Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back!
I stayed up North longer than I'd originally planned. Stuff kept coming up, and I'd call home, and dh kept saying "well, stay up there and come home the next day."
I could have gone on all summer like that. But, I'm home.

And I came home to a clothing emergency. Dsd#2 has a wedding to go to this weekend, and nothing appropriate to wear. She went shopping and couldn't find anything she wanted, so today I'm downstairs coming up with something. I'll post it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have some long overdue thanks to express for some lovely gifts that have come in the mail from bloggers everywhere.

From my lovely friend across the world, Laura. What a wonderful surprise, and gratefully received. Already I'm using the Tailoring reference for TGCSA. As soon as my wrist heals a bit more I hope to be able to knit again... I will, it's just seeming like forever... and I've got plans to use some of the lovely embellishments in Nicky Epsteins book. If you're a knitter you need to check out her books on edgings. IMO they're a must have for a complete knitting library.
And I'm so happy to see that Laura has posted on her blog again. I know she's been unbelievably busy, and I'm happy that she's among us again.

From Elizabeth, who is a great thrift store devotee, some vintage patterns she came across that she thought I'd like. She's written an article that I think is well worth visiting - on our consumerist tendencies. Read it here.
From Karen at KBenco, some fun snacks from her side of the world, down-under. When I did my fabric giveaway awhile ago, I was pretty adamant about not getting anything back that I'd need to make up or store, so she sent me these wonderful snacks that are consumable along with a note that she hoped I'd be ok with it. Yup, willingly and happily received and consumed! (note that there were more, but they disappeared before I could even get the camera out. Wasabi covered macadamia nuts - yum!)
I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one of Patty's soap sacks filled with a fabulous handmade soap cake, and a lovely bar of gardenia soap from PattiF.

And upon returning from my trip, I opened mail that included 2 KnipMode mag's from Melissa.
Thank you so much. I flipped through them last night, and already there are some things I'm anxious to trace out.
I'm hoping by now that Melissa has received the silk twill she purchased from FFC that I picked up and mailed to her. For reasons unfathomable in todays world, FFC won't ship internationally.

Also, not pictured, is a piece of linen shot with silver that was tempting me mightily from one of the online vendors. Carolyn, dear friend that she is, prevented me from buying it by sending me 1/2 the piece that she'd already succumbed to. It has a different hand than either of us anticipated, but I think it's going to find its way into one of the Knip-Mode designs I looked at last night.

And to satiate my mitten knitting obsession I received in the mail from AnneM on Ravelry this recently reprinted book. It's not available in the USA, and AnneM is graciously acting as the purchasing and shipping agent for a number of US residents who're lusting after the designs. Some are basic, some are really different from everything out there. Also on my agenda today is to finish up the dpn needle case that I promised AnneM in return for this.

I also got some patterns while I was gone - ebay wins - ONE that I've been trying to win for a long long time - and the pattern for my Mother of the Groom dress from EvaDress. I'll post about those later in the week.

And finally, I'll leave you with another pics from my lovely vacay Up North, this from the GTYC Hound Dog Regatta. I was on the race committee boat for this event. What fun!

oh, just an aside: my bloglines tells me I have over 850 blog entries to catch up on. I'm not sure I can catch up on all those - I may just start reading where we are now. If there is something dire I need to know, email me, someone, ok?


melissa said...

ooh I'm glad you like the Knips! The silk twill hasn't arrived yet, but I think the post is being super cranky at the minute, because Dawn cabinbaby sent me some stuff two weeks ago that only just got here yesterday, which is waaaay longer than it usually takes. Fingers crossed!

Claudine said...

I'm glad to see you're back. I was wondering about you. It's nice that you were out having fun.

Elizabeth said...

Lots of lovely loot! Is that book Finnish? It looks intriguing.

Birgitte said...

Welcome back. You- and your posts- have been greatly missed.

Nancy W. said...

Welcome back! I thought of you on your boat when we took a little sunset cruise in Maui on vacation. There's just something so peaceful and relaxing about being on the water (That is, unless, there is foul weather brewing.)

laura said...

So that's what sails look like if there's wind? We went away on our boat this past weekend and motored the whole time!! No wind, except for the gusts that hit us when a storm kicked up while we were at anchor. At one point we had some wind but when we put the sails up we literally sat there and didn't move. That will change in the fall though, and we had fun anyway. A day on the water with no wind is better than any day in the office.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm glad you got the is a little unusual isn't it? I have a Tory Burch dress in mind for my piece...if I get to it! I have plans for way more than I'm going to be able to sew!

Mardel said...

So nice to have you back.

spunsilver said...

You're making me feel old saying that Butterick pattern is vintage! I bought that one when it first came out.

LauraLo said...

It's so nice to have you back, I'm reading like crazy on the Great Coat Sewalong. My dearest friend, I am learning so much from you! I'm very happy that the books are useful to you, it's only a small thing compared to what you've done for me. A big-big hug.