open to a certain number or I would have signed up earlier - rats!

LauraLo said...

Happy birthday to your husband and brother, Marji. Can't wait to see what yo sew for the June Capsule Contest (those fabrics look absolutely gorgeous) and for the Pattern contest (saw you already submitted a WIP review)

Mary, Mary... said...

Per usual, your sewing prowess and time management skillz are awesome. I learn a lot from you (even if my own methods are a bit slipshod.) Good luck with the future wedding dresses!