Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another dress decision

The girls dresses for the wedding August 30th are finished or just about finished. We're good.
And then I decided to make something for me to wear to this wedding.
I had first thought to make New Look 6799 again, this time using the orange dupioni silk, and making a coordinating jacket using this fabric grouping.

But for reasons I don't want to go into here, I've decided to change plans.
Why not, I've got all of 8 days ... and weekend visitors coming. sigh. Why do I do this to myself?

We have another wedding to go to here in St Louis Sept 6, wedding at Cathedral Basilica, reception at the Hyatt Regency - so def upscale, and this dress I want to make has to do duty for both.

I've pawed through my stash for wedding appropriate fabrics - IOW, not black.
And I've pulled out a cross dyed taffeta in orange and yellow, with a sheer netting coordinate that has random sprinkles of irridescent paillettes. (sequins, only Paillettes sounds higher class, :)
Note: I know, what's the difference between an orange/yellow cross dye and an orange/pink cross dye? Beats me, except that the o/y "reads" peach whereas the o/p "reads" Orange!
My goal is to avoid looking Orange.

I'm now on a search for stretch illusion to line the net sleeves and yoke with, and thanks to the helpful folks at Stitchers Guild, and a call to Susanne at Fine Fabrics, I think I'll find what I need.

I have two patterns in contention - although I'm pretty sure that I'll make the one without the bare back. The bare back is gorgeous, but just a tad too "cocktail" for the weddings I think.
So, what do you think?

A. Go with the New Look Orange dupioni anyway and Be Orange
B. Go with the beautiful but slightly too formal and bare Scaasi design (Vogue 1285)
C. o with Vogue 7852, view B in the length of view A
D. It's all too Orange, find something else to make

I'll be cutting this Monday - your opinion will be taken into consideration, and I'll let you know then what I cut.

Oh, and somewhere in this time slot I NEED to find time to get up the next post for the Coat Sewalong. I'm woefully behind.


Sigrid said...

Both fabric combinations are very good for the occasion, and if you don't feel comfortable with the first set now, just choose the second combination. it's beautiful! As to the pattern. Personally I would choose the 7852 pattern, but I'm not familiar with upscale weddings in the US, so don't know whether the other one would be appropriate or not.

Summerset said...

I chose option C with the second set of fabrics shown. Elegant, but not too "cocktail".

Kristine said...

I also like option C, but... if you have guests coming, the rational side of my says option A, as you've already made it before, so any fitting issues are already solved, and the fabric is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I vote Option C with the more understated fabric - orange/yellow crossdyed. Enjoy the sewing and enjoy both events.

Vicki said...

1285!!!! It won't look too cocktail if you wear a hat - but of course this is from an Aussie point of view ;)

Marjie said...

I think the orange/yellow cross-dye is better for the weddings; orange might be too bright. I love all those dresses, but the bare back might not be right if it's an afternoon wedding.

Nancy K said...

I like the 1285, but I agree if it is an afternoon wedding that it is too 'cocktail' But, can't you just raise the back so that it isn't so bare? I am not so fond of all that shirring/ruching bit in the other. I rather like the brighter colors, but I love the netting overlay.

kbenco said...

I like 1285, and the second set of fabrics, and like Vicki, with a hat to avoid a cocktail look - you could just transfer the wedding to Australia and this would be perfect :). I have no idea of the nuances re American weddings, but either dress will look gorgeous in those beautiful fabrics

Birgitte said...

I vote for option C. If the shirring gets to be too much, maybe you could change it into the style of the other one, attaching it to the upper bodice. Whichever way you go it will be fabulous. All the dresses/fabrics are stunning.

laura said...

I've got to vote for the Scaasi in the orange/yellow. Beautiful. I'm not big on shirring across the waist.


Mary Beth said...

Do you have the proper foundation garment for the Scaasi? If so than Do That One! It's knock-out, and better design for your shape. You could make a shawl if you haven't a lacy one already knitted up. Use the fabric combo #2. Yummmmmm

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Well you know that I'm board with option A - and you know why! *wicked grin*

Liana said...

1285, and I love the new fabric! A hat would be wonderful too.

Lorraine said...

Marji- The pink/orange would look amazing on you- of anyone can pull it off- you can.

Hell girl, you only live once.

joanna said...

The pink/orange is TDF and I think the color combination is very "of the moment".

paco peralta said...

Marji .- I think in the "C ".... addition, surprise, is a pattern very similar to my wedding dress. Greetings, Paco

I will watch all their latest posts, I was delayed because of my vacation ... uhmmmm.

connie b said...

I made Vogue 7852 for my daughters wedding last year - sheesh still need to review that one! It went togther well,and except for some belly fluff that Spanks helped, I loved it. I added boning to the bodice btw - it was a good move.