Thursday, May 01, 2008


It's time for me to write a blog post, although I must confess there isn't anything of interest going on here. I've been catching up on my blog reading, and internet browsing, and
I've been re-reading one of my favorite books Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman. The book discussion forum group I belong to on Ravelry is going to begin discussing this book next week, and I've really been enjoying the read. I have my original copy from 1993 when it was first released in paperback, but I understand that it's being reprinted and the release date is set for May 27. I highly recommend this book if you haven't read it.

I'd like to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for all the well wishes, and emails and notes I've been getting.
Update: I'm ok. The headache lasted a little over a week. But it's mostly gone now. I haven't tried knitting anything yet, I know better than to stress my wrist, since when I do start knitting again I'd like to be able to continue. I'm going to try knitting for an hour this afternoon and see how it goes. The tough thing will be to put the needles down after an hour.
The spine thing is a different story. It's going to take a long time to heal. I've tried twice to get out and do things, to get up and do things - small things, and twice I've ended up back on the couch and back on pain meds. The temptation to whine is great. In fact, I wandered onto Wendy Barnard's blog Knit n Tonic yesterday, hadn't been there in a long time, and I could totally sympathize with her lament about feeling sorry for yourself. She was writing about sitting outside, looking in on the yoga class, knowing she couldn't participate. Yup, I get it.
But sitting here complaining isn't going to change it, nor is it going to endear me to anyone.
Know that I am ok, and because I've read enough to scare the poop out of me about not healing well and correctly from this little incident, I'm making myself actually take it easy, as prescribed.

On to some fun stuff:
There is some discussion on the Sharing and Inspiration board on Stitchers Guild about doll clothes - specifically American Doll doll clothes.
Got me to thinking about that small bag I've toted around for all of my adult life, containing my Barbie doll and the only clothes that mattered enough to me to keep. I *know* that the original made for Barbie by Mattel clothes have some value on the ebay market. But those aren't the ones I kept, they didn't mean a hill of beans to me. What I kept were the clothes my mom and my Aunt Dorothy made for my Barbie. Even as a little kid I wasn't much into dolls per se - but I was a little fashionista, even back then.
My Barbie had an awesome wardrobe to go with her awesome life.
Upon pulling these out, I thought "I should wash and press these" - and maybe I will, but right now you're just getting the out-of-the-bag look at they highlights.

Barbie had two Matching coat and dress sets - and both were made to match clothes of mine. I very specifically remember the orange coat and the dress with the tulip print. My dress wasn't nearly as sophisticated as Barbies, but isn't it wonderful??

The 4 piece crochet lounging outfit was created by my mom, I'm quite sure.

My Aunt Dorothy, who isn't that much older than me, knit Barbie a whole wardrobe of fab party dresses. that's angora at the hem of two of those dresses. Barbie had a halter dress, a couple of strapless dresses and even a Jackie Kennedy sheath dress. Below is the 2 piece knit suit that I believe equates to the Chanel suit. And isn't Barbie's Crocheted ski outfit just The Best!?!
Truly, I'm not quite sure why there are several little pair of panties for under the skirt, but there they are.

In the bag too was my Girl Scout Sash. Notice the sewing badge right next to the cooking badge? I think the sewing badge might have been the first one I earned.

So, 'fess up. Do you have a little bag of nostalgic goodies you've been toting around with you all your adult life?


Elizabeth said...

If only it was just a little bag!

Glad to hear some things are on the mend for you. Hang in there!

Lindsay T said...

Aww, I am blasting into my own past right now looking at all your old Barbie clothes. My grandmother made clothes for our Barbies, Midges and Skippers, and let me tell you those were some stylish dolls. I think my sister still has all the clothes Grandmother made; I'll have to take some photos of them for posterity.

Linda said...

Hi Marji,
I am glad you have some recovery, but not completely yet. I know how you feel. Three days is my limit, and I am sure you are well past your limit right now. Hang in there, I will continue to root for a completely recovery.

Sadly I don't have anything from my childhood. It all got lost in a basement fire at my Mom's home some 20 years ago. I love seeing what other's have collected. Maybe we will see more nostalgic posts like this on other sewing blog.

I do have my DD's stuff though. I am keeping good care of it for her until she starts to want to cart it around in her adult life!

Lori said...

