Thursday, September 11, 2008

Links to Paco's fabulous tutorial

Paco Peralta has written a very complete and fabulous tutorial on the technique for padstitching and shaping a Lapel and for The Great Coat Sewalong, and Tany has worked with Paco to do an English translation. Since that is a closed blog (will be open for viewing in about a month or so) he's also published the tutorial on his own blog in Spanish and on Tany's blog in Portugese and in English.
When clicking on Tany's blog you must check the box for the English translation AND uncheck the box for the Portugese, and it'll immediately switch over to English.
If you follow Paco's blog you know how exquisite his work is. I'm in awe of all the time and effort he put into the creation of this tutorial.

See Paco's tutorial here

See Paco's tutorial here, with Tany's English translation


paco peralta said...

Marji thanks .- I am sure that we have formed a good team: Tany, you and me. with a little touch of humor, we could almost say that famous phrase: "One for all and all for one ....". A big hug from Barcelona, Paco

Nancy K said...

Marji, I may not get to finish my coat, or at this rate even to start it, but the blog is a wonderful resource and Paco's tutorial is fabulous.

Marjorie said...

Thanks for the link. I've only done this once, years ago, and the refresher is most welcome.