Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCalls 5280 skirt and pants

Break time from working on the Blue Silk Dupioni dress for Katie, which is almost finished.

Carolyn asked how many more garments are left to finish sewing from the wardrobe for my sister. The answer is, a whole tub full. But, now there are two less.

The skirt and pants from McCalls 5280 are finished and in the box.

fabric, Glen Plaid from a Fabric Mart bundle
lining, Ambiance
Trim, Venise Lace

The flounce was hemmed by machine using a narrow roll hem foot (I think I used the Bernina #62 foot). The stability and weight of this fabric allowed the hemming to work beautifully.

I added a lining to the skirt, and wanted it stitched to the facing. To accomplish this:
  1. cut lining as for skirt front.
  2. Stitch darts.
  3. Mark seam line on facing, and trim seam allowance to 1/4".
  4. Measure down the length of the facing amount on skirt lining at waist and mark seam line on skirt lining. Add seam allowance, then cut off on new cutting line.
  5. stitch lining to facing.
  6. Clip, and press seam allowance toward facing.

Skirt, inside out. Because this skirt has a flounce I stitched the lining to the seam allowance of the flounce.

I also finished the white pants for this grouping, and will write about those later.
Whole flickr set is here

When I finish Katie's dress I'm going to start sewing for me....
All for me, only for me...(well, except for the pink top of my moms that is on the corner of the sewing table waiting to be finished, and the velvet shrug for Ashlee for the wedding, which I muslined on her while they were here over the weekend)


Marjorie said...

That is lovely--and I've just been reading how a "must have" for this fall season is lace.

Marjie said...

The jacket in the previous post is really nice, and that fabric is right in style, too! I really love this skirt. It's so feminine with the lace and flounce! Your sister is lucky!

Kristine said...

I never would've thought to pair lace with plaid, but it looks amazing! Thanks for the lining details...

AllisonC said...

You are such a generous sewist, I would not be posting that skirt anywhere! I love the trim you used.

laura said...

I want to grow up and sew like you!

senaSews said...

Wow, this skirt is beautiful. It looks classy and sophisticated. Great work!

Gry said...

I love the skirt. The trim is absolutely perfect. I wouldn't have thought of using a lace trim like this.

melissa said...

oh I love the placement of the lace! Such a beautiful added touch. I hope your sister appreciates what she's getting... :)

Donna W said...

The combination of the plaid and the lace so different and looks so great together. I have a pattern for a similar skirt but had not thought of using plaide (and/or) lace. But now I am. Thanks so much for showing this pic. Great sewing and a great garment.
Donna W
Edmonton, Alberta

RuthieK said...

Hiya Marji,

Lovely garments, and you are soooo lovely to sew all this for your sister.
I especially admire you continuing with it after the SWAP deadline is long gone! I have so many half done things for myself and also for others that I am really impressed with your ability to dig these things out and finish them.

And having dug them out you have finished each one beautifully - what a wonderful custom wardrobe, your sister now has. You are so fabulously kind to her.

Mightily impressed at you skil, creativity and stick-to-it-ability (is that a word? if not it should be :-) )


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

The skirt is beautiful. How many items in total have you knnit for your sister so far?

You really do such lovely work.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I LOVE what you did with that lace. Sensational. And that you had the foresight to purchase gray lace at some point is total genius. *contemplates*

Cennetta said...

Lovely skirt. The lace embellishment is so cute. I'll definitely "copy" this.

Eryenne said...

Well done job..! Keep on the good work. Hope to see you next time with new stuff.

paco peralta said...

Marji pretty skirt, besides the beautiful detail of the lace fabric contrasts with the "Prince of Wales" and gives a special touch. greetings, Paco

Anonymous said...

Beautiful skirt! I am wondering what is going along with that Great Coat Sew Along. I do not see people posting coat progress on their blogs. I am working along on my own coat and would love to know how everyone else is doing! Thanks!

Carrie K said...

I love that skirt. I should make it up for myself for tax season.

How's gainful employment going? Enjoying it?

Tany said...

Beautiful! I love the lace trim detail!