Friday, August 22, 2008

Snoop Shopping The Bi-Color dress

My creation
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For sale at Nordstroms,
Think the buyers are banking on this style being big?
Dresses here from Maggy London, Theory, Ralph Lauren, ABS AllenSchwartz, BCBG MaxAzria, and Suzy Chin.
I like the look, but I'm not certain the look will like me.

You know who I see in this? LauraLo.

My favorite of the bunch is this by Ralph Lauren - not quite an empire waist - raised just a couple of inches.

And this one by BCBG MaxAzria. Notice the raglan sleeve - squared at the shoulder giving that shoulder emphasis without going all the way to 80's power shoulders, and beautifully arranged and stitched down pleats. I even like the collar - not quite the deep cowl of the 80's, but not a close standup collar that has been shown the last several seasons either. That, and this one is maybe only 1" above the natural waist. I love the top on this one, not so much the A-line shape of the skirt. I think the proportion of the skirt to top is wrong - it's as if the skirt is too short for the top, and too wide. Notice how the Ralph Lauren above looks sleeker? Although I'd bet money that both models are the same size.


Helen said...

Wow! Deja vu. I had a cream and black dress in the 80s. Incredibly flattering.

The black extended just above the bust, I think. It had a straight skirt and vertical darts, no waistline. It's probably in the back of a closet somewhere -- I liked it so much I thought of duplicating it.

toy said...

hmm. I think this look will be great on you because there is something for anyone like picture 4 on the top panel, how professional and chic is that look?
I look it

Sewfast said...

Definitely a LauraLo dress, but quite frankly, I think that girl could put on a feed sack and look marvelous. I think you might be able to rock it to...looks like it is working to emphasize our smallest point (I borrowed that from Stacy and Clinton!) Mary

Meg said...

I like the look, too. BUT, I can't wear it anymore. When I was superskinny, yes. Now? At 5'1" and being overweight, I just can't be cut in half. sigh

Nancy K said...

The square shoulders would need serious shoulder pads to look like that on me! These girls all seem to have that square look all on their own.

Cafe Couture said...

oh I like the Ralph Lauren look so much (but I would need to loose some weight to wear that high waist skirt). Maybe with a pastel shirt. It seems to me that there's a Burda pattern of that skirt.

LauraLo said...

I loved the Ralph Lauren the moment I saw it in your photo combo. I definitely see myself in that!

West Coast Boomer said...

Has anyone looked at the Donna Karan Vogue Pattern. # 1057 - Ignore the jacket *yawn* and look at the dress... kinda clever.. knit bodice and woven fabric bottom. It is described as "Dress has contrast knit bodice, invisible zipper closure, neck and armhole bindings with pleats and darts in skirt, above mid-knee length".