Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pattern Bingeing

Just to confirm my scattered-ness, as I'm trying to wrap up projects and clean house, in a weak moment, prompted by a message I saw in the comments on Brooke's blog Because I Said Sew, I went on a pattern buying binge. Here's what I got.

The impetus for the whole slippery downhill slide:
Folkwear is re-issuing the Poiret Cocoon Coat. It's not even on their website yet, but I called, AND the patterns just arrived, so I whipped out the trusty Debit CC and bought it, (no pic yet) along with
the Sunburst Cocoon Coat
I plan to make one of them as the coat to wear over my Mother-of the Groom dress next month, where it might be cool enough to warrant some time of cover-up. Weather at the end of October in Traverse City might be fabulous and 60, or it might be sleeting and cold.
Nikki and Annika have made each of these coats and the reviewed the patterns on Pattern Review.

I also picked up the Claire McCardel inspired
Town and Country Dress.
This is a pattern they've been out of for quite some time - well, they just found a box and have a Few for sale. If you love it, I'm happy to enable and say "get it while the getting is good".

And, while at Folkwear, I saw this one,
which may interest someone out there
(insert wink and a grin icon - you know who you are!)
The pattern is #238, "le smoking jacket" for both men and women.

Now I just need to wait for the shipping moratorium on Marfy Patterns and I have 3 of those to order. Either that, or I should just bite the bullet and pay the shipping. These are patterns I Really want, and they're not on the Vogue website.


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Love the Claire McCardel Dress. It would look stunning on you.

cidell said...

LOL. Yes, I know who I am. And I have got to get in gear for Christmas. On the town and Country dress, it is just a matter of tying the bow to get that off to the side look?

Mardel said...

OMG, I have been looking, praying, and cursing myself for not buying that Poiret cocoon coat for a l.o.n.g time. I better jump in the shower so that I am dressed for appointments (just came home from gym) and then call Folkwear and order that pattern. If I don't leap at this opportunity, I am worse than a fool. And that dress would look stunning on you.

Cennetta said...

OMG! That Cocoon Coat is so regal. Nikki and Annika created beautiful coats. No doubt yours will be equally beautifully. It's great additional to any diva gown!

The town and country dress is lovely, too.

Happy Sewing!

robyn said...

I am sooo glad to hear that the Poiret coat is going to reappear! Thanks for the wonderful news!

Christina said...

I have until now been avoiding Folkwear, but I see they've got some great patterns! *Sigh* not enough hours in a day, are there...

Brooke said...

I have made the sunburst coat and I liked it. But just a warning, it is HUGE. I know it is supposed to fit that way to some degree, but I went down two sizes from my official measurements and I could have gone smaller. You can see my results here:
I am now off to buy the Poiret pattern too!