I have lots of my childhood memorabilia. Through my many (12) moves since I left home, I carted around one large rubbermaid container containing my favorite bits and bobbles. Then when mom sold the house I finally liberated my Barbies, baby dolls, books, and Fisher Price toddler toys. I assumed (hoped) I'd have children one day but sadly that didn't happen and short of selling the stuff on eBay, I'm not sure what to do with any of it.

Glad to hear that you're improving. It's awful hard when the mind wants to do stuff but the body can't.

Kathleen C. said...

Oh, I'll bet the panties for under the skirt are because it was a skating costume! I don't know why there are two though... maybe barbie believed in always being prepared?

I still have my sash. But my badges are paltry compared to yours. I never even got a sewing badge.

That sash, some photos, a 7th grade english project, and a doll dress I sewed in 8th grade are about all I carry with me for nostalgia's sake.

Lilia said...

No, but I so wish I had kept my treasures. That's so freakin' awesome that you have this.

Vicki said...

No I don't have anything like that. In fact I never even had a Barbie doll - sob, sob. To make up for it my youngest DD had heaps of Bratz dolls with all the clothes etc. She still keeps them in very good condition (she is now 14). We used to play together with them. She now plays dolls on the computer with Sims2!

Nancy K said...

Glad you're taking taking it easy, seriously! I know you're restless, but the more you take care of your self the less time it will really take to heal. My cousin broke her ankle a while back and she pushed it and it just didn't heal.
I had a lovely collection of the original Barbie (I'm older than you) and clothes I had made and my Nana had made me. When I went away to college, my mother decided that she could have a garage sale and in it went my Barbies and my Lionel trains. I was not very happy with her, I can tell you!

Alexandra said...

Your Barbie's clothes are awesome!

My important treasures include all the long letters I got from my sister during my student exchange year. And when I say long, I mean looooong - as in, 15 pages is one of the shorter ones. We did a lot of writing back then. Email was in its infancy :-)

Marina said...

Like Vicki, I have absolutely nothing. Although they were well off, the parents thought that hand me down books made good enough birthday presents.

This could be because the parents grew up poor plus WWII was happening in their backyard!

No big deal! I got part of her jewelry collection to play with now ;-)

Mardel said...

Hmm, my oh my, my Barbie and Skipper and Midge were little fashion plates too, I loved designing clothes for them, and building them furniture for their houses.....gee I guess I am not surprised.

My mom had most of that stuff but she is not sure if she lost them or if they are lost in the piles of stuff in her house. I do have my girl scout sash; I think I earned all the possible badges, gosh I WAS annoying wasn't I? Otherwise I am not really a keeper of memorabilia so its gone, all gone.

There are times however, that I wish I had those Barbie clothes, and that stack of Japanese sewing magazines from the 60's and 70's that mom *knows* she must have somewhere.

teabird said...

I never had a Barbie when I was a child. (All together - awwwwwwwwww.

Recently, when a friend learned that I never had one, she decided to buy and dress one for me -- as Emily Dickinson! I can't wait to see her!

I'm glad you're feeling better .

SewingLibrarian said...

I agree with Kathleen C. When I looked at that outfit, I thought "skating outfit!"
I have most of my dolls. Mother saved them for me and finally made me take them home, so they reside in our garage. No basement in S. California, more's the pity. Glad you are feeling somewhat better, Marji.

RiverCitySTL said...

I love your Barbie clothes collection! Beautiful! It is so cool that you had matching outfits with your Barbie!

It was nice to see you again! Keep healing!

Canadian Gail said...

I used to keep a trunk full of stuff until my mother-in-law went through it one day. She knew it was off limits but she's an awful snoop - feels its her right. Once I found this out I felt violated and threw my stuff out. It no longer felt special.

Debbie Cook said...

I didn't like Barbie or any dolls much when I was little, although my mom sewed (still does) and made lots of clothes for her. Luckily, my younger sister was more into dolls and she took over my mostly unused collection. I have a GS sash that looks exactly like yours. I know I still have that somewhere. Probably up in the attic in the same box as my HS yearbooks, sketchbooks from Jr/Sr high, and other items I forget about until I open the box.

Keep taking it easy!

Marjie said...

