Sunday, May 25, 2008

June Capsule Contest

I'm signed on to participate in the June Capsule Contest that Elizabeth is sponsoring, over on Stitchers Guild. Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics is also contributing a prize - fun stuff.

I'm not doing this one for the win, but rather as the impetus to get 4 pieces done that work together, to take with me to Traverse City at the end of June. The "twist" for this contest is, "no black", and consequently, there are some really pretty colorful wardrobes being planned. Right now though, my preliminary favorite is one by Zoubida that is all white. Incredible fabrics she's gotten in Montreal. I'm rambling...
I'm going to sew up a 4 pc capsule using some fuschia/orange silks I've had in stash for varying amounts of time. The jacquard dupioni is the oldest piece, purchased at Jackman's here in St Louis, before I moved here. So it's approx age is 8 years. I added the solid pink silk/linen while at Eunice Farmer Fabrics (now out of business) in 2005, and then added the burnout chiffon in December of 2006 when Winston's (now out of business) closed their doors.

My youngest son is getting married in October to a wonderful young lady that he's been dating for years. There is a shower for her June 28 in TC that I'm going up for. I plan to take this bright 4 pc wardrobe up with me then.

Click to see the picture larger
I also really like the jacket that Lucia at Cafe Couture just finished. See it here
This is the silk/linen that I plan to use for a jacket.
Jacket Considerations: It's got to work with the neckline on both dresses.

I love the jacket that Paco made, the one in white on this picture. (Picture used with permission from Paco). Notice how he's drafted the raglan sleeve. The other 2 in play are Vogue patterns. The Badgley Mischka is a current pattern. The Guy Laroche pattern is one sent to my by KarenT. I love it, but the more I look at it, the more I think it'll best be reserved for something more for fall or winter.

Pattern: New Look 6799
I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it on Linda's blog, several weeks ago, and ran right out and bought the pattern. Good thing - it looks as if it's out of stock on the website. Didn't this happen before with a Simplicity number, they ran out because the demand was so high?
Then last week Erica got it made up already, and it fulfills its promise - it's a Great dress. I'll also do mine with the straight skirt.
See what I mean though, about needing to make sure the jacket collar will work with the dress?
And, it's cool enough in TC that I will need a jacket over a sleeveless number like this.

This next dress is an OOP Vogue pattern, that is easy breezy to wear, and I'll get a lot of use from it here, more than in TC. I already have the slip dress in solid pink cut, for under the chiffon burnout.

I thought about breaking the chiffon into a top and skirt, for the purposes of the contest, then I had a reality check. I really need to stay true to the vision of what I want with these fabrics. So that leaves me with another piece to come up with, and an accessory.
Funny thing: I went into another Fabric store here in St Louis two weeks ago, and right in front she had a bolt of the dupioni jacquard. The one that's 8 yrs old. !! She also has a shantung coordinate - more deep pink, less orange, and I may just pick up a piece of that shantung for my 4th piece.
I love it that Elizabeth, in establishing her "rules" is being so lenient as to what constitutes a wardrobe - the dresses will count as bottoms, the jacket as a top. She basically just wants 4 pieces that coordinate and an accessory.
Secret (not so secret), I want to Bead something for my accessory. But what?
I've never in my life done any beading, except to embellish fabric.

Eliz asked about the wedding schedule in the comments: it is confusing.
My brother-in-law is getting married (for the first time at age 44) at the end of August. His bride has asked my dsd's to stand up. They get to choose what they're wearing, only stipulation is that they wear the same color. They've chosen blue, and I'm working on the designs now.
My son is getting married October 25, and sooner or later I'm going to post more about the dress I'm making for myself. Later. not sooner.

This month, in addition to the JCC I'm planning in this post, I've got the muslins to make for the Great Coat Sewalong, a jacket or two to finish for my sister, and I'm the contest manager on Pattern Review for the beginner contest. I need to give some of my time to that. I love mentoring beginners. There is such excitement and raw energy.

So, any opinions on the jackets?
or an accessory I could bead, as a rank newbie to beading?


a little sewing on the side said...

Oh I love EVERYTHING you are planning! The jacket by Paco is to die for. And I love the Guy Laroche- I have the same pattern and hope to make it up someday.

Most of all, I liked what you said, "..then I had a reality check. I really need to stay true to the vision of what I want..."

I totally agree! We use these contests for the adrenaline - we mustn't let them derail us!!
You have fabulous plans laid out.

cidell said...

I have no opinion on the jacket. I think they are all pretty fantastic. I do love that you're doing the capsule. I wanted to also. But, I need black in my wardrobe right now. I also have to say that I really like your blog for your fabric descriptions! Makes me wanna buy stuff.

Birgitte said...

All this is simply stunning. I know what you mean about the neckline, though. Could you make the dress first, or whip up a muslin of the bodice just to check? Regarding beading: nothing to it. Just have good light, glasses if you need them, and position yourself somewhere comfortable where no one will bother you:-) I use double waxed thread. How about a shawl to drape over the jacket or instead of jacket on warm evenings?

Erica B. said...

Those colors and that fabric are TDF! I can't wait to see it all made up! That is going to be so fabulous!

Mardel said...

I love the colors and the pattern choices. It really is going to be fabulous!

Connie B said...

Wow Marji- I way too much to say, but not much time- getting ready for Baby # 4's going away party (Calgary calls) I love the colour combo's. I made the last dress for a wedding a couple of years ago- you will really like it. I am trying to remember if I had any issues but I think not.

KayB said...

Oh...Marji, now I know why I fell in love with a fabric I bought... I've seen the colour on your blog and forgot all about it.
Regarding the jacket: Paco's jacket and the Badgley Mischka jacket belong to two different body types. I love them both, but Paco's isn't good if you're wider in the hips, while the BM jacket is absolute ideal for an hour glass figures (and wider in the hips).

kbenco said...

Your capsule plan sounds beautiful.

ACorgiHouse said...

Marji, I love the choices. I love that Guy LaRouche pattern but you're right, I'm not sure about the neckline working with the dress. As for beading, I just recently starting trying a bit of it. Simple earrings and necklaces so far, but I found some pictures (I'll try to find a photo and post) of some watches where beads and buttons were sewn onto an elastic strap, for a watch, and they were really cool. Places like Michaels have the watch faces, you just attach elastic and then sew on buttons and beads at random until you like the effect. K

Vicki said...

Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see them all made up :)

Cennetta said...

Your June capsule is lovely. The design and the fabric are "made" for each other.

paco peralta said...

Marji .- first, thank you very much for choosing my jacket and put together two great designers. I think about a wedding, the best option is the jacket for Guy Laroche, I love your neckline. I think that the B.M. is too sports jacket and my jacket is very closed and not for this dress. OK. I am eager to know the option you have chosen. The fabrics are all very beautiful, I like a lot. Good Wishes for this project ...... greetings. Paco

Nancy K said...

The BM jacket looks the most summery to me with the open collar. I love the GL, but I do think that it is more fall. The fabrics and colors are fabulous. You do have the best store for fabrics available to you! Were all these stores that closed in the St. Louis area? What a shame that they couldn't manage to stay in business.

Cafe Couture said...

Marji - the most exciting thing about having projects is that they give us incentive to sew and create. Having a project on mind is 50% guarantee of result:) Thanks for citing my jacket - so surprizing and pleasant!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Beautiful fabric selections! I can't wait to see what your finished product looks like for the Vogue OOP, especially as I've let that same one collect dust for several years now and keep thinking I need to finally sew it up. On that note, though, I can't wait to see all of them once finished!