Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fickle as a teenager

Changing my mind now?
What, am I out of my mind?

But, while looking for patterns and ideas for an alternative plan for the JCC I came across this from the Aug 2007 issue of Patrones.
And, it's exactly, and I mean exactly what speaks to me for the purple wool. It's the type of coat that was in my mind when I bought the purple wool. Something slightly more trendy than classic. Something fun.

Button choices:

The problem with the purple LaMode - which is an exact color match although it doesnt' photograph like it, is that the store doesnt' have enough, and it's old stock. I'm not sure I would have any luck finding more of the right size.

I love the metal, vintage streamline, but they might not be right for this coat. Although they would work for the coat that I've muslined already for this wool.
Vogue 1356 Molyneux

I'm open for opinions.

I will get around to writing a tutorial for a 2 piece sleeve - however, not this month.
I'm leaving town in a week and I've got a lot on my plate right this minute.
If you're in need of some resources check out this from the Vintage sewing site and this from Leena


Birgitte said...

That coat is über-hip- I would make it in a second!! Perfect for the purple wool. Will you be using any top stitching or binding? If so, then the buttons could have elements of the possibly contrast. Otherwise I would go with the color. I have THE resource 5 min. away; F & S Fabrics. Email me so you can send me a swatch- I'll take pictures, send samples, whichever you prefer. bjorum at mac dot com
This coat got me all excited :-)

cidell said...

Oh, I love this coat. I borrowed this edition from Christina because of this coat!

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Liana said...

I do like the Patrones pattern, too. (And you're making me feel much better about my inability to choose a pattern!) I like the first buttons much better. Hope you can find something similar, or possibly more of those. Do you need about 14 of them? Good luck!

Mary OK said...

The Patrones pattern is to die for! I would change my mind, too!

Nancy K said...

I love, love the Patrones pattern the best. Chic and fashion forward, even if the pattern is a year old. I don't like the filigreed buttons for it though. Not modern enough or too busy I think. What a gorgeous coat this will be, I hope that you go ahead and make it.

Meg said...

I vote for the color button. The silver looks too....sensible or something.

paco peralta said...

Marji .- I love the coat pattern. I am confident that this will be a purple wool "top" for next season. He thought you in a few buttons covered with the same cloth? ... Could be very good. Best wishes, Paco

Anonymous said...

"fickle as a teenager"!!! LMAO!!!

I have company in that department, and trust me, 44 years is long "past due" in the teenage dept!!!

I LOVE the purple! I LOVE the purple buttons, and I like the above idea of cover buttons too...

Nothing practical here, just gushing!


Karen said...

That's the perfect pattern for that purple wool. I think it needs to be something fun, and that's definitely it. I have a ton of vintage buttons, lots of purple - if I have more than 10 of anything that looks like it might work I'll send you a picture. You're welcome to anything I've got that would work.

Vicki said...

Love the Patrones pattern but I will be contrary and say I don't like the purple buttons. Not trendy enough (IMHO) for the style. I prefer the metal ones but Paco's idea of covered maybe better still.

Carrie K said...

I love that coat and in purple wool? Fabulous.

Good luck on the Navy Blue in Home Dec!

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