My parents threw out almost everything as soon as I left for college, at 16. The only thing I have, because I took it with me, is my plastic Tony the Tiger cookie jar, which I earned with cereal box tops and saving the quarters my Grandpa gave me. I was jealous of the girls who had Barbies, especially the little Portuguese girl, Maria, whose mother was an awesome seamstress, and who had w TDF wardrobe for her Barbie!

Keep enjoying the sofa. Soon enough you'll be back to running the household, and may long to spend a day lounging. Glad you're on the mend.

Angelia said...

How Cute!!! Thanks for sharing!
My favorite childhood treasures are a winnie the pooh... and 2 "adoption dolls" my mom made. I'll never give them up!

BeeBee said...

Glad you're feeling better, let the spinal injury heal, don't push it. Trust me, I know.
My not so darling sister threw away all my stuff about 3 years ago. Whatever, but I do wish I had some Barbie and companies bodacious outfits and some of mom's sewing stuff (I did the Singer). Your Barbie clothes are awesome, how many times have you changed her outfit since you dug them out?

Nanci said...

I have more than a "bag" of stuff I've carted round all my life - try boxes and boxes and boxes... Mine are, by and large, music-related - ranging from the first 45 I ever bought with my own money ("Every Breath You Take" by the Police) to old concert tshirts (including multiple shirts from all U2 tours since 1988), posters (mainly freebies from when I worked in a record store in high school and college), tapes, CDs, ticket stubs, etc. It's fun to go through it all and laugh at some of the stuff I used to think was fabbo, and to be pleasantly surprised to see things most people my age hadn't yet tapped into when they came out (no one in my 3rd grade class, for example, seemed to know who U2 or the Police were for some reason!)

Nanci said...

I have more than a "bag" of stuff I've carted round all my life - try boxes and boxes and boxes... Mine are, by and large, music-related - ranging from the first 45 I ever bought with my own money ("Every Breath You Take" by the Police) to old concert tshirts (including multiple shirts from all U2 tours since 1988), posters (mainly freebies from when I worked in a record store in high school and college), tapes, CDs, ticket stubs, etc. It's fun to go through it all and laugh at some of the stuff I used to think was fabbo, and to be pleasantly surprised to see things most people my age hadn't yet tapped into when they came out (no one in my 3rd grade class, for example, seemed to know who U2 or the Police were for some reason!)

Carrie K said...

Spine thing?? I thought it was just your foot!

You have the most spendidly outfitted Barbie.

ACorgiHouse said...

Marji, I hope you heal fast! Trust me, I know just what it's like to have seen every rerun of "City Confidential" and have nothing left to do. (And, btw, nanci, many of us hadn't heard of U2 or The Police in third grade, they came out when we were in college!) I left home at 18 for school 1000 miles away, and my family essentially got rid of everything I left behind. I only had left the suitcase I took with me. I had had Barbies, Skipper and Midge (remember her?) and my greataunt had knitted similar clothes. Oh well. I also had a sash with similar badges, it is probably in the squirrel's nest my mother lives in, and my sister and I will unearth it someday! Hope you're on the mend! Yell if you need help. K

When Ladies Dressed said...

Oh Marji - I LOVE nostalgia!!! The Girl Scout badges - OMG - I recognized many of the ones in your pic because I did them! And my grandmother used to crochet doll clothes. I learned to crochet from her. There's not much that I have from my own childhood, but I do have my grandmothers set of the "Encyclopedia of Cooking" cookbooks, from the 1950's. Thanks for sharing!

paco peralta said...

Marji .- I am glad that you have improvement. And thanks for showing all these memories. a beautiful story and beautiful clothes for the doll. best wishes. Paco

Tany said...

I'm relieved that you are feeling better.

Thanks for making me going back to my childhood! I used to make clothes just like these to my Tucha doll (a doll that was very popular here before the arrival of the Barbie doll to our market). I remember sewing these clothes by hand and also crocheting little twin sets (and also a Victorian dress, hat included!!). I must try to find these at my poarents home.

Cindy Lou said...

Oh, man... I wish I could find my girl scout sash! That really brought back memories-- the kind that you can almost touch, they're so vivid. :)

I'm glad you are healing-- keep taking it easy!!

goodworks1 said...

I'm hanging around here still mostly flat on my back and sympathizing...

Luckily we're not at the crawling, volcano or steam roller stage yet. ;)

At least I don't think we are....