Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finished flying objects and a backlog of UFO's

Finished, Soleil, knit in
Needle and yarn
US 5 / 3.75 mm
Lanas Margarita mercurio
8 skeins = 784.0 yards (716.9m)

note: you do not need to read this, This is my rambling to Me to read and re-read whenever I feel like going on a starting binge, and when I want to remember my goals.

I've been having my September guilt associated with the mound of works-in-progress in my fiber studio (how's that for a fancy name for my dungeon?)
Somehow September always feels to me to be the beginning of the year. You know, end of summer vacay, "back to school", etc. and it's always the time that I feel more inclined to start out with a clean slate, and make new resolutions and set new goals. Somehow, in the dead of winter, it's hard to focus on a fresh start - much easier in September.

So, a little less than a year ago, I set some goals for myself - one was to sew more for others. Well, time to revise that one - Time to sew for myself. That goal was well-met. I have some more things to make for my sister, for the girls, and have 2 more committed projects yet this fall.
  • One - a velvet shrug or short jacket to wear over the wedding gown for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law.
  • Two - a Mother of the Bride dress and jacket ensemble for my BFF, Jacquie, whose daughter is getting married in January in Traverse City. We've chosen the fabric, and have it along with the underlining, lining and other "stuff", as well as a design concept. I'll be staying with her again the week before my own son's wedding, and will start on her dress the day after his wedding. I'll stay up there as long as it takes to finish her ensemble - I'm thinking 5 days.

But overall, I need some clothes, for me, ASAP.

And a little less than a year ago, I set the goal to sew up more of my UFO's, more importantly, not Create any more...and also reduce my stash.
Well, in the last few days, in the little time I've had to devote to sewing, I've stood in the middle of my sewing area and turned around and just felt totally overwhelmed. Totally!
Yesterday, while working on my jacket (pics coming up shortly), I had this harebrained idea that I should start entering all my UFO sewing projects as WIP's (the grey review) on Pattern Review. Ouch. That thought hurts.
Since I let Saashka down there, after swearing her to secrecy about how awful it really is, why on earth would I think to put them out there as projects partially reviewed? Then I remembered that there is a 'Hide' function on PR. And yesterday, in conversation with Carolyn, I made the rash statement that by the end of this calendar year I'm going to have all my UFO's cleaned out - finished or Gone - almost doesn't matter, I just want them done. The weight of responsibility to finish all this stuff is overwhelming. I've finished maybe 10% of my UFO's so far this year. Abominable record. Don't know if I'll really spend the time to enter UFO's or not - probably better to spend the time actually Sewing them. ;)

I did enter all my WIP's on Ravelry for my knitting. And in truth, it's kept me from starting more - how embarrassing that would be. Meanwhile, I've got pics to show this week - a finished Soleil, see above, and an almost finished red cabled cotton cardi - just need to finish weaving in some ends and finish the seaming of the sleeves at the underarm. I finally, on the car trip to SC last weekend, got going on that yoke.The knitting is done now! yippee....

And between last night and this AM I've ripped and re-knit the sleeve cap on the first sleeve for the black alpaca/silk cardi from the Drops pattern, and I just started sleeve #2.

So, I've put it in writing....Time to rid my sewing room of the UFO's - except that I'm going to give myself a bit of leeway. There are two summer-y projects that I have in progress that hopefully will fit by next Spring. I'm not going to finish those until I'm within 10lbs of fit range.


Marjorie said...

Soleil looks beautiful, and the red sweater WIP is a great style.

I've hoped for a clean slate in September, but when the current project is done (one more week--I hope!), there are two WIPs in the wings. There is something refreshing about starting a new project just as fall begins. I may give into this urge by starting something simple that will be a portable knit, should I need it.

toy said...

love the red sweater, i have a few wip/ufo but with sewing turning into fall maybe I can get some done, I really don't sew a lot of cold weather stuff

Nancy K said...

The question is, how long have these UFO's been hanging around? Be honest with yourself, and ask are you really going to wear it if you finish it. It isn't worth the time just to say you finished it if you will never wear it! Is it so old that its really out of style? Guilt just isn't enough of a reason to finish something you'll never wear.

Charlene McGill said...

Beautiful tops. I love the red sweater. OH! I so want to learn to knit.

Elizabeth said...

Your Soleil is lovely and suits you very well.

I applaud your ambition on the UFO front. Hope it all goes as planned.

Vicki said...

Good luck! It is aweful when your start to become overwhelmed. Been there (maybe still there).

Crystal said...

Wow, you have been doing some beautiful things! Not unexpected, but lovely to see.

Thanks for your comments... I cannot say for sure that I can possibly bring that idea to life, but I am hoping and praying that I can pull it off. If I recall correctly, you have knit fair-isle. Any ideas for getting the jacket cut at the bottom? That's the main thing confusing me right now.

Alexandra said...

Your Soleil tank looks beautiful! (It's been in my queue for a long time; maybe if I cast on now, I'll have something to wear next summer.)
I'm looking forward to seeing the red cardi finished.

Great goal to clear out all the UFOs by the end of this year - no more guilt, right?

Lisette M said...

Your Soleil turned out beautiful. Would you share your Ravelry name, I would love to see your knitting projects.

fabricluver (Susan) said...

Beautiful sweater - it looks great on you! I feel the same as you about September being a new beginning - school starts, new clothes etc. That may be one reason I love the fall season so much. Good luck with your endeavor to finish things up one way or another.

Brigitte said...

Beautiful Soleil, Marji!

I know how it is about September... For some reason, my WIP pile becomes that much larger on September 1st than it was on August 31st. As soon as the weather cools, I start to realize that whoops, I really don't have that much time to "relax"!

Lindsay T said...

Good luck with all your goals. Getting my coat finished has moved to the top of my list.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is your blog so I think you should be able to do what you want with it! That said, I love the finished tank as well as the almost finished cardigan...and I think with some of that concentrated focus of yours that you will get quite a few of those UFO's out of your studio...cause look how well you did on getting your sister's new wardrobe sewn. I'm betting that you will meet this goal too!

gaylen said...

Marji - that red cardi is To.Die.For! I love it. What is the yarn, pattern? Oh, I'll just go look at Rav.

I think you're right with September being a clean slate. Good luck on the UFOs. I agree with the commenter that said - don't finish them just to have them done. Unless you are planning on donating them :) g

Anonymous said...

Off topic: we are doing a little couch potato to 5K challenge on the Fabbos, want to join us? :-)


Cennetta said...

Your knitted projects are beautiful. I'm in the same boat as you on the UFO's; it's overwhelming. I have so many. Good luck!